Citizen Kane

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There are various other topics that mention Citizen Kane but aren't about Citizen Kane. I found this movie amazing for that period of time. I'd easily give it a *****/***** (5/5). What do you all think of it? I loved it.

Bored me to sleep, literally, like most movies made before 1970.

black/white movies tend to bore the nerves, but citizen kane is a very stong story if you know a little bit more of the true behind the film. i loved the movie and i found that the movie is by far one of the greatest films ever made. like it is said "its the first of its kind."

A Talking Dog
yeah, i bought it under the pretense of it being "the greatest film ever made", and you know what?! it isn't it!
the cinematography/direction was great, that was it.
i'm slowly paying more and more attention and am being more entertained my Ebert's commentary than the film.

film without ebert commentary 2/10
film with ebert commentary 7/10

The technical aspect of the film is unarguably great. Compared to other films of its time it's a visual wonder. However, I think it's vastly over rated. I found it boring, predictable and tiresome. For it's time it was great, now, it is just another old, boring flick.

A Big Fish 5/5

It's a masterpiece of a film. To think that Welles was only 25 when he made it and that he invented new aspects of filmamking while breaking old ones to create a work of art.

The film's impact on the films that preceded it (including modern films) is second to none. The non-liner story, the low angles, the deep focus photography, are all techniques that are still used in todays films

Definatly 5/5

Dr. Strangelove
Citizen Kane is an amazing film, because of all of new film making techniques at that time. Ive always found the performance of Welles as Kane as almost Welles playing himself, because when you look at both their lives there were very similar.

Moo Cow
me and my parents watched it a couple weekends ago, and none of us could figure out why it was called the greatest movie ever, it was a good movie, but there are lots of movies i can say that were just as good as it...could someone explain why this is called the greatest film of all time?

It's a classic, many people find either they love it or hate it, I love it. The ending was priceless though and really when you look back on the movie, you realized that Kane was a very sad person. I think the word "Rosebud" was the only thing that really made him happy in his life and supports the idea that money doesnt buy happiness. 5/5

Still a snoozefest, IMO. I tried to watch "Touch of Evil" the other day, and felt the exact same way. There were absolutely no redeeming qualities in the film, other than Janet Leigh.

Moo Cow
yes, it was priceless in a sence because the only thing he couldnt buy was his childhood ect ect. but i have to agree with cinema, because i almost fell asleep towards the middle of it

Mr Zero
Oh for the love of poop! Have you no shame? Even if you can't stand "old" movies and only like to see films with all the pretty colours in them... Touch of Evil is like a masterclass in direction.

No redeeming qualities ? The OPENING scene is perhaps the most magnificent tracking shot in cinema history. The structure of that shot has more thought in it than the entirety of I ROBOT. It virtually invented the concept of camera movement as narrative.


Mr Zero
Have you seen that photo from on-set with Welles standing in a hole in the ground (down to his waist) that he had drilled down into the concrete so he could get his camera lower - for just one shot.

Dang didnt know that. I agree with the Touch of Evil opening and I, Robot. I think in order to appreciate new films you must gain an understanding of the classics. Though Citizen Kane is only one film there are many great classics...Vertigo, Rear Window, Guys and Dolls (Great musical), Singin' in the Rain (My favorite musical), On the Waterfront. These are all great classics that Moo Cow and Cinema might want to try, although I heavliy recommend the musicals.

Mr Zero
Donald O'Connor singing and pratfalling his way through Make em laugh is a high point of Cinema.

Well, I don't like musicals, and I can't appreciate the "classics", so I'll respectfully decline.

Zero, "Touch of Evil" and it's opening were money, granted, but the rest of the movie was intolerable, IMO. Heston was about a believable Mexican as Christina Aguilera. The plot was a jumbled mess that should have made for a 30 minute long feature, given the ending was apparent for miles.

Honestly? No amount of innovative sweeps, sharp framing, or visual narrative can make up for a lack of story, poor dialogue, and even less than enthusiastic acting.

Just my take.

Mr. Zero, I so completey agree. I hated musicals too until I saw "Singin in the Rain" but thats just me

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scabby mcgee
It is amazing. It was a rebel film too. I mean the entire movie was a slap in the face to the most powerful man in the country. William Randolph Hearst was like Rupert Murdock X 10.

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