Im new. Looking for a certain genre of movies.

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Hey guys. Im new to this whole "movie buff" thing. I enjoy watching movies, but recently it seems like there is so much shit out there, im 15 and i want to see some awesome independent/underground stuff. Im really open to any movies. The movies i like are usually pretty dark and gloomy, such as....Fight Club (great book too, and the author has many other great books) American History X, Natural Born Killers, Helter Skelter, and the FIRST matrix. I like a lot of Oliver stones stuff that i have seen, NBK, The doors, JFK.
I know theres a lot of good stuff out there, but i just dont know where to look. If anyone can recomend any movies that are simialr to these, please go ahead and tell me! or if you know of any movies you think i would like based on the movies i have enjoyed so far. Thank you! im open to anything, im willing to give anything a shot, even if its an independent film.

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anyway, some good dark films are....

I Stand Alone
Donnie Darko
Man Bites Dog
Requiem for a Dream
Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer
28 Days Later
Taxi Driver
Last House on the Left

And all Stanley Kubrick films are a must. (Full Metal Jacket, The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, Dr Strangelove and Paths of Glory)

Dr. Strangelove
Ditto to Kubrick, especially Clockwork nothing more dark and gloomy than traveling with Alex and friends.

Also I would say Memento and Do The Right Thing which isn't really dark, but it is gloomy and tense.

Indie stuff and otherwise you may like:

The Believer
12 Monkeys
Romper Stomper
City of God
True Romance
Donnie Darko
Battle Royale

Scarface and Boondock Saints (not really gloomy though). I really think Seven would be good for you which BF already mentioned.

Ah yeah, I forgot about Se7en.

Oh, gave credit to the wrong guy. Sorry CA.

smokin' U're still young heh i can see that. well BIG BRO is watchin' u.
Basically movies and music is the story of you life,adventures,romance and outlooks on most aspects of it Philosophy,religion and so on.
We humans are in never-ending circle of life we are in MATRIX!
You've got to define your location within the Prismus Of DruHL your mindset ,dreams.losses ,defeats and so no.
Life is Hell,Storm Fury,Valley Of Despair,Conquest and Restoration.
If you want to analyse hell watch trilogies specifically Indiana Jones, Star Wars<the original>, Die Hard<SPLENDID!> and ROOTS!
Conquest see Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies.
Death and Romance read Shakespeare specially Titus Andronicus<ALL is WELL THAT ENDS WELL!>
Master Nature watch Species and Specie2.
To be a true warrior lead the Animal Kingdom so watch a lot of the National geographic channels programs.
Finally to be the ultimate killer,assassin,betrayer,lover, pssst CHAMPION you have to imagine urself in a trap of time where your most precious moments thoughts and instances<HEAVEN in short> can be contained purify it refine it define it and GIVE it to the world as the personification of wisdom and strength from personal experience<in short your PRIDE!> and BECOME a god to your SON!
U should BE on the right track NOW!
See you when you're HERE HIGHER FINALLY!

None of the movies you mentioned are really in the genre he was talking about.

Oh yeah Van Dammes the Quest and Replicator r kind of cool too.
Must see predator starring Schwarzenneggar<CLASSIC!>
Check out Golden Child starring Eddie Murphy and charles Dance.
Chuck Norris and Lou Gosset Jnr in FireWalker.
Richard gere in Officer and a Gentleman.
Define your lifestyle walk and talk wit' Travolta's classic Staying Alive and Saturday Night Fever<BEE GEES ROCK DUDE>!
Do not I repeat do not miss the Great Escape with Steve McQueen coz when it's time to GO i'm the KOOLER KING!
U're the effect i need to c a movie about this soon coz it must the story of republics and regencies and empires that divide and devour us !

U got to c movies differently if u watch these specific ones u'll learn to understand that HELLFIRE and brimstone are killing movies everywhere.
I haven't seen a movie that made sense since Wim Wenders End Of Violence.
missing something here I'm a big man but movies are worse than when i wz younger. It's like watching video-games.
tell u what if Blade 3<bad vibes HERE> ever comes it's gonna be terrible coz i tell u what that guy HERO is gonna be wiped out for sure and I aint lyin!
Redefine your cousese and movie genre coz u'll be sucked int the MATRIX like everybody else.
DO not say you heard that from ME!
Besides HE did SAY he was open TO anything!

