Man on Fire

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I used the search feature and was shocked to not see a topic about this movie.

Anyway, IT WAS GREAT! It was nothing like the commercials made it out to be (which I love being surprised like that). Not that the commercials made it look bad, but it looked pretty ordinary from them. The camera effects were different which may through many off, but I found it kind of unique. They almost went a little overboard with it, but it was still really cool. Can't wait for the DVD to add this to my collection.

I saw it opening day, and is still one of the Top 3 movies I have seen all year.

Agreed. Of course, I've only liked a total of about 4 movies this year. I'm very critical erm

In the synopsis in this website of Man on Fire with Denzel Washington, it "concerns an embittered former marine who moves to Italy and becomes a bodyguard for an Italian family." This is not true. The first Man on Fire, released in 1987, has a similar plot line and set in Italy. The 2004 Man on Fire is set in Mexico.

It is a great movie none the less. It is not just a "blow-em-up movie" with no plot line. I would recommened it to anyone who can watch the sometimes graphic violence.

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You'll want to post something like this in the Movie Review section.

are these 2 replies the only messages on this board about this awesome movie!?!
anyway I've seen it twice in an airplane and its such a great story and great acting!! Both denzel and the girl.

i thought it was great. its still not denzels best movie but it was great

awesome movie

yeah, a good action movie, i think we all need some mindless violence now and again

I wouldn't say it was mindless. Hell, the 1st half didn't even include much violence. It was focusing on the relationship between the girl and Denzel. But yeah, the violence was definitely cool in the second half.

I'm going to echo Myth's sentiments here. "Mindless violence" is something reserved for movies like "The Punisher", which "Man on Fire" outshined, even with the same premise.

I'm holding out on the pathetic barebones DVD, in hopes for a loaded version on down the road. Still love the film.

Yep, damn cool movie.

yeah it did outshine, the punisher because it devolped the relationship a little more between Denzel and the girl

Just bought the movie and watched it. It was pretty awesome. Beautiful camera effects. Much better then I expected.

Freddy Lover
Speaking of it....My brother bought me Van Helsing for me for Christmas...He got it as a previously viewed movie...(how thoughtful)...and I opened the case. But Van Helsing wasn't in it...Man on Fire was. I never seen it before. It might be good...but...yeah.

great movie! didn't like the ending, but made it more moving I guess wink

Love the little grl, dekoda ( sp? ) is such a great actress, she did an awsome job!

its Dakota Fanning

and freddy lover you got lucky because van helsing wasnt too good and man on fire is great

Yea I feel the same, I didn't like Van Helsing that must, But this movie was awsome!

I thought this thread was suppose to be about Man on Fire confused

You Suck
Man on Fire is one of my favorite movies ever. The visual style is awesome.

i want to see it, but i havnt been able to go and see it .

You should, its moving up to my top 2?!

well all you have to do is go to your video store since its not in theaters anymore

Yea, it was just released over here a couple of days ago and i can to the shop!

Awesome movie, I cried at the end smile . I am still mad it got no oscars mad .

Yea, I cried at well!!

I like your siggy!

I loved this movie too... definitly in my top 15 movies big grin i didnt cry but the end was awfuly sad thou

Why thank you roll eyes (sarcastic) .

what was that for wink

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