carry on films

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time to talk about the ultimate comedy films off all time...

There were 30 Carry On! films in total, beginning with Carry On Sergeant in 1958 and ending with Carry On Emmannuelle in 1978

There are actors such as bernard bresslaw, sid james , joan sims, kenneth williams, barbara williams, charles hawtry and a few more which take it turns in each of the carry on movies......there might be 4 main actors in one film or 5 in one film...anyway u get the picture..
what follows is a barrel of laughs with lots of bawdy and saucy british humour..any one who doesnt like these or have never heard of them...shame on you...
whats your favourite carry on film???? mine is carry on up the kyber.
A good site:

I think that one is one of the best
it is my fave out of alll of them

carry on abroad is hilarious of the greats...fav line from movie is:
pepe:your name sir
stuart: Stuart farqware
pepe: stupid what?
Stuart: Stuart.Stuart Farqware
Sid:i think he was right the first time(murmur)
Pepe:ahhh mr farkyarse..we been expecting you

u sons a can no one comment on the funniest movies of all time...cor blimey!!

Keep in mind, speaking on behalf of the American contingent, British comedy is much different from that of the U.S.

Personally, I've never heard of the series until today.

really?? meh...i love carry on sailing...if that's what it's called.

no such film called carry on sailing.....cinemaddiction i know the comedy is different but you have heard of fawlty towers which is no where near as good as the carry on comedy films....

infamy infamy, theyve all got it in for me(gags dont get much better then this, carry on cleo 1964)

cant believe no one as saw these...i feel insulted

big gay kirk
Oh you silly... Pod!! Of course Carry on Cleo was by far the best, followed by Up the Khyber... time for Tiffin.....

big gay kirk
Mind, I can't participate anymore... as well as my excused boots chit, my excused drill chit, my excused rifle chit, my excused PT chit and my excused showers chit, I have an excused forums chit....

big gay kirk
In fact, I'm nothing but a heap of chits....

carry on sergeant was one of my favs....carry on abroad, khyber, cleo and at your convenience was class too...they all were

stuart: my names stuart farqwar by the way
pepe: stupid what?
stuart: stuart..stuart farqwar
sidsadto wife) i think he was right the first time
pepe: ahhh u mr farkyarse
stuart: doesnt look like u are expecting us
pepe: ci ci..course we expectin wife..she also expecting

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