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bunny what film would you choose! personally i choose Van Helsing with its kick ass scenes, blood and story lines.stick out tongue Its facts and informations where altered in places but very true in other instances.big grin the stunts blow the mind and the CG is just jaw dropping. wink

This topic should be in the movie discussion section. Which one would I choose? None, I didn't like them at all.

Troy.. fantastic film considering what it could have turned out like smile

Day after tommorow loved that film. Wish it would happen irl lol i hate the heat >.<

Troy, although I was even disappointed in it.

bunny i loved van helsing loads, Troy's best quality is that it has Brad Pit and Orlando bloom in it big grin Brad Pits just pure attraction O.O and those muscles...stick out tongue..hehe sorry big grin oh..and day after tomorrow just has to win for the great grafics and factual story, one day it will happen eventually big grin, i wanna live to se it bu i dont think that would be possible some how blink..bunny

The Force
the day after tomorrow was purty cool

Not even having seen Van Helsing or Troy, I'll say DAT. Just because the other two haven't exactly had that much of a pull.

Van Helsing just doesn't interest me.

I liked Troy and Day After Tommorow.

Does n e 1 know when is The Day After Tomorrow coming out on DVD?

Van Helsing definately

Jedi Priestess
Troy, but mainly for the men in skirts! laughing

el barto
I didn't like Troy. Havn't seen DAT so Van Helsing

I recently saw Troy, they missed out so much! I was very dissapointed, but the acting was really good! For me it had to be the day after tomorrow!


I loved troy, DAT was really good and van hesling sux. i voted for troy.

Day after tomorrow was OK, but the science behind it was Bs, and as geophysics/climatology student the movie was severly faulted.

Van helsing should have been like Hellsing the wickedly great anime series.

welll TRoy was good, but with all the epics around , it seemed like a little of the story. I dont really care for the boyish looking Bloom.

they all sucked

The same could be said about countless other movies. But most movies are made solely for entertainment purposes. I know I didn't see it to learn about fault lines, or the possible effects of global warming...but to be entertained. And I was, thoroughly.

Mr Zero
DAT was yet another Emmerich taking himself way too seriously yawnfest.

Troy was like watching a committee of idiots throw stars and money at the screen and seeing NONE of it stick.

Van Helsing was at least what is set out to be - a big candyfloss of a film, one reviewer over here in UK said it was "like being bludgeoned by entertainment" and it made me laugh out loud from end to end - so i have to say VH was the best out of a trio of lightweight cinema drool.

And that wide eyed stare ALISON sig picture is freaking me out.

well in my opinion i think its not even a contest, van hellsing is the best, becuase it has all my old horror friends and it has a good story line to but them in together. but troy and DAT souldn't even be labeled movies, both slide on the thin ice of stupid story. Troy is about a whore that goes to the other side so they make a war. like realy kill the B%&*@ and get over it. And DAT just looks stupid im so sorry i let my friends take me there.

van helsin with 6 is shocking.. day after tomorrow had great effects that kill van helsing and the story is even better and it was pretty bad.. troy i think easily beat van helsin at the screener of van helsin i went to there were boos durring and after the movie.. it was half assly done

el barto
Troy whent to far away from the book and the battle scenes should have been longer.

1) Troy- i thought this movie was excellent, except for Orlando Bloom being a complete wuss. But other than that, Achilles did some incredible stuff, ie the sideways jump, it had great acting, especially Eric Bana, and the plot was enough to keep me excited all the way through.
2)Van Helsing- I am a big fan of the Mummy movies, so i knew that i was gonna like this one. Sure it did not have the best plot in the world. But is was something that seemed fresh and new. It also had a good amount of action, the CGI was good, and i liked the new twists they put on old characters.
3) Day After Tomorrow- have not seen it yet

I LOVED Van Helsing. I mean, come on...let's face it. Richard Roxburgh is the sexiest Dracula in a looong time.

well lets ee....troy had brad pitts ass multiples times and he was ripped :3 points
van helsing had hugh "hott"man: 1 point
day after tommorow was facinating:2 points
troy had orlando bloom AND eric bana half naked: 3 points
van helsing had dracula and vampires rock: 2 points
day after tommorow was facinating:2 points

and the winner is.....troy

Well troy gets my vote

All horrible,horrible movies.

i can c why ud say that bout troy and VH but most pple love day after tommorow

Ms Hyde
I voted Troy over DAT.

I haven't seen Van Helsing.

The script,dialogue...whatever everything except the special effects were horrible.

Keep it that way.

Ms Hyde
^ Not even on DVD? confused

Troy was the best war movie ever made..
Those gigantic war scenes and the one-on-one battle scenes were more awesome!!!
The Day After Tomorrow was okay,, but 2 much comp. graphics
Van Helsing.... well, i really have nothin to say except it sucked...

No. Unless you enjoyed Jeepers Creepers 2. (Both are on my worst movies ever list).

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