Review: Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

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Didn't get to post this before.. I've seen it already just this Monday. It was awesome. I really didn't think Cuaron can do it better than Columbus... It was short though sad I hoped it was 3 hours longer... I'm SO MUCH looking forward for the DVD to come out!!! I think Cuaron is at his best when it comes to creating magical worlds like Harry Potter, or A Little Princess. Good job, Cuaron!!! stick out tongue Hope to see you direct another HP film!!!

Anyways, I'm running out of time. (I'll give a better review later) LOL... I have to go back to sleep (prom tonight wink gotta get my energy restored! hehe)

Here's a critic's review I've found... Read, and you'll see:

And here is what JKR has to say about the movie:

ENJOY! I'll be going next Friday to watch POA again! ^_^

The Ones

half of that stuff didnt need to be spoiled...

johnny.d girl
^yeah what he said^

every1's proberly read the book!!!!!! laughing
hey is it true that they r gonna stop filming on the 4th HP???????

I dont knowblink but i wouldnt care if they stopped at 3, cuz book 3 was da best one i thinksmile

the books get better and better as she writes them. I think HP5 was better than 4 and i think 4 was better than 3.

Most people say they hate 5 because of Umbridge...but admit it, she's awesome because she's that person you love to hate.

I heard part 3 is good from a guy at works daughter. She went to the midnight screening with her friends. Oldman delivers...

Agreed in everyway.

Reviews ppl! On HP 3 only!

OMG i jus got back frm tha cinema frm seein it and thur r no words @ all 4 how good it is!! Dan n Rupert hv got incredibly fit... Dan especially!! And Tom Felton? WOW. hello fitness!!!

anyway, it did miss loads out, jumbled stuff up, i was a little disappointed with lupin, he had this sharp edge to his voice that my baby lupin shouldnt hv sad But i hv 2 admit it was fab despite little things that dont bother me that much and omg im so electric right now!!! wow!!!
Oh, and i nearly had an orgasm wen they were at the lake n harry yelled EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!.. wow wow wow!!! I screamed and my friends poked me n evry1 turned to look at me!! God im insane but i love it!! and im gonna shut up now b4 sum1 kicks me!!!

bye!!!! ur all beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

LOL!!!!!!!! You cracked me up when you said you almost had an orgasm at that part... laughing laughing

Heres my one word review:


I won't be seeing this one, especially since I haven't seen the first two.

Stormy Day
Is it true there gonna stop making hp films at 4?

Not likely, I've heard 7. I wish they'd shed this mundane Mexican producer, for the sake of the franchise.

I just got back from seeing it today. It was a decent movie, quite fun to watch, but rather predictable at times.

dose dumbeldor look any diff?????

I just saw it and here's my two word review:

Freaking Awesome.

All of the people saying the movies suck,is now over. Because the new director, made it super freaking awesome.(The directing was a lot better then the rest of the movies,you can tell).Just like Donnie Brasko.

Iv seen him in pix and nah he looks the same..i dont know his new voice but

Dumbledore looks and sounds heaps gayer than the original

he is so not mundane, I havent seen the movie, but I am pretty excited about seeing it, I mean its the director from y tu mama tambien !

It's just my opinion. There wasn't anything entertaining about it, IMO, and I don't see how anyone can say this was better than either of the first movies. The story was choppy, the characters were blander than ever, it was devoid of excitement, there were mere traces of the storyline until the 4th segement, and it had one of the most diappointing finishes in my recent movie memory. The directing didn't make the movie any better than the originals, and I don't understand why Columbus bowed out?

Eh, but I'm sure it will make tons of money, regardless.

I should say the fact that the series is getting darker, and the kids getting older, is probably going to have a negative impact on the movie franchise, especially those who don't read the books, and expect a cheery movie about wizardry.

roll eyes (sarcastic)

He looks a little different from Richard Harris, given this newer actor doesn't seem as old, and his voice was a little raspier. I like the new Dumbledore.

As for Oldman delivering, he had very few speaking lines. I think his best acting was when he had to scream on the animated "Wanted" posters.

