Family Guy The Movie

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I cant wait to see this movie ne one have any sort of info on this movie cause i just found out that they were making it today. big grin

i thought it was just a rumor but if they do make a movie i know that its gonna go straight to DVD

steely balls
yeah they are and it is going to straight to dvd, well its going to happen but how soon? they don't know, they're still going to have to get those new episodes next year

yeah i read an interview from cinescape saying that, they are going to do the new episodes first, which will take about a year and a half he said.

Well either way I cant wait to see it I just hope that it is not like a musical thing you know.

i read it was supose to be about a episode they were making b4 they got cancled about stewie finding out he is gay, and i think they postponed it till the whole season 4 is done,or they might just can it and make it into episodes. ither way i cant w8 to see all the new stuff they are coming out with!

If they do make one, Ill be the first mofo in the theatre


oh hey

ya plenty of ppl will pile into theaters to see it no need to act stupid tho ^.^

oh yeh family guy, wonder if it will be animated or no. Happy Dance

no it is going to the cinema and that tom hank's is in it

WAIT! No,That's a lie idiot.

Captain Falcon
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Here comes Peter on the clothes line but his names not Peter it's, Spiderman! Spiderman.
Hello Lois, let's get busy maybe here in the garden right now, Spiderman! Spiderman.
Touch my can. With your hand. Spiderman! Spiderman.

Great Movie...some hilarious stuff....Brian eating Stewie's Teddy's LEg after talking about a Flat Tax....just great.

Wow, this thread is OLD.

This was basically a long FG episode. A movie based on a TV show should go beyond the lines of the TV show, have some conflict greater than the show would ever consider, but still stay true to the source material. FG is such an extreme show, it's hard to do that. There was a rumor that Stewie would learn he's gay, that would've been a better plot for a movie.

I did enjoy this movie though. I think the greased up deaf guy needs to go away though. He was only funny the first time.

to old to exist. Lets close this one. And the "movie" was great fun!!!

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