Aliens vs. Predator (1, 2, Primal Hunt)

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MC Mike
I've recently seen all the buzz on this game in the Top 3 FPS thread and looked for a proper thread, only to find

This game deserves a thread. smile Who still loves this game? I personally play it as much as I can. big grin The missions are dynamic and interweaved, the multiplayer is chilling and fast-paced, and the ability to choose between 3 species is incredibly cool. cool

So, what do you think of the first, second, and other versions (such as Extinction) of this game? huh

AvP 2 single player rules. Especially the marine missions. Very intense and i felt like i was actually playing the movie Aliens. I enjoyed how in one mission for marine is shown from the predator viewpoint in its own mission

Great game.

MC Mike
Like mentioned in the other thread, Dunya's missions with the Ancient Predator, both chasing eachother, that was really good. big grin

I've really wanted to play this game because you can actually be an Alien. I've always wanted to know what that power feels like. eek! Is it really that good? confused

MC Mike
Single player: At points, yes, but mostly a just a very interesting story that draws you in.

Multiplayer: Oh yea. yes

Yah playing alien is fun...i like marine alot more. its more intense.

MC Mike
Marine is fun as hell...

...especially when you convince your friends to do the first few levels... watch as the game tells them to restart the security...

...then, BOOM! Everything happens at once, and they are shaking all over, scared to hell. laughing out loud

i love the PREDATOR!

These games were very exicting and tottally rocked, as soon as Aliens Versus Predator came out I brought it and it scared the living day-lights out of me and did you notice that you got a voucher to buy a free pair of boxers, the dim-lighting was very good and when playing as a Marine you get shit scared when your motion tracker went off.

LOVED the Predator missions as well, getting my wrist blades out and slicing off the arms of the marines and dicing the alien to bit (even when u cut off a leg or arm or even it's tail it's still alive and crawling on the floor to get you. That was one feature that I missed which wasn't in Avp 2) Having Skirmish missions were a great idea, doing co-op with marines and/or predators and fighting hordes n hordes of aliens Happy Dance
The ALIEN missions also rocked, it ws so good crawling on ceilings n walls and head biting the Marines, or jumping across the room and wipe tailing a marine in the head.

Aliens Versus Predator 2 was very worth waiting for, it was fantastic and really draws you in and there are so many things to see. Theres just so many things to say about this game I am just speechless. Single Player ROCKS and Multiplayer KICKS-ASS.

Primal Hunt was good but wasn't as good as I thought, the best bit is the Corp ending with the Sentry Guns and gattling gun. Multiplayer was ok but I couldn't really play it due to the lag.

I hope a Aliens Versus Predator 3 game comes out soon with the near release of the Aliens Versus Predator movie and btw the final trailer is out and it is so cool to actually see the Predator and Aliens fighting.

Gory Game Lover
I think it rocks!

AvP 2 is by far the most suspensfull FPS i have ever played. PLaying as the marine mixes great gameplay, and movie like atmospheres that shadow aliens and predator.

Playing as the Predator is everything you would expect the predator being able to do and more. Playing as the Pred gives you the feeling of Supreme power, because ounce you learn his the controlls like a master, it is very hard to die.

the alien is also amazing. Though it is hard to egin with, you dvevelop into a dark killing machine. PLaying as the alien gives you the perspective of alurking efficient killer.

all three modes are very uniqe and different from each other. No game has been able to encompass intriguing story modes and yet diverse playing abilites for each character. though the game was very popular, i think it is under rated, and am sad to hear it would be a long time before another would be released. They should most defaintly continue this franchise. sad yeah the mulitplayer blows, and this comming from someone who alltogether hates mutliplayer, well thats bad. But the game deserves a 9,5/10 maybe even deserving of a 10

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