Call me crazy, but I think alot of people who don't otherwise read these books are going to be disappointed.

Machete_guy the dementors look good?

I tell u what I think about harry pothead, i think it is a disgrace to all of the disgracei givr harry pothead a o out of 5 u wankers how could u like such a foolish film.

who the hell r u?

he told me that he's distructo's friend!!!!!!!!!.............

You've got some serious anger management, and quite possibly multiple identity, issues, bro.


can someone tell me if emma improved. and how exactly? i'm gonna see it tomorow any but...

The characters acting was no better, IMO. Same actors, just a year or two older, which is actually a negative if their acting skills don't evolve any over 3 years.

She's cuter, for what it's worth, and a little more agressive.

^ i 100% agree!!!!!!!!! big grin

I seen this movie tonight,I was pleased with was a fun movie but cineaddiction is right the acting of the main characters is just as bad as ever...sometimes it's decent sometimes real bad...thank god for editting.

I think the kids could use acting classes for the next film.

I like how the characters are developing though..

I think the character's acting was abit better but not enough to make a difference.

I think Dan Radcliffe was a big improvement-- I say 5 steps forward... but he's still not there yet... maybe just a little bit more and hopefully he'll be there by the 4th film, let's give him a chance.

But I'll say it again, Rupert Grint has always been at least 3 steps ahead of Dan Radcliffe in terms of acting talent, from the 1st movie up to this latest one-PoA. IMHO, among the trio, he's the one who most delivers "satisfactorily" what is expected of him, as JKR envisions Ron to be.

But Emma Watson is the real revelation-- coming from the same place where Dan Radcliffe was before, I think she leaped and bounded past Dan, and landed just half-a-step behind Rupert.

Mr Zero
Columbus knows how to point a camera at things that are moving and encourages his actors to caricature human emotion for that "larger than life" feel. Cuaron can direct actors and frame his shots - in fact he can do both those things pretty well. As a result HP1 & HP2 were bland franchise popcorn movies and HP3 PoA is an attempt to make a serious melodrama from what is essentially a pretty overwrought kids book.

Bad things? The book has some massively dumb ideas towards the end (Scabbers? Please - that's just pushing coincidence a little too far.) and the film includes them. The book has some great conflict and bickering between the 3 principles and the film skips it. The story gets a little muddled in places and almost unravels towards the end before a fantastic last 10 mins or so.

Good things: almost too many to mention. Free of Columbus we finally get to see who can act (Watson take a bow) - The CGI and effects are amongst the best I've ever seen in a film and, to my amazement, we get a hint at the *ahem* complexity of the relationship between Lupin and Sirious. Also there are a few small things not fully explained that only people who have read the book will understand: Rather than leave stuff out completely Cuaron simply hints at it and leaves us to fill in the gaps. {SEMI SPOILER I.E. The stag partonus and the identity of moonie, padfoot, prongs and wormtail go without explanation. SPOILER END}

I can only hope that we have an extended directors cut of this movie to look forward to on DVD. Go and see it.

"attempt", being the keyword there. Besides, how many kids can appreciate a director's approach which tries to be "dark".

Not many, I assure you. Like I said, this is pretty much where the movie franchise sells out on the avergage movie going public, who actually liked the colorful and fun movies, with KIDS being kids.

This is now officially a "tweener" franchise. Like a modern day Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys.

Mr Zero

That's the thing. How many of the kids, that these books and movies were originally towards, are really going to care about filters, and colors, and depth of characters?

If it ain't broke don't fix it. This is certinaly a turning point in the series, when people start becoming analytical of it. That's like dissecting Alice in Wonderland, or Bambi.

Was it to reach a more vast audience? I don't see how making $1.5 Billion dollars over the last two movies wasn't good enough.

Alright they just totally ruined Hermoine's character. Emma Watson is too pretty but its the fact shes not even playing the part shes being herself. She's wearing stylish clothing and she cares way too much about her looks. The part where she says "Thats what my hair looks like from the back?" wtf? Hermoine is not suppossed to be attractive her hair is suppossed to be bushy and shes suppossed to have buck teeth and not give a crap about it.

