How true do you think this is backfire?

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Now after reading this I just thought to myself well if the TCM is based upon this story about ed gein then really the only thing the director of TCM did was make up a entire movie and just said it was based upon ed gein because it is completly stupid to even begin to think that TCM was based upon ed gein thats like making the movie scream and then just picking out any random crime incident that occured and saying scream was based on that story. Because TCM surly was way differnt then the story of ed gein I just thinl that the driector said it was based on a true story just to make it sound more scary.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not based on Ed Gein, it is slightly influenced on certain things he did like build furniture out of human remains and exume corpses. Other than that TCM is completely fictional.

Correct. It has a few, very few aspects in it that were inspired by Ed Gein. Such as the human skin mask, and furniture madeout of bones and other body parts. Also Ed Gein was a cannibal and robbed graves.

TCM is not based on Ed Gein, just loosely, loosely inspired by him.

Then they should say it is loosly based upon Ed Gein because to say inspired by a true story it false advertising and makes it sound like everything in this movie happened its just stupid to me.

Evil Dead
but it sells tickets to the drooling masses who don't know any better.....

Its a great ploy to make the movie seem more horrific. At the begining of Return of the Living dead there is a disclaimer, "The following event are true not even the names have been changed" I dont remeber the last real zombie uprising but the disclaimer made the intro funny as hell!

well there is nothing wrong with saying inspired by. It just gave him inspiration. Besides it's allapart of the fun. It makes the movie that more personal and frightening. When i was a little kid and thought that the word inspired meant the same thing as based on, i thought TCM was even more scary. It's not like they're claimimng to portray a momment of historical magnitude. Were people really pissed off about blairwitch project when they found out it wasnt true ( which idont know why anyone did) no because it gave them a form of entertainment they never would have had if it wasnt done that way.

I also disapprove of "making people believe something is real when it is not." It is lame and really they should focus more on the actual content on the film insted of a gimmick.

*note* That was a general statement. The content of TCM is wonderful.

but if you believe it, it is partly your fault aswell. Alot of the people that watched blairwitch project believed it, and that is just there fault. When somthing says inspired by, you should understand what inspired means, if you dont, then it is your fault for believing it, even if they insinuate somthing.

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