Recent Over-Rated Movies (April-June)

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Ok i saw Troy last night. I can't understand why but i didnt think it was that good. I reckon its because it dragged on and was too fast. For example.

When brad was fighting hector. If someone got sliced then, it took about 10 seconds before the next sword strike was swung. Also nothing happened at the end. Although sean bean was in it and he was cool.

I also saw 'way of the dragon' (Bruce Lee) and it was wicked. Maybe not as good as enter the dragon or fist of fury but it was still pretty cool.

Im seeing 'the day after tomorrow' tomorrow. But will it be too late? (sorry needed cheesy lines). big grin

troy was deffaintly overated

van helsing was overated

shrek 2 was overated

Threads like this are usually pointless, because something being "poverrated" is merely a matter of opinion. The general consensus on "Shrek 2" however is that it's a wonderful movie, and most everyone who saw the 1st, enjoyed the sequel.

a) shrek 2 was surprisingly a good sequel because most sequels rnt as good as the first. but i thought the first movie was over-rated 2.
b) van helsing was horribly over-rated. it was very unbelieveable in many parts not 2 mention kate beckinsale's acting in that movie (what the he!! was she thinking in that suit?).
c) troy was really good. i thought it didnt move 2 fast but they had 2 do something with the accents. ancient greece was not british.

That was supposed to read "overrated", BTW, lol. I enjoyed "Shrek 2", but am passingon both "Troy" and "Van Helsing" due to mixed reviews, and just being too long of movies to go to, without knowing much beforehand.

I thought Shrek 2 was all it was hyped up to be, maybe more, it was better than the first one in my opinion, which is very unbelievable since it is a sequel.

Troy deserves all the credit it gets, the acting alone is superb. I've seen it twice, and each time I learn something new.

Van Helsing I liked, but it's not something I would rush out to buy the first day it comes out, whereas Troy is happy Kate's outfit was what they wore back then, I'm pretty sure she didn't have much say in that erm

blink You wanted them to speak what? American english? Pretty much the entire cast is british. The only right way to do it would be having them speak greek.

shrek 2 wasnt overrated, troy was overrated, and yea did u really want them to be speaking greek and have another movie that is entirely in subtitles?

Well, "Troy" in subtitles doesn't sound half bad, but given the actors would have to be extremely fluent in Greek, and this this being an otherwise "mindless" summer blockbuster..

..that just ain't happenin'. stick out tongue

Troy (why were the leaders Scottish actors? Oh, well, the movie just was the same conversations over and over for 3 hours and thats what got me)
Hellboy (Are you kidding? I've heard too many people call this garbage good)
Master and Commander - Boring as hell -not as realistic as people think (I'm not going into it, I've done it several times here on KMC, if you don't believe me, look up my older posts about this movie)
I want to say Van Helsing but to be honest I haven't seen it, I'm just projecting it as overrated (same with The Day After Tomorrow and Riddick)

Thats what I don't like, people forming opinions that haven't even seen the movie. Never know until you go, I always say. wink

On top of that, films have to be "rated" so to speak in the first place. I haven't seen "Van Helsing", "Troy", or "Day After Tomorrow" getting any critical acclaim just yet? It's mostly moviegoer based hype, which is often, and sadly mistaken for official press.

At least I admitted that I haven't seen them. That leaves the possibility that they aren't overrated but I'm pretty sure that they will be making more money than they should because of marketing and therefor are overrated. Movies should become hits based on word of mouth by fans, not because of large marketing budgets.

BTW: Troy has got good reviews by lots of critics.

Well, that entire sentence is for the most part, personal opinion, since movies don't have a limit as to how much or little they take in.

Movies have to be marketed in order to get people to see them, in turn, generate movie goer hype, either good or bad, about said movie. Again, obviously, they have to be promoted to get noticed in the first place. That stands true for Hollywood movies, not so much independent films which usually get their recognition at indie festivals like Cannes and Sundance.

Critics reviews of movies are only important to those who can't make up their own minds, thus suggesting they aren't avid movie goers. For every positive review "Troy" has had, there are 2 negatives.

