Van Helsing Carry On Story #1 (Story Thread)

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Title: (Van Helsing Carry On Story #1)
Authors: BOP and Vera (only)
Rated: G to PG-13
Spoiler: Post-VH Movie

Clouds of darkness, lingering above, shadows calling to the wind, dancing and swirling across the sky of night. The breeze seems to create a soft whistling sound as it flows over a black, wooden stage coach drawn by six raven horses covered in metal armour for protection against the elements of the journey from Transylvania to Rome. They are dragging along their burden upon a path that is quickly approaching a vast plane of ground populated by the marble facilities of worship and a haven. The place that the occupants of the stage coach have come to known as The Order. An organization that combines all existing, dominating religions of the known world that secretly conform to combat and vanquish evil.

The dark forms of the passengers within' were quite, each deep into their own self reflection of their recent, and yet tragic, mission for The Order. One, was a tall, brooding figure dressed in shades of deep brown and black that matched his current aura. The jacket wrapped most of his body up in warmth from the cool breeze whipping by them, while the man kept his fedora hat low over his eyes. More in a manner to be left alone to his own doing, private thoughts than to be bothered by this companion opposite him, a friar. A man with short, sandy brown hair, who was clad in the robes of a monk but had the mischievious look of a young man in training to be a monk. His pale blue eyes nervously roamed the lush fields of grass whipping by and clashing with the borders of stone. Marble meeting nature.

Both men were clearly not interested in any verbal transcation for they were still trying to sort out their memories of the past events while trying to prevent painful images coming back to them. The hunter, Gabriel Van Helsing, was mourning over lost love and the last known link to his past to whom he estinguished, the infamous vampire lord, Count Dracula. Meanwhile, the friar, Carl, was shaken by the horror he faced of death and managing to come out of his journey unscathed, still alive. This operation had brought more sorry and pain than joy of their victory.

The clacking of horse shoes over stone could be suddenly heard above all else, overbearing memories and the creaking of the coaches' wheels upon pavement. The sound was like the thundering of the enraged skies during a storm. Soon, the horses hooves made a slight screeching sound as they came to a stop. Gabriel and Carl rocked in their seats from the momentium. The driver leapt down from his seat above them and came to open the side doors. Curtly nodding their heads in brief gratitude to the driver, they leapt off their ride and began to make their way across the vast courtyards and sets of steps that lead up to the entrance of the Roman Catholic Church (The Order).

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There stood the church, overcast with shadow and age, its wooden door old and grey, embedded in time. Gabriel reached for the silver handle of the church door, as an eerie silence caressed the subtle wind. A deep bellow poisoned the still night as Gabriel pushed open the door. Through the aged doorway he walked, his eyes lingering gently. Close behind, Carl followed, his steps light and careful. Down the lonely halls their footsteps echoed, glittering moonlight spilling through the glass windows, sparkling across the dusty floors. Carl focused his luminous eyes curiously on the approaching darkness. Gabriel and Carl entered the dull, immersed in its quiet. A light then broke the dark, as there a dimly lit room came into view. On a long wooden table, candles shone, their yellow flames devouring the darkness. Through the dull light, nine figures sat, shadows falling on their worn faces.

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The elongated furnished mahogeny table had a slight curve to it, like a partial sphere shape to it. Members of The Order were all occupying seats with high back boards covered in red velvet cushions around the outter edge of the table. Gabriel and Carl cautiously crossed over persian rugs to stand before the council of high ranking priests. The one with his back closest to the painting behind him of a werewolf caught up in an epic battle with a vampire, and in the center head of the table, raised a hand and pulled back his scarlet hood to reveal Cardinal Jinette. With that simple gesture, the two hunters bowed in all respect of their superior.

The head Cardinal curtly nodded at them in response. Then, in his normal rough voice of neither crude judgement that was somewhat gentle, asked, "Welcome back, Sir Helsing and Brother Carl. Nice to see you have returned to us safely and virtually unscathed." At that last word, Gabriel quietly scoffed to himself. Cardinal Jinette just ingored him and went on. "You two must have had a rough journey to and from here. Am I safe to assume that the threat in Transylvania, Romania is more? Can we no longer live in worry and fear of the great shadow of Count Vladislaus Dracula?"

Without a moment's hesitation, no matter how much his horrid memories were nagging at his brain, the Left Hand of God spoke in a fairly indifferent tone, "The vampire crisis in Romania has been averted, sir. Ever since we slayed the Count, no other of his kind dared to challenge us and the rest of mankind around them. Although, they weren't the only race of monsters that we incountered along our journey." Gabriel came to a stand still within' his speech, to wait and see what the head Cardinal and the rest of The Order had to say. But, Cardinal Jinette just simply raised a fine grey brow and waved a hand in the air in a motion that told him to continue. "We had to takedown a couple of werewolves, Prince Velkan of the Valerious, gypsy family, and..." He paused and nearly choked on the memories of his horrid transformation and the pain it caused his heart. "...and...myself..."


BOPRecruit 16
The friar understood all too well why Gabriel was a bit on edge like he was. He had only got a brief glimpse of the hunter in his horrific form as it melted away off of him like sand caught in the wind. Gabriel's outcry of grief turning from the sound of an animalistic howl to more of a man's cry of great loss. Such pain ripping through the friar and hunter's heart at the sight of the motionless figure of the late Anna Valerious. How tragic to know that that woman was the last of her family. A family that was now completely extinct. What worried them more was the fact if the family wasn't to have the opportunity to all ascend to heaven together? Although Carl's pain could not compare to what Gabriel was feeling now, a small lone tear flowed from his left eye, leaving a track as it went down his check to his jawline.

BOPRecruit 16
Meanwhile, Gabriel wandered the great marble halls of the expansive chruch aimlessly. He passed through hallway after hallway, taking no real heed as to where he was going. All that mattered to him right now was the death of Anna. The only woman that he ever came close to loving and held such high respect for in nearly twenty years. "This time, it is all my fault...," said the hunter to himself. "I was the one who killed her...and couldn't do anything to stop it...Just like last time!" Gabriel could feel his hands balling up into fists again, trying to tame these emotions. "Both of the women that I've loved died for save me...But...I have more reason to ask for death than they do! They were so young!"

Although Gabriel still couldn't remember much of his previous lover, Illyria, that didn't stop his heart from grieving over lost love with her. In a way, killing Dracula seemed to him that he had avenged her tragic death in some way. The hunter wasn't quite sure what connection she had with Dracula, but he was certain that she had been a vampire. Once in a great while, as he tried to fall asleep, he would see her face. Fair pale skin with long raven hair and a hint of twilight blue streaking down to frame her face. Looking upon her was utterly breathtaking and Gabriel found himself remembering that he could've done that for hours.

Amidst all of his angst, Gabriel soon found himself walking along an outdoor hallway lined with intricutely carved collumns that reflected light from the moon over the courtyard. Dark stormy orbs gazed skyward to the sphere in space with much distain. Never will he look upon the moon the same way again. No longer in great wonder, but more of a source of painful memories to tear away at his being. A constant reminder of that night. That one single night where the Left Hand of God truly became a monster...a werewolf.

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