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okay, i kno this is stupid to say b/c this is the harry potter thread and all...but i really dont like harry potter...can some english..explain all of this is to me. i tried readin the books and i stopped because i thought it was boring. i watched half of the 1st movie and liked it but then i just lost interst. the new movie that came out looks really good, but i don't wanna go and not understand anything

please help if possible

if u don't like HP u won't like the movie duh, though i understand that if u tried readin' the first book, well yes the begging is boring but just jump a few 15 pages...

I have to say, I think the films are pretty bad erm

Try reading the books again because the beginning bit might be a bit boring but soon you will be wishing the book was longer wink

the first book is kinda boring. but give it a try. the books get soooooo much better. the movies u should go check out as well.

Cheack out the 3rd movie,I loved it.You should understand a good deal though,don't worry

I saw the first movie before ever reading any of the books and i thought it was pretty good and so i now like the books.

The books are awesome

Start with the first one, The Sorcerer's/ Philosopher's Stone--
It's basically about an orphan wizard, Harry, who was sent to live with his aunt and uncle, when he was one year old. His parents had been murdered by the most powerful and feared wizard, Voldemort. Voldemort had tried to kill Harry as well, but the spell didn't work. The result was that he, Voldemort, was drained of his power, and became no more than a spirit, bidding the time till he could one day regain his power. As a child, Harry had never known he was a wizard, until, at age 11, he was sent a letter regarding his acception into Hogwarts, the School for wizards and witches.

Once you have the basics covered, the books can take you from there big grin

u should of started like me watch the first to movies ... get really into them like stir crazy into them then buy ur lil sister the books pinch them of her read them but start from the third book ... then its intresting

frozen flame
I wasn't that pleased with the third movie but I sort of agree with ladygrim; read the third book first. But only after you understood the basics of HP, though, 'coz you'll get even more lost. laughing

most def ... i have tosay tho book for to me was that good sad

THe books rock (after the first...kind of boring and made for little kids) and once you get into them, you will be eagerly anticipating the next yes

The movies aren't all that great ( Havnt seen the 3rd one yet) and they stray from the books a lot, which i dont like...but who knows...maybe you'll like them smile

Well, the basic idea of harry potter is that there is this boy, who thinks he is normal, but one day he gets a letter from this school and finds out that he is a wizard. He goes to the school, and the books are about the adventures he encounters while at school. Most of them involve a powerful dark wizard, Voldemort, who killed Harry's parents and wants to kill harry

i thought the movies were quite good

As we've all agreed that you should read the books... wink

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