My Tarantino Theories

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-Mr Orange killed Mr Brown,when he saw mr white take out some eye for an eye ( Mr Brown had some blood in his eyes)

-What's Marsellus occupation? What's in the suitcase? How did "they" screw Marsellus? Marsellus house is full of exotic maybe he did business in some ancient things (statue,gold,....)

-Bill has no moral,he was taught by Hattori Hanzo and kicked out. Then he went to China to become a student of the evil Kung-fu master Pai Mei. 8 years later he joined the Yakuza (boss Matsumoto) and killed O-ren-ishii's father. After the murder of Boss Matsumoto,bill tracked O-ren down. She was Bill's first student and trained in her into an assassin. At the age of 20 she was responsable for the murder of the Mexican president. The second student was no one but Beatrix Kiddo. Kiddo is NOT an american,her last name is a mystery (kiddo=japanese/chinese?). She's probably an orphan,trained also by Bill. She was the first BLONDE student of BILL....he fell in "love". Vernita Green was an expert with an edge weapon=she grew up in a street gang. Probably Los Angeles,also trained by BILL. The Last member was no one but Elle. (Because she was the last divas member trained by Pai Mei...he was killed by Elle). When Bill was in love with Beatrix,Budd and Elle were a couple. After the betrayal of B. Bill charmed Elle away from Budd (because she was blond...). That's why Budd and Bill don't get allong.

-Vincent Vega returned to L.A to visit and support his lil' brother when he was locked up in jail.

-How come the DIVAS quiet? Budd didn't want to continue his assassin job after the killing of B. and the arguement with BILL. O-ren started her own yakuza crew and Vernita met a nice doctor in Pasadena. And yeah...Elle became Bill's girlfriend. (???)

where'd your facts come from?

I think i should edit te topic's name...they are not "facts"...but my theory.

I still believe that it is Bill that kills O Ren's father in the manga section. One of the frustrating aspects of Part 2 was the fact they never made this clear...perhaps if this third film is ever made it will clear it up. Marsellus is most definately in organised crime.

im not burlyman
cause the films about BK not O-ren stick out tongue

I think Marcellus is supposed to be the Devil.

Bill indeed killed O-ren's father in the anime section....and if you look it that way,Marsellus is the devil and Jules is the Angel of death who quots straight from the bible (hehehehe)...

but then again, the quote from the bible is way off of whats in the bible

that's because he actually stole the quote from another movie (The Bodyguard?) They tell you all about it in Mike White's film You're Still Not Fooling Anyone at the Anti-Tarantino Webpage (I go just for the awesome music)

go to the videos - you can check it out.

It's interesting, even though I don't get what crawled up this guy's ass and died... he's not trying to trick you personally, Mike... just like the man in the black hat isn't looking at you... or is he?

I just had a weird thought...hehe sounds crazy and a little far fetched...but in Reservoir Dogs,the only one who survived was Mr.Pink. And he had the bag full of diamants. Maybe he sold that bag to...Marsellus? Hehe

Diamonds wouldn't glow, though.

How are you so sure that it was Bill who killed O-ren's father?

Well,for start...the man has rings and a rather shiny sword (Hattori Hanzo sword). And when that man pushes his hair away,you can see a perfect reflection of his face!! And when he cleans the sword,he has handkerchief (Bill ALSO),so it has to BE BILL,cuz there's so much attention on this charachter (the music,he does most of the killing,the house on fire...who could do these things...right...BILL). And if you read my theory it makes sence. Why would Hattori Hanzo be mad? Because he joined the Yakuza...against Hanzo's permission. (Yakuza=The crew of Boss Matsumoto).'s BILL.

I dont think Bill did kill O-Rans father because it didnt look any thing like him to be honest, and Marsellus is a boxer and a gangster, you say how did they screw him over by that i asume you mean butch he screws him over because Marsellus told him to lose the boxing fight but butch didnt and kicked his ass and won all of the betting money that Marsellus was going to get for winning, and yea the theory is that he is sopose to be the devil and the plaster on his neck is covering the numbers 666 which is the combanation of the brefcase that Vincent opens on the flat, Vincent and Jeuls are sopose to be the devels handy men, as for whats in the brefcase no one knows its either gold or some sort of thing to do with the devil i belive it is somthing that belongs to him that he owns not somthing like gold or jewls.

