Bill's Hanzo Sword

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Well,i heard you can buy a "hanzo sword"...yeah it's fake,but great as decoration. My question is ,can you also buy Bill's Hanzo know,with the devil mark...(Much cooler then Beatrix Sword) Anyone? smile

Doubt it - I think that might be Mr. Carradine's personal property.

Damn it's actually David's own katana??? .....the more i read,he might be a "real Bill" big grin

Or it could be QT property now. Then again maybe Miramax owns it.

shake zula
no, QT probably owns it... just like the pussy wagon...

The only reason I think it might be property of one Mr. Carradine is because both he and Madsen said that when the costume and set designers were trying to come up with Budd and Bill-style looks they were told by QT "Oh, just go and raid their houses for stuff". If you look carefully, Budd is actually wearing two different boots in the Wedding Chapel Masacre, both Madsen's, which try symbolically to point out Budd's conflicting views... an early sign that he's having second thoughts about the assasin business.

Cool,i've heard about the raiding their houses for clothes...but i never thought it was his,

guys....they're freakin movie props. They wouldn't let the cast attack eachother with real katana's. One mistake would cost you an arm....or your life.


????Yeah but you CAN buy a Hattori Hanzo you"re telling me they are also fake?? they might be for decorations..but they are nice made,for a i said,i don't really need a "real" one? So it might be that Bill's Hanzo Sword is also "fake"...but who's really cool...p's

i own 6 LOTR swords....all of them look just like the movie. YES you could use them to kill someone and yes they can be use to duel and battle with, but they'd get scratched up and the nice finish would be lost.

I don't think the swords in the movies were any of the actors own property. Atleast, maybe not until the movie was done being filmed.

I rest my case big grin

But anyways..if anyone sees one on the web or anywhere else...please notify me..thxsmile

they could have used different ones for fightingthan props cool

Maybe it was his but they made a replica for the fight sequences.

I never said it WAS his Kantana, I said it was POSSIBLE...

This tells us the fate and creation of Bill's Hanzo Sword: scroll down for David Carradine.

David Carradine has no such wardrobe qualms--in fact, he was clad in Bill's distinctive leather jacket when he sat down with "They came and raided my closet," says the actor. "This is me. This is what I was wearing in the movie--this shirt, this jacket, not these pants, but close. They made three more of these jackets for me. I don't even know which one this is. And I took them all home with me.

"Them and the swords," he adds. "I didn't GET to keep them, I just TOOK 'em. I have probably what is the #2 Bill sword. The number one disappeared sometime during the shoot. And I told them, if you had just let me take them home, I'd know where they are. They're in safekeeping with me."

Hmmm so it WAS his katana after all,pretty cool...thx for info Sarah smile

I think he was saying that they weren't his to begin with - he just took 'em.

No I'm saying that the one's they used on set were obviously fake. But the one's for sale are probably kick ass.

Aaah aight Solo and Sarah..i get itsmile

Well,i'm gonna look on the web of it's possible to buy this sword

how could carradine be a "real" bill if he's the director of lizzy maguire?

goto empireswords dot com they have a hanzo, oren ishii and bills sword. Autographed versions are on their way.

damn you blademaster! you beat me to the punch stick out tongue

anyways heres something that looks pretty damn close to oren's

Darth Vicious
Quick question: Did all of them had a Hittori Hanso sword? i mean all 5 members of the Deadly Viper Venom Squad and Bill???? anyone know, i know for sure that Bill, Budd, Bride, Oren had sword but im not sure about Vernita or Elle.

Only Beatrix,Budd and Bill have a Hattori Hanzo Sword. Beatrix has a lion on it,Bill: the mark of a demon and Budd got one too with a intimate message from his brother written on it.

Did anyone actually buy a Hattori HAnzo Sword? I looked at Empire Swords and i just don't trust the quality...So if anyone has one,let me knowsmile

I just bought bills demon hanzo from very nice quality indeed and it came with a nice stand. they are selling autographed versions of the sword as well actually signed by david carradine. im saving up for an autographed 3 pc set. definitely 2 thumbs up.

chek them out www empire swords dot com

look under movie replicas there is a cool kill bill game there as well.

