Dementors VS Ringwraiths

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I think the dementors in Potty Harry and the Prisoner (american translation convict) of Azkaban is a complete copy of the ring wraiths am i the only one who thinks this? And where the heck is the corkscrew!!!!!?????

Yeah, they do look very similar

yeah, I thought that too when I saw em the first time in the trailer

There are plenty of Tolkien homages in Harry Potter, as well as a few other movies.

They are the same thing "Nazgul" family

good thing i wasn't the only one who noticed that, too.

i kinda noticed that there are a lot of similarities in the HP literature that i think is inspired by Tolkien's saga.

like the names, for instance...Aragorn and Aragog (spider's name), Grima Wormtongue (Saruman's minion) and Wormtail (Lord Voldemort's follower) to name a few.

then the dementors...the first time i saw them, esp the claws/fingers, i kinda remembered the Ringwraiths...

i guess the only difference is: Ringwraiths are downright evil. Dementors don't know the difference between enemy and...well, non-enemy.

yea in peter jacksons "The Frighteners" the figure of 'Death' just looks like a ringwraith, even though he made that film about 2 years before production before LOTR, but i do think Dementors are too similar looking to Ringwraiths.

in the Frighteners the figure of death looks like death. Also can some 1 post a pic of the things from the harry poter movie I don't know wat they look and dont plan to watch that crap movie any time soon.

Pure ignorance, they are both derived from the Grim Reaper image which is very much overused in Western folklore. There is not a single original piece of work done in art or literature - everything is by necessity a copy of stuff which has already been done as that is what the artist will have been influenced by.

And for the record JKR didn't even like LOTR, but prefered the Hobbit eek!

I came up with this idea tooeek!

look the same very differnt

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