KB Soundtrack Reviews?

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Being somewhat short on cash, I want to know if it's worth it buying the volumes 1 and 2 soundtracks.. I have Pulp Fiction, which is fantastic (there was a whole summer where it didn't leave my CD player) and I want Reservoir Dogs, but how does KB compare?

kill bill, while following tarantinos tradition for out there eclectic soundtacks, isn't as good as the pulp fiction or reservoir dogs soundtracks. featuring great songs such as Woo Hoo by The 5,6,7,8's and the Twisted Nerve tune (whistled by Elle Driver while stalking the hospital corridors), there are other songs that make you think "why". the most obvious song on the cd is "ode to oren iishi." preformed by a talentless hack and droping the standards of the cd. sure its a great cd, but in places it drags a little.

Download it to test it then see if you like either of them. IMO they both are great. Favorite songs out of the two cd's:

"Battle Without Honor or Humanity" - Tomoyasu Hotei
"A Satisfied Mind" - Johnny Cash

Flying Orange
I bought the Volume 2 soundtrack and it's awesome. The mexican tracks are especially nice, I like 'em. No sound effects in the movie, so none on the soundtrack.
thumb upthumb up Get itttt!

I have the 1st one which I love, but really haven't heard the 2nd yet.

lol... couldn't resist. Just bought V.2 CD. Tell you what I think tomorrow. So far, I love the obvious ones - About Her, Goodnight Moon and Malagera Salerosa.

I'm not sure.. the same song that plays as Budd buries Bea, is that the same song they play when Bill does his death walk?

I rate it a 4 stars!!! Great songs and I love that track that has the Pai Mei legend! Get both tracks! vol.1 and vol.2! smile

im not burlyman
I think Bill's death walk is from TG, TB & TU confused

shake zula
i bought the vol.1 cd after i bought the dvd. i have to say, i love the v.1 OST. twisted nerve (4) is awesome. bang bang (1) is great too. but my faorites are battle without honor or humanity (9), please don't let me be misunderstood (10) the green hornet (8), woo hoo (11) and (13) i forgot the title.

i noticed something when i was watchig the movie. the song "ode to o-ren ishii" was playing when the bride came out of her coma and f*cked up buck... i think...

its a good soundtrack

okay - i have the second. Which do you guys think is better: 1 or 2?

Buy buy buy buy buy buy! Spend spend spend spend spend!

Yes you should buy them both

i can't believe I haven't gotten them yet I got a few of QT's other movie soundtracks and i love 'em..I'll be getting kill bill vol1 and 2 soon!

Bk wait until the DVD release of Vol. 2. The Soundtracks might go on sale! Could save you a buck or two in certain stores. Like Tower Records yes

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