Well blademaster,didn't notice anything about your demon sword? I'm sorry to tell you this...but it isn't the same as BILL.

First of all,look at the demon sign: Bill's one is gray (silver) but yours is yellow (crappy).

Second,check out the handling...yours is gold,while bill's is black or gray (silver)...

SO It isn't a replica,well it looks a lot like Bills...BUT i'm gonna wait untill someone comes with the real deal,if i have to i'll go ask David Carradine for hissmile


This one from Empireswords...look at the demon head and scabbard and handling.. It LOOKS FAKE and not Bill' sword at all!!!

I even froze my dvd where you can see a close up of Bill's Hanzo sword in the hacienda...guess what,it's completely different. THERE ARe MORE PICS check it out. So what's different,let me repeat :Bill's demonhead is SILVER!!! Also,the handling the one you got is from Beatrix's SWORD...NOT Bill's. So they actually made a BIG MISTAKE....they shouldn't use fake gold but SILVER.

I'm just alerting all kill bill fans,because this thread has over 3000 views!!!!!

Huh, call me a moron, but that looks like goldish in that last pic confused

Ronnie Van Zant
surprised they let anyone on the cast keep anything, they didnt let chiaki kuriyama keep her GoGo ball or anything esle

makes me madder than a leggless ethiopian watchin a donut roll down a hill

Lee Nitta
hey people I m new here so don t be cruel -- I watched all Killer Bill s -- I liked it a lot -- a big applaus -- great script great crew great director

Heya, welcome to the board

Might wanna post something in the Welcome forum, if you didnt already

Have fun smile

Anyways,David Carradine is coming to Belgium. So i will ask him a couple of questions regarding Kill Bill and the damn sword. And yeah i probably have to pay for the autograph...bwaaa he's my herosmile

Damn, dude, thats too cool

Facts. Movie replica's are fairly simple to come by, they pose those out as just another way to make cash out of a movie. That's the same for the swords. The manufacturing of those swords are in strict boundaries, they are fragile, blunt and will break at the first strike.
If you want a real medieval sword, go to Germany, where expert blacksmith craft them out of train-tracks and truck blade-shockbreakers. Those things cut though a brick like butter.
Real Japanese swords are a whole different league. They can't be exported from Japan legally, as the government sees them as native culture items. Along that, they are considered illegal weapons by most countries and transporters.
To get one one those requires a really fat wallet, for if you can bribe it out of Japan, a sword like that still has the same price as a new series Mercedes. But if you want to go for a tin-can replica, pass a mail to New Line and the postman rings 2 days later.

well has anyone bought it yet? if so please post some home photos.

To the Lord of the Rings sword guy that stated you could use them for battle or dueling...try hitting two of those swords together at full speed. One of two things will happen...1) One of both will utterly shatter, or 2) You will get a severe gouge in both blades, ruining them.

Anyway...I started looking around on the net for a replica Hanzo sword. I saw the ones...and they look pretty pathetic in my opinion. I guess they are good for the price, but not much more.

Oops almost thing that really ticks me off about the so-called "replica" swords is that they are stamped "STAINLESS STEEL" on the blades. LMAO. Talk about ruining the moment.

i agree 100% with you on that one. LoTR swords (or any replica sword for that matter) should be displayed or used in a desperate situation(as in last resort) i hear way too many stories of idiots who treat amazing works of art such as those like trash. so let me say once more. THEY ARE WORKS OF ART NOT WEAPONS!

as for the hanzo sword it looked pretty accurate to me. but i never knew about the stainless steel stampmessed ouch thats gonna hurt the price of the thing! thanks for telling me!smile

lol imo they shouldnt even be used as a last resort

Ill grab a kitchen knife

Shaolin Monk

that the same as the one at empireworld or whatever?

i doubt it. the one on empireswords looks alot more authentic than this one.

sword master123
i know a good sight to get kill bill swords!

sword master123
go to got some nice ones there!!

sword master123
dont get the cloth braided ones....there not that authentic and they are crappy quality....i bought a leather braided one and its kick ass

sword master123
ok ,whoever bought the one from empireswords didnt look around too much, wow its expensive. on hanzoswords it costs like 65 bucks!! and its the exact same one, except it doesnt say stainless steel on

is anyone even here?

