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OK, the library I live next to (yesh, literally next to) and volunteer at is showing ROTK in July (on their very very very big screen tv hehe) and me and two of my other friends (who are also volunteers) got the OK to have a LOTR party the day before. Whoop! We've got a few stuff planned out already and everything, but I was wondering if you guys wanted to help out? Just nothing to big or anything, you know? It's just us three planning and doing everything for the whole party (and you KNOW it's gonna be big....cause everyone loves LOTR hehe) and we could use some more ideas. So far, we're gonna have a dress as your favorite character contest (I'm being Pippin, of course), I'm bringing Lembas bread and Fuji apples (cause they eat apples a lot in LOTR haha) and my LOTR CD's and stuff like that. We're gonna make a cake (four or five layers) with something like "Aragorn and Arwen" on the first layer, "Sam and Rosie" on the second, "Eowyn and Faramir" on the third, and, of course, "Pippin and Diamond" on the fourth. Then either the fifth layer or just another cake is going to have the Ring on it. We're also going to draw the White Tree of Gondor and stick it up on one of the walls. We've got a few more ideas, but we could really use some more. And considering how long I've known most of you here and I know how much you guys love LOTR (plus, y'all are *ahem* VERY creative haha), I wanted to hear what you guys have in mind big grin Let me know if you think of anything, but I might not be able to get on until my computer's fixed. I'm using my dad's right now. Someone's coming to look at our's later in the week and hopefully we'll get it fixed soon. Just post ideas and I'll check on this thread later stick out tongue Thanks guys!

just to be cheeky have a "who can say "precious" the best as gollum" contest

have a test or something to tes peoples knowledge on lotr,

I am out of ideas, will get back to you if any more spring up

well, you could have a 'see who can crawl like gollum without breaking their fingers' game
have a 'do you look good in gollum loin' contest
bob for the ring

get some tarantulas, and some mice, dress the mice up as hobbits and aragorn etc etc
give them little swords and place bets on who kills shelob

have a "can go in the cupboard and make-up" contest

say who can memorize and give the best of the speeches given by theoden/aragorns etc

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