Most-Anticipated Upcoming Projects?

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I have to say I'm dying for him to finally either just straight-out confirm or deny Vega Brothers, but here's a list of the proposed upcoming projects, and you say which one you're most hoping will come through.

vega brothers for shizzel

Inglorious Bastards.

Mr Zero
Casino Royale

Aah - knew I forgot one. I seriously doubt that the James Bond people would let him make a JB flick... they're stuck in a time warp and I get the feeling the only thing they're willing to change is the Bond Girl.

Mr Zero
I doubt it will come about also - but QT has spoken to Mr Brosnan - and PB has gone on record as saying if he were to do one more bond he'd be a lot more tempted to make it with QT....

So we never know.

Hard to chose....but I'm gonna go with Kill Bill sequels! I just want to see Elle and Sofie team up with Nikkia vs. The Bride and B.B. (of course I'm hoping that Nikkia and B.B. are in their early 20's)

Not the sequels...but more the prequels...Story of BILL!!

Story of Buck! lol - that's when we know QT's gone over the edge.

well, even if he's only presenting it, I'm still WAY looking forward to Hero.

I guess that counts as a project...

roland faust
I think Tarantino should remake Natural Born Killers with all his original ideas and his own style.

Mickey- Pitt? Klooney? Willis?
Mallory- Michelle Trachtenburg? Alyson Hannigan?
Wayne- Tim Roth
Scagnetti- Michael Madsen
Warden- Harvey Keitell
Kavinoff- Chris Penn
Warwitzer- Tarantino
Owen- Billy Bob Thorton?

I'm confused ... huh I didnt know tarentino was getting so busy

Inglorious Bastards

Those are only potential projects. Not all of them will happen.
Most are just rumors.

Dark princess

He confirmed that he isn't ever going to do a Vega brothers film.

What's your source, mild? Anyway, there's a new one to add: the kung-fu movie he has in the works.

I recommend this site for in-depth news and discussion (they have their own message board) on all things Q.

In Inglorious Bastards I know that Adam Sandler has been mentioned to play in the film and Micheal Madson as (Babe Buchinksy). I think it will be cool if Sandler and Madson plays in QTs movie that takes place during WWII.

Im more inclined to see the war movie.
I dont know if it will be good to do another Kill Bill/Pulp Fiction type movie.
Than again, QT is on crack, so who knows what will be next and how long from now.

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