When all is said and done, "overrated" doesn't even exist.
"Overhyped", "Overappreciated", yes. "Overrated", no.

"Overrated" basically means that the general media consensus of something is favorable or positive, regardless if it is only 51% positive to 49% negative.

In that case, nothing is ever "UNDERrated", because seemingly negative or nonexistant press isn't what gets praised. Case in point, there are tons of diamonds in the rough when it comes to movies that go unrecognized, thus are underrated, due to not recieving ANY exposure.

It goes both ways, but I feel that there isn't such a thing as an overrated movie, just overly hyped, over criticized, or even overly praised, all of which originate from the movie going public. Not from praise that originates from the movies maker, who would never be so bold as to gloat so boastfully that they attract attention to themselves, although his critique of the movie is ultimately the only one that matters.

Well yes, this whole thread is based on personal opinions though. And when I say marketing, I'm talking about massive amounts marketing. Van Helsing had tons of commercials. It didn't necessarily get good reviews though anyway.

A movie can be "over praised" but not "overrated"? That doesn't even make sense. Being over praised is being overrated. I think you are viewing the idea of overrated in a whole different way from how I am.

You proved your point of a movies doing well by word of mouth, and not advertising. "Van Helsing" wouldn't have made back it's budget had it not been for overseas ticket grosses. I was with ya there the whole time. It was certainly overhyped, and failed to deliver what it promoted.

There's still a fine line between something being "overpraised", and something being "overrated".

Overhyped just means that, like Van Helsing, it's got a huge media blitz and immediately becomes proclaimed the blockbuster smash of the summer. But, when it hits theatres, and it's numbers start sliding, it's overhyped.

Overrated, in the "physical" case of Van Helsing, is the instance where people say "Oh my god, the CGI in this movie is incredible and the creatures blend in seamlessly!". When that is the general consensus, the one being shared by the general public, that is certainly overrated because it's easy to critique and compare crappy Van Helsing CGI monsters and those in LXG to Gollum in "Return of the King", which is indeed seamless in both animation and character/human actor interaction.

That is something that can be easily proven. I don't think that I am alone on that one, either. If anyone were to think otherwise, apparently they must think they have a better example of seamless CGI work.

However, overrated in the "media" sense of the word, when applied to Van Helsing doesn't quite work. For a movie to be technically and figuratively overrated, IMO, it has to be measured against something by the creator before it's released, much like the Titan A.E. example I cited.

To most people "overrated" and "overhyped" are one and the same. I take them to mean two totally different things, with two totally different origins. Guess I am being too analytical.

stick out tongue

All valid points. Like I said, I think we were just viewing things differently.

It was mostly an english cast?

Most of them were bloody aussies. The 2 main bad guys were scottish, and the main good guy was american? Only Orlando Bloom and a couple of other random people were english. Most of them were australiens trying to be british.

Besides how would you describe a greek accent? Why are all the dudes in Big Brother (england) gay this year?

Most critics, the ones you hear/see, give good reviews - they get on the marketing, the DVD cover etc.. that's why you need to read reviews from a good magazine/website(s).. not go watch it based on how many adverts is has wink stick out tongue

Me and a mate were in a rental shop when we saw this poster for Paycheck:
"a rapid fire actioner" does that even make sense? confused

And there are some that say something like:
"...good action stunts..." no expression it could have been "got good action stunts, but the acting and plot is terrible" roll eyes (sarcastic)

I see like what 2 Aussies! Eric Bana and another dude. If you have the patience check them all:
And I said British not English. There are a few Irish dudes thou.

o yea i forgot master and commander, god that was sooooo boring, and the end really left it kind of like, huh, and u cant help but wonder if they would dare make a cheap sequel, because it ending like on a to be continued bases yet thankfully they usually dont make sequels out of those types of films, seriously im getting kinda tired of epics, there have been epics since 2000 give them at least a two year rest, please.

lil bitchiness
Oh man, that...did suck. no expression

laughing so true
troy was seriously overhyped since we like to define overhyped and overrated as two different things and it wasn't rated too well.
van helsing, i thought, was underrated but overhyped. it wasn't as bad as most people make it out to be.
HP is always overhyped and overrated.

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