Still not seeing the connection of movies that you are recommending. That gimmick you have going is a little odd too btw.

BF and cinemaddiction pretty much said them all sad
I'll say:
Silence of the lambs
The bone collector (big Angelina Jolie speaking big grin)
Dark city
These last 2 are more dramas.

hey guys thanks a lot!! I was trying to think where i could get more info on those type of movies, since there not SUPER popular but i mean, there not liek underground flicks, and since it was my first post i didnt know what to except, i was afriad of everyone flaming me if people didnt like those movies, thank you so much guys. Ill definately give those a try, ive definately heard of se7en, scarface. And what about pulp fiction? it seems like a lot of you have those in your sigs, and what about this movie called "clock work orange'? ive heard its pretty damn good. and one last thought, to Cinemaddiction what are indie films? sorry for the n00bness.

THank you so much you guys! i wasnt expecting this great of a response. please, keep hte suggestions coming! im open to anything new or old, it doesnt matter!

All of the films mentioned are fantastic. BE SURE to check out equilibrium. I saw it after a recommendation from a member and it is a fantastic film!

im not burlyman
indie is independent cool

PULP FICTION IS GREAT! eek! Its more of a crime movie with hitmen and all that cool stuff rather than a dark/gloomy movie, but I HIGHLY recommend it. Its my favorite. big grin

Dr. Strangelove
A recent dark one is 21 Grams which is a lot like Memento, but I thought Memento was better in my opinion, but it's still an excellent film.

I'll remember that.

big gay kirk
also try "Nikita..." and if you can get hold of a copy, a French movie called "The Last Battle..."

ok, yeah, im not all doom and gloom, some other films i really enjoyed were "the professtional" i liked the original pyscho too. Ive heard of 21 grams, ill definately check that one out, and i liked the kill bill series, keep the suggestions coming guys! thank you!

Anything by QT including Pulp, Reservoir Dogs, and Jackie Brown.

Memento is good too as mentioned in comparison to 21 grams. I'm going to go rent that now btw.

thanks a lot guys, im watching momento right now, this movie is awesome!! thanks for the suggestions, cant wait to see more of them!

im not burlyman
Seen any David Lynch films? Blue Velvet, Mullholland Drive..

Just watched 21 Grams. I really don't think its like Memento. 21 Grams jumps around alot but 21 Grams was a lot more serious than Memento. Both good movies though.

Dario Argento
Then you should check out "Nekromantik", "Bleeder", and "Pusher".

Dario Argento

yeah i got clockwork orange, and i watch momento last night, momento was AWESOME! i really liked it, and im going to watch clock work orange today.

Dr. Strangelove
Have fun, Clockwork Orange is probably the most disturbing, funny and weird movie ever. cool

Session 9 and Vulgar are some little known movies that are very dark and twisted. Vulgar is made by Kevin Smith's production company, View Askew, but it's NOT a Jay and Silent Bob movie, and it's NOT funny. Made that mistake renting it for some friends to watch who aren't into the dark and demented movie genre. I was yelled at repeatedly...

I'll have to check out some of the movies that BackFire and Cinemaddiction listed. I've only seen about half of those.

Dr. Strangelove
Another recent one is a cop thriller called Narc. Pretty good film with great atmosphere and Ray Liotta is at his best.

That one keeps catching my eye but I've never rented it because nobody has ever said anything about it.

Narc is great! Go rent it. WAY better than Training Day, which came out about the same time I believe, but got more attention. If you liked Training Day and Traffic, you'll love Narc.

I went to rent it today but it was out. I loved Training Day but Traffic was pretty slow (although not bad).

it seems to me that hollywood have run out of ideas for new things and are going for old ideas that have been sucessful in the past hopeing for a repeat perfumence

Yeah I'll agree wit that Pulp Fick's totally fantastic.
Time it came out it totally revolutionised the way most movies were made some good 12 years ago.

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