Also the reason that vincent dies is because he dosent belive that god is giving him a second chance, so when god saves them (in the apartment, Devine Intervention) Jueiles (sp?) takes it seriusly and quits, another reason why he dosent kill pumpkin because if he did he would have bin killed.

Nice theory Alex...but Bill did indeed kill O-ren's father...we can argue about this all day,but i like the devil theorysmile

Thx smile, I see i will just belive you on the O-Ren theory as im not a massive Kill Bill fan i loved the film but i prefer his other films.

didn't oren ishii kill her fathers murderer though?

Yes and no,she killed Boss Mastumoto who gave orders to kill O-ren's parents. It was actually Bill who put his sword through O-ren's father. O-ren never saw Bill's face as she was hiding under the beth

i see, but how do we know its actually bill? the guy who stabed him was chineese though right? bill isnt

The guy isn't chinese,i'll give you a clue :"when he stabs the sword,as the camere goes up...bill pushes his hair away..NOW LOOK VERY GOOD: It's the face of David Carradine...that's a giveaway...and look ath the shinnes like a real Hattori Hanzo sword (it is!!),there's also a handkerchief bill uses to wipe awat the blood from his sword...his cowboy skills when he draws his gun..etc....It's him

It looked like it was bill until I saw his face and he look very japanese and does not look anything like th real bill. roll eyes (sarcastic)

in case noone knew, marcellous wallaces' soul was what was in the briefcase in pulp fiction, and as far as for saying that bill killed oren's parents, you must be retarted, please dont listen to this moron, they dont know tarantino as well as they present to.

^ And you must not know as much as you think you do. 1st, those things that you mentioned are just speculation. The Marcellous Wallace's soul is one speculation which I don't believe and for 1 MAJOR reason. When Jules opens the brief case for Tim Roth, Tim says, "Is that what I think it is?" Now who the f*ck would say that about seeing somebodies soul because he wouldn't know what a soul looks like. So in closing, stop stating things as if they are facts and don't bash members. It makes you look stupid, not them.

hear hear!

????? we are adults here,don't come barging in like an idiot and calling people names....I BELIEVE that's BILL,and i give my for the soul thing,i believe in it. When Tim asks: "is it what i think it is?"...Jules knows there's something important in it and answers :"Yes...." (I red this on pulp fiction trivia page).

But anyway the point is,i believe it's Bill....and it fits the profile

thank you yassin...
JackRabbitSlims please don't bash people for their opinions here we all are entitled to them with out name calling.

Jackrabbitslims where is it proven that the soul was in the briefcase. The band aid was on the back of Wallace's head because Ving Rhames had a scar on the back of his neck that they thought would stick out too much on camera.

i say lets quit arguing about this and start looking for proof ...theres probably stills of the anime part of the movie so it shouldnt be so hard(just to let you know im siding with no one....but i do like your theories yassin)

Well T. I explained it like a thousand proof is somewhere on this forum (check the Story of BILL...).

ok look Bill IS the one that killed orens father and here the last and only proof i cared for

The hanzo sword bill carries is the ONLY one of its kind the ONLY because of his student caliber...whats distinct about it(it took me until volume 2 to prove it but its in volume one) the devil mark on the sword well the scabard(sp? rite term i forget) or case dealy... bill has it hes to only one the anime bill has it only one therefore it is him it is fact as it shall be written cool

also i heard somewhere that the case contains Mr. Pinks diamonds from res dogs at it pulp fiction and from dusk til dawn were written in three parts al together

btw... mr pink does not or does not live or die, i think QT said he does die, but if you listen in the back you hear mr pink and the cops at the end after he leaves and u never distinctly hear who shoots who at the end

you say the hatroi hanzo sword bill has is in the anime part of vol 1? I am going to take a look..I never noticed that.

Eeeuhm the devil mark is NOt on the sword but on the scabbard and you never see the scabbard in the anime sequence.....???? (so...)

did anyone know that the little brother of vincent is vic or was that already mentioned. and also on the special edition box it says that hes the only one that escapes death but he does not escape justice. i also read somewhere on somesite i found on google that the buddy holly character played by steve b. in pulp was hiding from the cops. if i find the site i'll post it for u guys.

