Crappest Ending To A Film

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I reckon if your a TRUE film fan, you must have watched a film you were really enjoying then the end ruined everything. I can already guess that the matrix reloaded is gonna be very popular but i mean the WORST ending you've EVER seen. Savvy?

It would have to be 'the birds'. I reckon the company that made the film ran out of money or something. All these birds gathered together and had this mass attack on this city and killed everything. But you see these people survive it in there house (coz they borded up all the windows).

Then they walk outside and all the birds are just standing around, not doing anything even though they just attacked like this city. And they take this injured person to the back of the car and drive off.

No explanation as to WHY the birds attacked, WHY they stopped or even, WHAT happened afterwards. It was a good film until that part.


But, then again, the enitre movie was bad, so the ending just had to go along with it.

Most of my arguements are made more clear (and funnier) by Mr. Maddox, but he failed to list one of the more obvious problems with the movie.

We are supposed to be scared of an alien because it looked at us? Come on...

The water thing was just mind-boggling. Water? Come on!

As much as I love "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", I was VERY disappointed when I saw the ending for the first time. I was hoping for a really great battle scene. As "humorous" as the anti-climax was, I would just as soon have seen them end it some other way.

I was disappointed in the ending of Signs as well although I did like the movie as a whole. I wish Signs ended when they were in the basement and the lights went off. Some screams, followed by silence, then pause... and the credits come up. I would have loved it if finished like that.

Red Superfly
Nothing anti-climactic there, an INTENTIONAL anti-climax doesn't count (in my opinion).

I'm stuck on whether to go for Planet Of The Apes Remake, or Matrix Revolutions..............

I was disappointed that Monty Python and the Holy Grail just fizzled out.

The ending of Death Becomes Her was truly horrible and bolted on.

"Rules of Engagement" had a hoky, tacked-on resolution as the vanquished soldier walks into the distance. It says something like "The bad guy didn't really get away with it; they caught him later. Happy now?" (only less revealing).

Slightly off-topic, but...when "Stargate" was released, Conan O'Brien did a bit where he complained about the ending of that movie, then said, "Let's just show the audience, and let them see for themselves."

They showed a clip from the film in which James Spader and Kurt Russell are discussing some plot point that is very obviously mid-film. Then it abruptly cuts to a shot of THE END, accompanied by fanfare. It was pretty funny.

the Pledge. that was just depressing

Evil dead 2..cuz it dosnt evan happen in AOD! mad

LOTR:ROTK, seriously if that ending was any gayer Sam and Frodo would have gotten married.

LOL yeah it was really over cheesy..erm

Umm. Donnie Darko. I actually just said something about this movie in the deaths thread.

The ending cancels out everything you just watched. It's so retarded. I thought the movie was decent up until the end..I now hate that movie, such a crappy movie.


That ending was the worse. It dragged on for 30 minutes.

this one is the easiest. The Matrix Revolutions was by far the worst ending a movie could hav. It would hav been better if evil would hav just conquered over the humans. Peace never ends greaterm

All things considered, they should have stuck to the book for the ending of the film. At the end of the book, they return to the shire and its all invaded and stuff by sarumans troops called the 'rufians' and then the hobbits have a mass war in the shire.

Although it was quite acturate coz they do go on a ship, and sam does marry but i agree, frodo and sam would have had they're own porn film had it gotten any gayer. laughing

I dislike sad endings in general sad

that was for the LOTR fans, if you have read the book (dunno if youhave), you'd see that this was needed yes

I liked the ending to M3 a lot. It had a lot of philosophical meaning behind it.(Not just Neo as Christ) If it had any other ending I would have hated it. In no way was that a crappy ending.

The Matrix Revolutions was just a bad movie in general. Neos eyes getting cauterized, Trinity in general, Neo's death at the end. I mean, yah it made sense that he and smith died, but what's with him being used as a circuit breaker?

LOTR: ROTK's ending wasn't allllll that bad, but it was pretty bad. I think they end of the Minas Tirith battle was the worst. That ghost army just flys right thought the baddies laying them all to waste. It was just too damn easy.

Cruel Intentions. You hate to see a pimp go down in the end.

I liked cruel intentions, he got what was coming to him.

Max Power
I thought the ending to Behind Enemy Lines w/ Owen Wilson was pretty lame.

The movie was awesome up until the last 5 mintues but all of a sudden it became some Jean Claude Van Dam piece of crap.

They should have saved it for the extended version.

lil bitchiness
It has the same ending as Dangerous Liaisons (seeing how its a crappy modern copy of that awesome film), but it worked so well in the Dangerous Liaisons...way better than in Cruel intentions...

Why did the Matrix triology had such a crappy ending?

i just didn't like the 3rd movie in general. Hardly any Matrix action, I can't stand Trinity, and Neo shoulda been in intensive care after Smith did that to his eyes.

the ending was alright, but it woulda been wicked bad to see "The One" live.

Primitive Screwhead #1
As much as I liked both segments, I'd have to say that the last five minutes of Kill Bill 2 were a major letdown. Just seemed so anti-climatic. Other than that, KB1 and 2 were five hours well spent.

