MTV awards

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Kill Bill Vol. 1 was up for three awards - but NOT best action sequence for the HOBL, which is a crime... mad lol. And it won... well, I'll spoil it if you wanna know... the real show is really just all the crap that happens in-between. But they have pics up of... people... accepting... awards...

I just went to Kill Bill Forums and they announced that "KILL BILL" won three awards: Uma won for Best Female Performace, Uma and Gogo won for Best Fight and Best Villian goes to Lucy Liu!
Go to this site:
Kill Bill Forums
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Hey guess what? I've already had all of the answers in the off topic forum for more then an hour now!

I hate the MTV awards (ever since they awarded Titanic for best movie) but I'm glad to see they still have some sense, and glad to see KB nominated.

MTV is gay anyways.

Pay no attention to the MTV awards, they are worthless.

What... the crap? Who the hell did the MTV awards this year and why aren't they fired? THEY SUCKED!!! The only cool thing was when Uma told QT to come onstage when she won the second time and he tried to steal her award. Except for that really cool opening sequence about LOTR with Peter Jackson the whole thing was awful... Guess you can't have 2 really cool years of MTV awards without one really sucky one.

I missed the begging of the show but wow I can't believe how teerible it was..usally theres at least a few laughs..but not this time..and why does jimmy fallon ever get to be on TV he sucks so bad yuck!!!

Mafia Girl
I really hate MTV. I can't believe I used to get excited when that shit would come on. Anway I knew who was gonna win anyway, a friend told me to go to the MTV website to see the nominees so I did and the winners were up a few days before the show, which I thought was stupid. I am glad Kill Bill won some award, but also suprised that the same people that watch MTV have seen Kill Bill...

lil bitchiness deprived of TV for another glad Kill Bill got nominated and won something, but MTV is a major suckage...People get awares for everything these days....ugh!

Here's what I don't get: I'm very glad that LOTR continued its sweet of Best Picture - but how did X-Men get nominated and not Kill Bill? At least they got 3/3... and bad kitty - the intro was the best part (very funny)... so there were SOME laughs.

I totally missed any laughs to had for sure..because the program honestly made me angry that I wasted any time on 'em

Yeah... I was honestly just watching for Uma and Quentin (and Lucy I guess). But I was holding out hope they'd do another great spoof... it never happened. The beginning was great, though

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