Voldemort and Harry both die?

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I think a lot of people on here are confused, I keep reading posts saying things like 'If Voldemort dies Harry will die too'. JK has never mentioned this, she has simply said that one must die at the hands of the other. There is nothing in any of the books to suggest that Harry will die when Voldemort does becuase he has some of his power.

Agent Elrond
actually, I read that they both may die in the 7th book. Nothing offical, but it does make sense. Both are linked to each other and by removing one of them, the other will die too. Kinda of like Neo and Smith

Why will they both die because of their link to each other? Harry had some of Voldemorts powers transfered to him but he was alive before they were there and they are not essential to his survival. Voldemort has a small amount of Harry's blood which was drained from his body, I don't see why Harry would die just because someone who has his blood has died.

I do think its likely that Harry may die along with Voldemort but not because of a connection they share. I think it is more likely that Harry will die as a result of injuries sustained in the final battle with Voldemort, he will die a hero.

I think she will try to make Harry's death as positive and happy as possible stressing the fact that Harry is now happy because he is with his parents and Sirius in the afterlife.

i still reckon having dumbledor die would be good to the story cause everyone relys on him to save the day if harry cant and now that everyone gets a taste of his power in the fifth book there will be a battle beetween the too and one will die probaly dumbledore

Of course nothing official has been published yet, because no one knows what will happen other than JK Rowling. She's done an excellent job keeping her secrects in the past, and I see no reason why the same wouldn't hold true in the future.

I gotta disagree with your reasoning when you compare Harry and Voldemort to Neo and Smith.

Neo, as the anomaly, is supposed to represent the decision we can't see past. Though he actually is a human, he is similar to a program because he has a purpose. Neo's purpose was to end the war between the machines and man, his purpose was not to defeat Smith.

Smith, was "unplugged" because he, much like Neo, was an anomoly and he too had a purpose. Since Neo represents an imbalance in the equation, the Architect (or whoever) had to create Smith in order to balance the equation. Smith's soul purpose was to defeat Neo so this equation could be balanced once again. As explained in the begining of Revolutions by the Indian dude at the train station....EVERY PROGRAM SERVES A PURPOSE, THOSE PROGRAMS THAT HAVE SERVED THEIR PURPOSE AS TERMINATED.

That means that once Smith served his purpose by defeating Neo, he then was eliminated because that is how he was programmed. You may not know this, but Neo realized that he couldn't actually defeat Smith, but he could eliminate Smith by being defeated by Smith.

Hard to follow...sorry, but that's MY take on the Matrix.

Harry Potter is indeed THE ONE, to some extent, but neither him nor Voldemorte are programs so one won't automatically die once the other is defeated. If you were to look at it from a Matrix perspective, one would have to conclude that Harry would be filling the role of Smith instead of Neo, because it seems his purpose is to defeat the Dark Lord.

i don't believe wat ur saying cos harry is the main character and if he dies the whole think will be ruined so there and whoever said that is telling the biggest pack of lies i have ever heard

signed danielfan_04 cool cool

because this is what happenes

harry and hermione are going to use the portkey
hermione uses it and goes
but voldy apparates
voldy and harry are fighting
harry starts to lose
harry runs
harry runs round a corner
voldy does the death curse
harry dies
harry comes back to life
harry is the one
he sees things in co....i mean clearly without his glassess
he jumps through voldy
destroys him
and the death eaters run smile

but there will be a harry 8 and nine where voldy comes back 'free' from azkaban i think.
and he can do a multiplying spell

well u really thought that through didnt ya lol laughing

i hope they do die toghether ... kinda good cuz harry always survives ... sad and the bad guys all ways lose out

i did indeed its (a kind of) magic big grin

all my own thoughts, not the ending to matrix one at all smile

*raises hand*
One question, Mr Lordy- how exactly does Harry come back to life?

by magic obviously...

they could us the time turner that they used in 3 to go bak and worn harry that vodlys round the corner

because he is the one!

thats because earlier he goes to dumbledore who says he isnt the one, maybe in his next life

then he dies, and comes back because it is his destiny and he is the one yes

its either that or voldy tels harry he is his dad after cutting his hand off. then takes him to his evil master saldermon which is me in a voldy costume. who says 'strike me down' alot---and laughs while hermione and ron try to destoy my death sta.....house. but then nevill, ginny and colin go to the forest planet and destroy the station with the help of hufflepuff who overthrow the stor...slytherins. yes

lol very funny

its true!

just you wait till book seven

to long to wait sad the ruddy movies would be out be4 she wrote them

hey in the forum. . . dont ever send a message that Ron would die. . . she will leave for hermione in the story. . . plzzzzzzzzzz . . . dont ever mess with ron. .. sad

oh yeah
i heard ron will be killed.

yeah and hermione dies to but wait why stop there why dont we kill the whole cast except snape cause he is a nob and that would pee alot of people off better still lest just make shaw that colin creevy dies cause he is realy stupid lol jks

no guys do not worrie hermione is the only one who can i assure u that won't die

FRODOS DUDE IS ROWLING stick out tongue

i hear that snape sleeps with hermione
and hermione says he raped her
but snape says 'no, i snaped you'
and then everybody luaghs at this amazing joke
and everyone is friends

sauron shiiiiiiii! i was suppose to be undercover!! LOL good joke wink

its not a joke wink
its what actually happen in book seven

really?? so jk- i mean sauron what else happen in the 7 book? stick out tongue

well i ddid promise not to tell....

cuz he doesnt know

I havent told him everything yet

that is not what happens none of u know u are just taking guesses and none of u are jk rowling she wouldn't come to this crumby sight anyway so there and by the way i think that harry and draco might be realted

i think that the third movie was good but it left out alot of parts

I was jk with Sauron

I think that Alfonso guy that made the third hp movie left out way too much stuff

guys will u stop trying to be me- i mean JK!

jk is only writing 7 books and has made it official. so HA big rage there isn't goin 2 b a 8 and 9 big big big big big biiiiiiiiiiig mmmmmmaaaaaajjjjooooooorrrrrrrrrrr RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Dance

I totally agree. .. . with that . . . there will no 8th or 9th book. . .

jana luv ya
I think the ending will be like this:

Ron dies coz he wants 2 save hermiony from voldy
Harry dies although Dumbledor tries 2 save him saves him and he survives but kills voldy
This is discusting I accually read the Hermiony will fall in luv with Draco
and snape will somehow leave the picture
and sirius will return and wants 2 be harrys godfather again but finds harry dead embarrasment sad confused

thats not a bad ending at all but they all die lol except mr filch cause he is the smart and he will high tale it outa there lol

i bet snape gets battered by sirus that would b a fight and a half ... good watching aswell ...................................................................................... seems a bit meen cuz snape and sirus are my favorite characters

Amy Black
I don't think that would be bad if Harry died. I mean, I do love Harry but you know, "there are things worth dying for."
Imagine: in the seventh book, the last but one chapter, Harry dies, and in the last chapter, it's two (or else) years later, there are Ron and Hermione with their son named Harry... thinking about if it is better to live in a safe world without Harry or in danger with Harry. Oh my God, there's a poet lost in me.

I'm only kidding, JKR knows what to do and I'm sure that will be fascinating.


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