2 things:

8 minutes

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I own and operate hanzoswords dot com we have a wide variety of kill bill movie sword replicas. There are not currently any exact or official replicas however David Carradine was actually impressed with a few of our models. The leather handeled editions caught his eye. He liked them so much he asked to keep one as well as the Bill and Bride set (leather handle) that he plans on giving to Quentin Tarrantino as an xmas present.

We also have several styles autographed by David Carradine that come with a certificat of authenticity starting at $149. We are also much cheaper than the other site out there selling them. They sell our cloth bride for $299 our cloth bride if $199 our leather edition is only $219(signed) however we are running out fast because of the xmas season.

Please check out our site and tell us what you think.

I don't mean to be rude, but.

Those swords are just a hair above toys.

The offerings are the worst of the bunch. The art on the koshirae is painted on, for crying out loud. The ones on Bill's look etched to me. Maybe that was too expensive to do, I don't know. Then again, they seemed to have no problem stamping it into the blade like a Hot Wheels undercarriage.

The Empire ones are better, but only just. My biggest peeve with both sets of offerings is the hamen line; the wavy line down the blade caused in the forging process of a true, differentially hardened sword. It looks like a shark's mouth, and is entirely too consistent. I suppose it's hard for the grinder they used (note the grain on the edge is perpendicular to the grain of the un-machined back.) to be random.

I guess my point is this, if I have one. Save your money; you love the movie, buy it and watch it. I can't say the same for the Lord of the Rings swords made by United Cutlery; those swords are gorgeous. Exceptions include but are not entirely limited to the laughable plastic pretending to be wood hilt of Sting.

If you want an attractive samurai sword, get a Paul Chen Practical Katana. They're inexpensive as far as quality weapons go, and they have a modest, pleasent look. In fact, if you were really gung-ho over it, you could have it professionally engraved/painted/whatever you want to make it match more closely. Then, you'd have a sword you could be proud to walk to Carradine with for a signing. Just don't let him sign the blade, the ink would eat the steal over time.

That's my rant. Don't waste your time with junk swords, even if they're made to look like a movie prop. Buy a poster or something, to show your affection for a movie. A sword is meant to be art, and artfully made.

Bill's sword is sold in a set for about 40.00 on ebay item #6540939116.
Hope I helped you all.


I was looking to buy a katana, that resembles the Bride's blade from Kill Bill. Something high end, preferably between $400 and $2000. I'm not interested in a replica that's glued together for display, or something that only costs $49.99 on ebay. I was looking at the Paul Chen's Practical Katana, but was looking for something a bit more expensive and better made, I'd probably get the sheath etched and the sword engraved with the lion symbol. Anyone that can offer any opinions or advice to help me? I'd greatly appreciate it.

in 05 i bought one from empire. i thought it was the best. but this past christmas, i went to and bought the autographed functional replica and it's 1,000 times better than the regular show blade i got in 05. the sword i got from hanzoswords was actually very superior to any blade i have bought. the hamon wavy line thing is not uniform all the way down, so that leads me to believe it is truly made correctly. i dont know about you all but its a deal for me to have this sword and it autographed by the man. i have pictures but i am not sure how to send them in here to show. also i emailed them about 4 times before i finally decided to get it, i was worried it was going to be a piece of crap, only because the price is so cheap for a functional sword ya know, but they assured me if i didnt think it was good enough for my standards they would accept it back and refund my money. so i took the chance, and now its still with me 6 months later. so if you are looking for a good replica, then i suggest the ones. if you want to see pics i can do that through email, just private message me your email address.

This not a movie discussion thread. It's pointless questions about how to buy things at auction/retail sites.


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