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I just saw master of the flying guillotine in a theater, and i must say that is one of the coolest martial arts film i have ever seen, and i noticed where alot of the references came from in Kill Bill. I just have one question about this movie. The master has a drape with a swastika (if thats how you spell it) and i know it doesnt have anything to do with anyWWII stuff but can anyone tell me what it stood for?

by the way if you're wondering how i saw this movie in a theater there is a place called Alamo Draft House in Texas and for their birthday they were showing free movies and this was the last one, and one of the best.

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The swastika is an actual symbol of Buddhism it is a call "Manji". Remenber that Fung Sheng Wu Chi (Master of the Flying Guillotine) is a hired assasin that disguises himself as Buddhist Monk in order to kill his victims. He is the most lethal assasin because any one that looks at him thinks he is just a blind defenless old buddhist monk. But in reality he is the most deadly man in all of China.

Master of the Flying Guillotine is actually a sequel to the movie One arm boxer. The credits of the character goes to Jimmy Wang Yu. He created the character after the legend of the original guillotine man centuries ago.

I admit this one of my favorite movie of all time. Some ppl may think that these movies are corny. But if you go pass that point of view you actually see a very original movie.

In Kill Bill, Gogo uses a similar looking weapon. And during the fight between The bride and the Crazy 88 you clearly hear the theme song of Master of the Flying Guillotine.


I know of the references in Kill Bill because i'm an avid fan of QT films i just havnt ever seen the movies he referenced becuase i dont watch a lot of kung fu movies, but this one was fantastix

Thank You

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