This movies Hermoine wasn't Hermoine. It just wasn't. it totally ruined her character. My sister made the point to me saying she hadn't read the two books before seeing the movies for SS and COS. But she loved Hermoine. They made you love her for who she was. Nows she totally changed into some totally differant character, you cant even see as being the same person...

The whole clothes things was ridiculous and your right about the movie being very choppy.

I also didn't understand why Alfonso felt he had the right to cut out most of the book to save time but instead wasted time with stuff not even in the books. Does he think he is more talented than J.K. Rowling?

The cuddling also bothered me. There is no cuddling in the books. Why is Hermoine cuddlign with both Ron and Harry. Plus I have to mention they didn't even show the fight hermoine and Harry and Ron were havign when they weren't even talking to each other. Im guessing because of the whole Broomstick part being cut out but even Hermoine's and Rons fights weren't as serious as they were in the book. i know they had to save time but they missed out on major character development. Especially with Trewlawney they didn;t illustrate her as cooky as she actually is.

I hated the new Dumbledore...he didn't do it for me. he doesnt have the character at all of the old one. i think they should've concentarted soemwhat harder on finding some with more of a softeness like Richard Harris had. I miss Richard Harris so much!

Call me a pessimest, all I can concentrate on at this point is what I dont like. I need to see it again and hopefully be able to notice more of the good things...anywayz I needed to rant.

Mr Zero
I assume you - like me - loathe the LOTR rings movies for the same reason - as Jackson butchers both characters and story narrative far far worse than Alfonso does? Eh?

LOTR was awesome.
POA changed a little but not enough to make a difference.

I like the film. I actually enjoyed it, enough for me to sit through it for two screenings.

Alfonso Cuaron did a good job. while he deviated from the book a few times, at least he did it with panache. This film depicts how the characters, the story, and even the world of HP is evolving. It is darker, and the storylines are becoming more mature, so it goes without saying that i have no problem with Cuaron making this film a bit dark.

The dementors are quite terrifiying, i must say. The new Dumbledore is alright. Except for the voice (which sounds younger than Harris's) one does not really feel too much difference.

Gary Oldman and David Thewlis are, as always, very good. Engimatic, I would say. No wonder Daniel felt slighlty starstruck being in a scene with them, add Alan Rickman to that.

The three main leads' acting have improved. Not Oscar-worthy, but that isn't really what this films are all about, right? Emma Watcson was given a lot of screen time alongside Daniel, and they did very well. Although Rupert had fewer scenes than the other two, he held his own and had his moments.

My only rant?

NO OLIVER WOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! waaaahhhh!!! and more quidditch....i hoped for that....more quidditch....

here's to fillm

Mr Zero
You used the word panache

Marvelous! I love that word.

Well here is a thought, If the writer of these series says its a great adaptation of the book.... who is going to say that she is wrong?

certainly not me! smile

The movie was fun. I appreciated the new style on the series, but i do prefer columbus. The story in this film was deffaintly the downfall of the movie. The so called twist ending was very anti suspensefull, but the movie was fun. However they do miss the sense of wander columbus brought to the films

Much like anyone else, it's her opinion, honestly.

I disliked it, and was greatly disappointed.

The biggest mistake was Harry's eyes were clearly blue in a few scenes and they made a big deal about him having his mother's eyes, GREEN, plus they should definately have included when Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup, that was an essential part of the book.

I thought it moved too fast and the loose ends did not tie in nicely.

What are you talkinga bout Cinemaaddiction?

Personally I thought part three was really good. It was different from all the others, and I wish it was longer. But I still think I like the second one the best. The only part about the movie I did not like was how they switch some things around. Like how he got the firebolt at the end, and in the book he got it in the middle. And I wish they would have thrown more Qudditch into the scene's. But the Visual affects were awesome, So if you haven't seen the movie you really should, because it is something you need to see if you like the Harry Potter books.

