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Since there is AN OLIVER STONE FILM approaching from the west in November, I thought it would be a good time to see what people think are his best 5 films

1. JFK
2. Platoon
3. Born On The Fourth Of July
4. Any Given Sunday
5. Nixon

Let's hope that Alexander is in the same league as those films. Though its Oliver Stone, he won't disapoint

1. JFK
2. Born on the Fourth of July
3. Platoon (although it's a bit too "Oliver-Stoney" these days)
4. Most of his other films tie for fourth, since they look like he's just trying to rip off his own style most of the time.


1. U-turn (for the same reason, multiplied by 100)
2. The Doors (too hippy-trippy)
3. Any Given Sunday (just plain gay)

And, although I like the Tarantino element of NBK, I've never bought it on video, because I HATE the fact that Mickey and Mallory get away at the end. Come on, Oliver! Where's your sense of right and wrong?

Natural Born Killers - As director
Platoon - As director

And more three masterpieces as writer

Midnight Express - Alan Parker
Year of the Dragon - cant remember the director
Scarface - Brian de Palma masterpiece smile

Dario Argento
I think he is overrated, but his best films are Platoon and Natural Born Killers.

Mr Zero
HELLO! The Oliver Stone top Five looks like this.

1) Salvador.
2) Salvador.
3) Salvador.
4) Salvador.
5) Salvador.

C'mon folks - it's his masterpiece + James Woods and Jim Belushi - whats not to love?

For me he is one of the best directors in film history. Here are my favorites:


Natural Born Killers
The Doors (Yes, I'm a fan of Jim)
Wall Street


Looking for Fidel

Yep. I forgot it

I dont like really much of his movies besides Platoon, Scarface, and Any Given Sunday.I haven't seen a whole bunch of his movies but the movies I disliked from his are Natural Born Killers and Nixon.

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