My Nextdoor Neighbor is HOT!

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eek! OMG!

I have lived next door to her for 16 years now (I'm almost 20). She is a grade above me but we never hung out too much. We played together as young kids and there was a year in high school where we talk a couple of times a week but thats about it. At that time (sophmore year?), I think she liked me but I didn't think much of it. She was alright then but kind of weird. She even hinted about going out once but I didn't want to so I used the excuse that "If we were to go out and it ended badly, it would be weird with us living next door." She left for college 2 years ago and I was at college this last year so I've barely (emphasis barely) seen her in 2 years. When I was running back from the club where I play basketball, she was getting out of her car and I talked to her briefly (you know "How are things"wink. Anyway, she's hot now. Its amazing. I had no idea that my nextdoor neighbor of 16 years is hot until today.

happy i'm glad you noticed her.

Nothing will happen, I'm almost positive of that. Hell, I'd still feel weird to date her.

My next door neighbor is hot too. I made out with him about three nights ago. He wanted to MESS with MIGHTY PREDATOR.

you can try....

Wow, I assumed you were a guy with a name like Predator. laughing

Its ok, everybody thinks I'm a girl. sad

^ on this forum that is. shifty

roll eyes (sarcastic)

My full name is Predator - The Huntress.

Cool, eh?

The Predator Rulez. World.

Sure, whatever. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Fear me...


Do you guys like Predator the Movie? smokin'

blink i've never seen it

You're so mean.


4th post down.

Please watch it. It's a good movie. Yeah hehehehehe.

i'm sorry weep

I like that crying smilie smile

Wicked Shit.


Uh huh


blink y do you like it? What the f**k?

Because its better than sad

it's soooo cute!


Drugs are bad mmmkay.

So is alcohol Predator wink

weep ...ok.....confused


Drugs are cool.

Has anybody seen Jay and Silent Bob strike back? Mmmf mfmmmmfmmf

15 bucks little man put that shit in my hand

If that money doesnt show then you owe me owe me owe

My jungle love
owe ee owe ee oh

That's a cool movie, eh?


Ah, cmon what's that supposed to mean

You guys r so mean!

write back, dude? Cmon. I'm a very lonely Predator.

you people are so mean. My heart aches.

i'm mean? weep

i'm sorry. i'll leave you alone, didn't mean to hurt ya
i'm sorry once again


Thank you darling.

what "why"?
you said i'm mean. ok. you can think what you want.

Tell us about your nextdoor neighbor now?

I was bored OK. If I wasnt I wouldnt even be here.


ps why am i a senior member?

it's coz of the amount of posts stick out tongue
you can change to anything you want


how do you change

in profile.

cool. I changed my title.

Peter I told you not to post about your fascination with MJ, and stop wearing that wierd red and blue costume.


YAY! I used it!

Youuuuu... USED it?

he used it ! take cover!

i grew up havin like 4 hot neighbors one was my age one was a grade above me and the other two were older the only one that was cool was the one my age we were good friends the other 3 were very stuck up well now there not hot and one is fat....see what happens when your stuck up yes

Yep stuck up people end up being fat lol. I used to have a hot neighbor,Then I had a relationship with her, moved,came back to visit, and she was fat going out with my old neighbor. See that's what happens when I have to leave a woman they are so depressed and decidede to eat all of the time. Teaches them laughing out loud

ask her out.

just say wanna go out for some dinner and a romantic evening some chicks like that.

As I said, I still can't imagine going out with her. Her personality has always been kind of... odd. Not necessarily bad, but it kind of turns me off.

i see...
but maybe she changed?

Doubt it. She's really nice but her personality isn't something I'm really attracted to. I guess its hard to explain.

Anyway, today she scared the crap out of me. I was walking back from the gym when she drove by. She layed on the horn pretty hard right behind me and it made me jump. I rarely get startled too.

omg eek!
why did she do that?????

maybe she's a pornstar all the girls next door turn out to be.

laughing Again, I doubt it.

Clovie - Just to say hi. And being playful.

hmm..... confused
now i know what not to do... erm

No, I thought it was nice. If I really liked her that way I'd be thinking "YES! She noticed me!"

Instead it was something to laugh about as friends (even though we're not really close). Our houses were right around the corner so when she was getting out of the car I even told her it scared the crap out of me and we got a good quick laugh out of it.

confused i really don't understand guys...

you think she is hot, but you don't like her,
you act as if you were friends but you r not ones.. erm

Well we aren't close but we've always gotten along. After living next to each other for 16 years there is a certain comfort level with each other even though we aren't close.

She is hot now, but I think its partially a first impression type thing even though its not really a first impression. Its more of the last impression that there was since the last time I've seen her.

Btw: Girls are probably more complicated than guys. wink

ok. got it smile

(i've never had problem with understanding a girl.. but with guys i never know what r they thinking..)

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