Just because she wrote it, and thought it was a great adaptation, doesn't mean any of her fans, myself included, have to agree with that.

From what I have read in reviews for the bookreaders, ALOT was left out of the movie by this director, for the supposed sake of his "art".

Now, has she actually said that this was a great adaptation?

Mr Zero
JK said in an interview with Reuters that PoA was "the best movie so far."

Further -

" good intuition about what would and wouldn't work in his film version. For the very obvious reason that books and films are such different media, to do a very literal adaptation wouldn't serve the material best, and I think he's done exactly what I hoped he would do."

Now go and watch Citizen Kane again and come back when you have learned something.

Learned something? Citizen Kane would be great if I were an insomniac.

BTW, welcome to KMC, leave your ego at the door.

I seen Harry Potter last tuesday....

my opinion was simply like the other two, great ideas and imagination....but still isnt my type of thing.

they say this film got darker, i thought the 2nd film was darker than this one, the domenters merely reminded me of the nazgul from lord of the rings....

Emma Watson is a babe in the movies now, perhaps because she is becoming sexually active in the film wink

i don't think he is mundane, either.

I watched Y Tu Mama tambien, and thought it was awesome. A Little Princess was very good, too.

I don't think anyone has to worry about the directing, coz for tehe fourth, it will be helmed by Mike Newell...

But the writer of the series knows the material the best because she wrote the books. So people cant say that it wasnt a good adaptation.
People can disagree with her if she said it was a great movie..but not on adaptation of her books.

My review: Great!

I think Harry Potter is foolish and a wast of time.

hmph mad
i think its awsome!!!!!!!!!!.....well not the first 1 but the second 1 is good big grin

I am not cottonmouth or lmcfarlane although they are one person

now that was REALLY random!!!!!!! LOL

Harry potter sux I reckon

well yer just wierd ain't ya? LOL JK

Yes he is.

LMFAO!!!! laughing

Cottonmouth that was betrayal. U hate hp too. I know it was a joke but u do

Yes I do. there

well i think its an ok movie big grin
what SOOO wrong with it???

Boring, god-awful actors, not-funny jokes, childish, not my type of film. Thats whats bad with it

..........ok ok ok ok........... big grin
ah well u havn't changed the way i think of it big grin

I reckon number 3 will be good

the kids in the movie actually seem to becomming good actors

but daniel radcliff SUCKED in number 1
"No no...i cant be a..a..Is the camera on-oh ok..i cant be a wizard."


This was the guy that said he hated 28 Days Later. I'm really starting to think you don't have any good taste what-so-ever. You didn't like 28 Days Later you didn't like HP3 but you do like Van Helsing. What the hell is wrong with you?

i dont respect any ones opinions on movies if they liked va helsing

God there's a riot going on in here, Kes

Once again, I concurr.

Childish....weren't Rowling's books categorized as children's books in the first place?

Boring? hmmm....i don't think so.

God-awful what a word. i think they are quite good. what'dya expect? Oscar-worthy performances? they're kids, for chrissake!

....and you like Van

I think i am not alone in saying HP3 you have your opinion...and we do have

I think this movie will be bsd.

To me, this director made the students in Harry Potter grow up a little. They are growing more mature in looks and in personality. I think that this was a very good movie except for the fact that they skipped a few parts that I wouldn't have taken out like the time when Ron and Harry were angry with Hermione for several reasons. To me, the ending stunk. It's supposed to leave you hanging, but that wasn't the way I would have done it.

I wonder how they're going to make the movies of the 4th and 5th books when they're over twice as long as the third book.

This film could be alright but i have not seen it.

I just saw this about a half an hour ago and im actually speechless. Its a brilliant movie and if i had words to say they would be better than what im about to explain.. Not only was i giggling at some parts in the movie, but i was also in sheer sorrow at points. Some parts literally made me break out into tears. This film is by far the best of the 3 (so far, at least), the only real thing i was dissapointed about was the ending because i expected to see more (not reading the books doesnt help my self out much) I didnt know what he was going to do when riding BuckBeak it was just like Bang its over and i was like uh....its over? So that was a major turn downt there. The triple decker bus at the beginning was fantastic in my eyes, and funny when it stopped and the guy counted for the grandma to walk by
I truly feel this is a powerful review for me to speak of and I hope the next film,next year will be as brilliant as this.