You're not completely right. Mr Pink mentiones in Reservoir Dogs that he WORKED as GARCON. So he's not hiding from the cops when he's working in JackRabbitslims..because he didn't even do the robbery yet.

"SPOILER: David Carradine confirmed that the killer of O-Ren's parents (during the animated sequence) is Bill. However, the original script states the man is Boss Matsumoto, who is later killed by O-Ren along with his two goons after being seduced by O-Ren, as depicted in the film." (third from bottom)

It's Bill when he's about 44/45, so hed look a bit different.

Darth Sauron
The police get the diamonds

I don't think Bill did kill O-Ren's father. First of all the character in the anime part was supposed to be of Asian decent. Also, if O-Ren was so determined to kill Boss Matsumoto for killing her mother, wouldn't she kill Bill too instead of joining his team. O-Ren isn't exactly someone who strikes me as forgiving.

Death Incarnate
he didnt survive you hear police sirens and gunshots.

Death Incarnate
Yeh but O-Ren didnt see what was happening because she was hiding under the bed silly!

Oh yeah. Duh. Well, that adds a whole new perspective to things!

Atomic Rico
I really think that it was a young Bill that killed O-Ren's father. I mean, what would be the purpose of all the close-ups if it wasnt? And they both carry the weird weapon combination of a pistol and katana

hahahahahah due yassin your awesome man, you gave me plenty to look through in the movie. heres what i found when i watched the movie closley. Oren CAN see the ordeal, at the beginning of that scene it shows very clearly she can see her dad and her mom in that guys grip. But also there are amazing simularities between bill and this man but i am not sure its him. first of all if she can see them wich it shows she can she would have to remember his face afterwards. also there is a red gem of some sort mid way on the handle of the sword of the guy that killed her father and i do not remember that anywhere on bills sword. so he has a sword and has a gun and has rings on his fingers. i don't think thats enough to link them especially if Oren saw his face. Though i am still open minded if you have any more reasons why its him, don't just say it because you want it to be him.

Those are some really sweet ideas... especially the whole think about "kiddo" and the whole reason why budd and bill dont get along

nice imagination

1))As far as Pulp Fiction goes, Marsellus has a bandage on the back of his neck because, if you read the Christian bible, the devil will take your soul from the back of the neck. Marsellus sends Jules and Vincent to recover his soul (the righteous helpers) from the goons in the apartment (the devils helpers). the combination on the briefcase is 666, and when the case is opened, the golden glow is the beautiful luminescence of the soul of Marsellus, hence everyone being mezmerised by the sight of it or saying "its beautiful......"(Pumpkin), because whats more beautiful than the human soul right? So when Jules says his Ezekiel 25:13 quote and clips Brad, the last goon hiding in the bathroom comes out blasting. But alas!! divine intervention occurs (although if you look carefully at the wall before the shooting starts you'll notice that the holes are already there) and Jules and Vincent are saved. Jules "sees the light" and retires, but Vincent denies it and dies at the hands of Butch later the next few days. --2)) Butch keyed Vincents car. If you remember the bar scene where Vega is eyeing up Butch calling him Palooka and Punchy, Butch is giving Mr. Vega the "im gonna whip your ass" look but doesnt when the realization comes that Vega and Wallace are good friends. So what does Butch do? After he buys his pack of Red Apples he goes outside and keys Vince's Malibu. So how does Butch know that the red Malibu is Vincents? My guess is that there are no cars parked outside the alleyway entrance to the bar and since there were only Wallace, the bartender, Jules, Vincent , and himself, Butch assumes.

Oh, and I know that in actuality the bandage on the back of Ving Rhames' neck is because of a scar he wanted to hide on camera, not for the sake of movie lore.

In recent quotes by Tarantino, and professional film critics, I will post them if I can find them online, it is said that all of the boys die in Reservoir dogs.

I don't believe that Bill killed O'ren's father, because she could see the whole event, and wouldn't work for Bill if he had been the murderer. I don't think the fact that the killer has a hatori hanzo sword is suffiecient enough, because even Budd had one.

If the Bandaid on Ving Rhames neck was there to cover a scar, why didn't they use something less conspicous like makeup, and how much can a scar detract from a movie.

okay well in the suitcase was marcellus' soul. thats a given if you pay attention. as for his occupation he is just more of a mob boss it seems like side jobs is his occupation.

Two Tarantino-related shorts.



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