The Matrix Revolutions was alright, not the best one, it would have been much better if the ending didn't suck so many eggs.

They should have made just Matrix and Reloaded, and come up with a different ending in Reloaded.

Revolutions wasn't that bad, it was just pumped up too much so it was a letdown. I too wanted to see more parts IN the Matrix. I really never cared for the future scenes.

All the best bits of all three matrix films are when they are actually IN the matrix. Think about it.

First Film

-Trinity (at the beggining)
-Swat teams and toilet escape
-Fight with agent smith

Second Film

-The meeting in the sewers ("upgrades"wink
-Fight with the army of smiths
-Highway Chase
-Fight with all that french dudes goons. (with the weapons)

Third Film

-The beggining where they fight all those gimps in the club.
-Theres another bit aswell but i can't rememeber what happens in it.

See? What happens outside the matrix? Talk, Talk, talk, a little more talk. O and a war. Thats it nothing compared to when they are in the matrix. Savvy?

although I love LOTR 1-3
..... laughing so true dude...

and I think IT has a very bad ending


Trinity is so damn ugly. She looks like she fell out of the ugly tree, hit every ugly branch on the way down, rolled down the ugly hill, into the ugly puddle, where she rolled into the ugly city, got hit by the ugly car and was transported in the ugly ambulance to be treated by the ugly doctors at the ugly hospital.

Who gave a flying f**k when she died in matrix revs? mad

Van Helsing. 'nuff said. *laughs*

Revolutions hands down. Not the way a trilogy should end. Also 28 days later! no

yeah, it's... "... just fall in love and ****," said sarcastically.

oh, and then. um. they fall in love and ****.

Christ on a bike...

El Toro De Brah
And i suppose running through the woods having a lil army (with tanks and sh!t loads of men) miss Owen wasnt a slice of Jean CLaude.wink I like the concept of it but yeah like you said it was too much 80's action involved with it.

Back on topic. Dream-taker or walker. It ended with a wierd a$s alien fight. Too ET for me.

apparently the day after tommorow has a bad ending ... not seen it yet so can't back that up yet

Cast Away

i like the end to cast away any other way to end it would have ruined the movie. I think the potman was a really bad ending starring kevin costner the movie wasnt good but the ending led up to a big battle that ends in two men fighting

i didnt like the end of the movie glory

also memento i hated the ending or the biginning i guess

There's this movie called "Lightning-the end of the world" What the f**k? or something like that. that whole movie was just crap!!! They were always just sitting in this college somewhere, disscusing how the world was about to end. Plus there was this thing I didn't even get, I think the son was adoppted or something. If you think about all the other good "end of the world" movies (Deep impact, The day after tomorrw, Armagedon...) , they could have made that movie so much better! It was so bad it was funny. laughing

btw I too live for those movies, but I was pretty disappointed with the ending. no

i liked the ending of armeggedon i cant figure out why

I really hated the ending to Cabin Fever. The movie was decent up until the ending. It was like they couldn't come up with a decent ending, so they just put random scenes to top off the film... disappointment

i hated how the first final destination ended.

it showed carter saving that one dude and then whak he got killed end credits.

I HATED the ending to 28 days later

and the ending to chasing amy

and the ending to the 3rd harry potter film actually i hated the whole film haha

ROTK's ending was very bad. It had too much of the hobits. I didn't even understand that scene when Frodo wakes up and all the hobits run up to him & they start jumping on the bed. What was that about?

Another ending that I loathed would have to be Dogma's ending with Alanis Morrissette. I just thought that the last bit was the only boring and weird part of the movie.

Rotk had a good ending

well it was bad if you dont like

Friends reuniting
Scenes showing how the characters have grown

etc etc

big gay kirk
I would definitely have ended Highlander different.... the best prize Connor could have had would have been for his immortality to be taken away, so that he could live a normal life at last... that would also have made the Kurgan's determination to "win" even more ironic.... if he had won, he would have sentenced himself to death...

Jedi Priestess
ah but that was like 10 endings! laughing

Err... but that IS what he got.

Donnie Darko had a bad ending, it made it seem like the whole movie was a waste, I mean the movie was freaking awesome, but the ending pissed me off.

I agree with you...that made me so mad...

You used some large vocabulary. Anyways, the ending to The Matrix Revolutions sucked, they made peace with the freaking machines. What the hell, the freaking machines were the whole conflict to begin with.

the matrix revolutions was bad in my opinion i mean that stupid little girls saying i made a rainbow for neo! just didnt cut it i mean what happens to all the people who were still plugged into the system? are they set free? and if they are that means the machines are giving up there energy cuz remember they get there energy from the humans since theres all those clouds and crap so no solar energy. so if they made another sequel to it even though there not the machines would start killing the humans again.

mmm........worst ending to a film,

pretty much any teen horror film during the 90's

Vanilla Sky as well......that was just plain weird erm

I was very dissapointed with "Gangs of New York" ending. Such built up to the battle with Amsterdam and Bill!...grr.....bloody army

lol the author was right, Matrix is very popular yes

The Architect said that the people who wanted to be set free would be, so the machines still have power from the people that want to have a easier life living inside the matrix.

matrix revolutions

worst ending ever especially to a trillogy

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