To me, they should've explained more about why Sirius was innocent and why Pettigrew was the true culprit...

Thats one thing i didnt understand, but i know they DID leave some stuff from the book out so maybe that was one thing.

It seemed like a lot of stuff to me to the point that a friend, that went to go see it with me that hadn't read the books, was completely confused and fell asleep.

^fell asleep! lol..thats terrible!

But i know what you guys are saying, cuz at one point in the movie Sirius said "Pettigrew cut off his finger and left it there to frame me" (ok, so those weren't the exact words, but something like that) anyways, my point is that he said this line really fast, and it was one of the few explanations we got as to why Sirius was innocent (except for the fact that i've read the books smile) but, i saw it twice, and the second time i saw it things fell into place more, it didn't seem quite as random....and i had a friend who hasn't read any of the books who went to it, and she understood it after a little explaining...

But since i havn't said it yet...i loved the movie! smile (even though they changed stuff)

This movie has been my favorite of the three. I hope they keep the director because I like how he filmed the movie. Does anyone know the exact amount of minutes there were in this movie?

I was not a big Harry potter fan after seeing the first two films. I thought they were adequate but silly, and not to be take seriously as cinematic achievements, maybe just brain food for little kids. After watching Prisoner of Azkaban though, my opinion changed, I llok at the first two movies now as set-ups for the real movie which is the third installment. I enjoyed nearly every aspect of the movie, the Dementors were cool(except for their resemblance to the Ringwraiths in LotR). I like the fact that the new director took such a kiddy story and was able to seamlessly make it darker. I have always been a huge fan of Gary Oldman so I got what I expected, a great performance. On a scale of 5 stars I give Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 8/10.

Yeah, Alfonso Cuaron turned this franchise into something that is not purely for children. I have not said this, too, but PoA i definitely my fave HP film...

But Alfonso does not stay longer. Anothr director Mike Newell will be helming the fourth film, Goblet of Fire. Let us hope he keeps it up. smile

I liked it better than the others also...AND DRACO GOT MORE SCENES...ohh yeh..Tom Feltons ok too...and stuff

Why do they keep changing directors?? It will make the films be strange if you watch them all together. I understand trying to do that for verity but look at what this director has done! He's done an excellent job, with just a few minor problems that I could see.

This was foolish

I'm glad that someone agrees with me. smile

yeah, i think they were doing it for variety...

but Chris Columbus also admitted that he could no longer direct another HP film after directing the first two, so he handed it to others although he still oversees it...

as to why the fourth film will have another director instead of retaining Cuaron, i have no idea...but let's cut him some slack...Mike Newell did direct Donnie Brasco, Young Indiana Jones series and Monalisa Smile, among others...

cuaron said he was tired

yeah, but in the Newsweek article i read about him, he just might come back for the 6th and 7th...

yeah... but i hope he never does.He doesn't leave room for Ron in his movies and he favour emma from among the trio.

I did not like this film. It was boring.........!!!!!

I liked this film a lot and thought it was the best of the three. A lot of stuff was left out but you didn't really miss it. The only things i think they should have left in was the fight between hermione and ron and harry and i think they should have explained about the marauders. people i know who didn't read the book enjoyed it except they were confused about it so i had to explain it to them.

I think the acting is a bit iffy to especially dans. That crying scene was...embarassing.

I love the new dumbledore. I love the way they put in his mysteriousness in this film. I knid of missed that in the other two.

all in all i give it aboot 7.5/10

Really? That's too bad. Why did you think it was so boring?

cotton mouth?....U TOLD ME U THORGHT IT WAS KOOL!!!!!!!
SHAME ON U!!!!!!

Hypocrites. mad

Waggy the Dog
this movie was unusually good for its genre. it was such a charming little gem. The only problem is that nothing in the end gets resolved fully.


