Potter Puppet Pals

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Alright, I just looked through a bunch of pages, and ran a search, and I found nothing like the thread I'm about to make...but, if i have over looked such a thread, you have my deepest apologies, and you may close it as soon as necessary! smile But anyways...This is just something i found, and i think its hilarious smile so heres the link...Potter Puppet Pals Theres two different ones, and if you can't find the second one just scroll up and click on "more titles." I hope you enjoy it! big grin

This is VERY OLD news... I've seen these monthsss ago... It's very amusing really. The creator is brilliant. I also love their shirts (they sell shirts)... I loved "Bother, Bother"

The main site is actually at www.potterpuppetpals.com.

^darn...i'm so behind! sad....i feel kinda bad now confused


soky. glad u looked through it

Billie Joe
did you see the potter puppet pal bonus video?

Yay another GD fansmile

The Inkeeper
Shanie, wasnt there a nicer way to say that?

Such as a 'we have seen this before, but thank you' instead of the 'VERY OLD'

Because your attitude is VERY OLD and last year wink

I think your attitude 'The Inkeeper', is just as old. You do have the right to say whats on your mind because of the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Right, which is the freedom of Speech, has well as the right to the Press, Religion, Assembly and the right to Petition the governmet.

Your rights of speech can not and must not invade her rights (shanie623) of speech as well.

A litte lesson to you 'The Inkeeper', use it well.

Thank you, carry on...........

laughing Check out me avvy!!

Wow,nobody's been here for awhile....oh well.

Ron: "That was fun."
Harry: "I liked the part where he stopped moving."

Sorry,me and my friend were doing that all day.
Have any of you seen the new Potter Puppet Pals videos?

hey guys im new hereee=]
whats up?!

I love the Wizard Swears episode.

flower hat

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.