When will all the epics stop?!

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Late last month i did a thread on what are the best epics ever then i began to notice alot of the one suggested that there are too many epics now, i think the epic fever began in 2000 w/ gladiator, then we got the lotr films, then last samurai then troy, now king arthur, now coming is alexander, god please stop the epics for at least a few years, there are too many of them! I enjoy epics but we cant handle all these. what do you think?

Epics are usualy movies that are 2 1/2 hours plus in length, not necessarily of movies that date back to any particular date.

I vote no, because there hasn't really been any worth mentioning, aside from LOTR.

alexander, king arthur jsut off top head few coming out.

well there are 2 alexander films for some reason, Hannibal ( Of Carthage) late 2005 or early 2006 and King Arthur, those are ones to come

What should stop is movies based on books erm
And soon is the Da Vinci code Movie coming messed

When they aren't popular anymore.

I LOVE movies based on books...

cuz then I DON'T HAVE TO READ!!!!!!!!

Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

oh and yeah, epics come and go in cycles like other genres, sometimes right along with the genres in favor, as in the case of all the religified or mythical epics of late... or the sci-fi epics... it's all cyclical

don't worry, when Halloween 9 and Jason 11 come out, you'll go back to bashing silly stupid horror sequels just like you're now bashing epics...

bashing too is cyclical... but its all good

sad Ooh, a lot of time then messed

When there is movie based on a book, I've always tried to read the book before watching the movie... messed
But now that I see, there a lot more movies that are not based on books nowadays messed

book adaptions have been coming out alot lately as well

oh please stop, dont people have GOOD IDEAS anymore for making box office smashes????.

I vote no... like cinema said, there arent many worth mentioning out of the lineup that fit the epic description

Red Superfly
"Epic" is a word getting thrown around too loosely these days.

LOTR is epic. I ain't really say anything comes close apart from maybe Troy and Gladiator, even then I'd say they are just "summer action blockbusters" set in the past.

I kind of like this "epic movie summer". There are a bunch of those types of movies coming out, but there are a ton of other great movies too. I'm looking forward to King Arthur, but i can't wait for Spiderman too. The epic burst doesn't bother me a bit..

what is everyone talking about? When were movie epics ever not consistant in the theaters? There are many epics released every year, you just don't remember them because there not worth remembering. IT is just a coencidence that we have so many popular epics at the same time, now if they were not widely accepted as good movies you wouldnt be aware that there were so many epics being pumped out

Stormy Day
Epics seems to be some of the most enjoybale and visually stunning movies around erm

What? What needs to stop are the mindless, teeny-bopper, "we can bang this script out in four days - hah!" torture-fests. In case there's any confusion as to what on earth that might actually mean, please refer to movies like Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Wrong Turn.

Thank you, and keep those "epics" coming.

The Epics, in my book, are starting to get very annoying.

I am a Sock
I don't mind epics, as long as they are good. I see no problem w/ 3hr movies

Stormy Day
Some epics are good but some are not I am a Sock not every epic is as good as LOTR wink

Jedi Priestess
Often you'll find that if you take the time to read the book it is better than the movie. wink

Stormy Day
Not always it depends on if you like books or not wink

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