THIS FILM GAY...........-45

Waggy the Dog
this film was gold.
I really don't think this film is homosexual.

Stealth Agent
I've seen the first two of these movies. To me they sucked. Very boring and the story line was confusing they did things senslessly without explaining and stuff like that. I hate it how it's a banwagon and ppl tht havn't read the books go and say ut was such a great wonderfull movies just becuz of its damn special FX's
I've no intention on seeing the 3rd movie

Stealth Agent
I fell asleep during the 2nd one and did read the books.

hmmm the movie wasn't half bad. I think i would have been more into the HP series if i was bout 12 yrs younger and LOTR wasn't in my life.

Whoa havent been to KMC in ages.
Yeah hp3 did tend to drag a little, but it was a step up from the prev. two which i was fairly disappointed with. As in most cases the book is better than the movie.

Inwë Nólatári
ok this movie was very cool but i wish is was like an hour and a half longer! they left out so much...bummer. i don't think couron should have changed the scenery so much. the hole scotland thing was cool but the castle was too different.

well it is a hommo movie.

I thought it was ok but they skipped a lot, and wasnt Harry suposed to get the Fire Bolt during chrstmas instead of at the end?

How many people, that you know personally, have said they liked Harry Potter because of the special effects?

Did you know that atleast 1/2 of the movies screenplays today are adapted from books?

I don't read, and I'm not on the Harry Potter "bandwagon", as you put it for the special effects. I enjoyed the first two movies because they were fun, simplistic, easy to follow, CUTE, and above all things, entertaining. That's just my story, and I don't want to be lumped in the dumb sum you mentioned.

I didn't enjoy three, because I couldn't appreciate the dark turn it was taking. Alot of the cuteness/appeal worn off with it. The story was very flat, the acting and lines were a little contrived, trying to usher in the impending doom of the situation at hand. All it ended up being was a little more than a dumbed down prison escape movie where the middle of the movie is played all over again in the 3rd act to an ending people saw coming a mile away. If you go back in time to fix something, you already know it's going to be all right in the end.

The directing that is being heralded is nothing spectacular, either. Putting everything in a pale midnight blue hue, and zooming in and out of shots is nothing shocking, or original.

That's my take.

What did you expect? All movies like Harry Potter do that, thats what makes it exciting.

BOPRecruit 16
love the dark and dream like element the movie had, suits it perfectly. hopefully mike newell will give gof a similar texture.

^ i agree with BOP. I don't think GOF will be as dark as the third but towards the end it will be because of voldemorts return which isgonna be so cool, wormtail cutting off his hand..EW

Personally, I loved the feel of the first two movies. They had a more "magical" feel to them. I did like the third movie, however, I agree that the different director definately changed too much of the feel that you had from the castle, and he didn't get the new charachters established enough to have any kind of emotions about them. Also, I took my husband to see it (he hadn't read the book) and he was SOOO confused during the explaining of Sirius actually being a good guy. The new director skipped over WAY too much inoformation in order to keep the movie shorter. The first two movies at least tried to explain a little more.

And yes, I did hear that they are filming the forth movie already.

I liked this movie way better than the first 2 HPs. I'm one of those few people who think the shorter the movie, the better. If a movie is longer than 2 hours, it better have good reason to be, otherwise they're putting in too many unnecessary scenes, the dialogue is being spoken to slowly, or whatever. This one had the right pace and I hope he directs future HP movies too.

jump off
omg if i see that ****in piece of shit wit glasses on again i am goin 2 hang myself i hate that kid so much he is hung like a cat

Yea Harry Potter suck major goose cock. I hate the little 12 year old nerds dressed up as harry potter at the movies, and you hear them say "O boy Randal this will be quite stupendouse." The only reason I went to see this peice of shit is because a friend took me. And when thankfully it was over they liked it for some reason and I walked out was like this was a huge pile of maggot ridden shit. I hate The whole Harry Potter franchise, and I'm glad the fad is dieng out.

i luv this muuuuuvie

DANIEL RADCLIFFE IS SO FIT!!!!!!!! guys r jealous coz gals like him and not them

Yeah I am sure that everybody could see the ending a mile away or even further than that because guess why............................MOST OF THEM READ THE BOOK! Maybe it wouldn't seem so bad to YOU if you had READ the god forsaken book. GEEEZ!

P.S. Don't put down something, that you haven't picked up yet.
P.S.S. It's impossible to do anyway.

it's been a lil bit disappointing confused
not so faithful to the book as i wish it was.

it was good the movie cant wait for next one

Personally i love the books but i think the films are a major disappointment. On the 3rd film there was too much that they'd changed from the book that they didnt need to. like the broomstick bit was a major part in the book and in the film they ruined it.

The movie basically sucked ASS. I was so angry when I went to watch the movie because I thought it was going to be like the book. I really liked the book and thought it was really creative, but when I saw the movie in theatres I hated it.

For example, the way they portrayed the godfather in the book made him seem like he would be hot. But it ends up that in the movie that he is an old crinkly guy! mad Also, in HP2, Malfoy was dominant and sexy, but in HP3 he ended up being a wuss.

In the beginning of the movie when Harry was sitting with his Aunt and Uncle, it reminded me of a bad British T.V. show. sick In the book, he was given the monster book by Hagrid, but in the movie, the minister gave it to him.

I know that Harry Potter becomes angered because of his life, but he seemed phycho throughout the movie. (ex. he treated his friends like enemies, yelled at everyone...basically yelled throughout the whole movie...)

In the scene where Harry and his friends were trying to save Buckbeak, the scene with the Womping Willow, the scene inside the haunted house and the scene with the Dementors surrounding Harry and Sirus were all CORNY!

Oh...and it's SIRUS (s-I-rus) NOT "SERIOUS"!!!

In the scene where Sirus was supposed to get kissed by the Dementor, they didn't show it. Instead, they showed the Dementors flying around trying to consume both Harry and Sirus's souls...SO GAY!

I understand if they wear regular clothes to Hogsmeade, but they wore regular clothes the entire movie...NOT THEIR UNIFORMS!! In the first HP, they showed older classes wearing their uniforms.

In the book, Quidditch was thoroughly explained. But, in the movie (most likely due to alloted time) they made it too short. They cut out alot.

Pieves was left out of all of the Harry Potter movies! Stupid...

In the movie they made it so simple to enter the Womping Willow, while in the book, you either had to have an invisibility cloak or a long stick.

There are numerous other things in the movie that annoyed me that I can ramble on about and make my own book from, but as to allow you to all be able to read this in the time you have, I'll leave it at this....THE MOVIE SUCKED HAIRY ASS!!

MC Mike
Well, I enjoyed it. stick out tongue Too tired for a full revgiew, but 7/10.

it didnt suk .... SOME people gave it bad reiviews so people think they shouldnt ike it ... wrong.. if they had put all vital things in the movie and didnt cut nething out it would be good

. and if u think the movie suks is that the standard of it or wat actually happened in it ..



I liked it all right. I actually liked COS better.

I am not much of a Cuaron fan. As a fan of the Little Princess book, I believe that he totally ruined it. He never sticks to the book. That really annoys me. Besides, a lot of things were unexplained in POA. I had to explain things to my parents who had never read the book.

Very good movie...but I thought the only thing it had over the first two were its for adapation wise I thought the director made it more his movie than part of the its good on its own...but doesn't really keep the flow as part of a series...More dark than the first two also...Plus no actor will ever match Richard Harris as Dumbledore. He was more wise and you could see what he was thinking just looking at his eyes...He will be missed.

i had to do that with my sisters and mum ....on of whim had read the book lol

Jackie Malfoy
I did not think it was that good.It skiped so much parts that were in the book that it always makes me mad.My twin sister liked it however and is waiting for it to come out on dvd.
Which I think is in november but when I have no idea!Alittle help?JM

Coming next year HP fans..........
Harry potter and the crack house of seacrets laughing out loud

aggred sick

You are not funny.

no expression

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