Fleur casted!

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Miss Unknown
Newsround is reporting that Fleur has been cast, and she'll be played by 21 year old French actress Clemence Poesy. According to her agent, Clemence is currently in England rehearsing. This will be only the second time that she has acted in English.

I think with make-up she'd be great! Although she looks a bit too old though...I mean 21... erm

She's already been picked???? Where can I see here picture???

Oh wow, she was the one who played Mary Queen of Scots wasn't she?

This was the only pic I could find of her because I can't put the accents on her name. I got it from:


Miss Unknown
Here's some pictures...they're not very good...but with some make-up I guess she'd be ok: http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/pictures/galleries/newsid_3806000/3806301.stm

Ah yes, those are much better because she's got lighter hair in them, those are from the 'Gunpowder, Treason and Plot movie'.

I agree that she'll be ok, all they have to do is tint or colour her hair abit, use make up, the right clothes (if not uniform) and she'll be fine.

Miss Unknown
Yep, I agree...although I've always pictured Fleur to look much younger...like how Christina used to look ages ago:

Yes I think many of us did, I remember a thread a while back where some of us thought Paris Hilton had the kind of look Fleur would too which is similar to old Christina - platinum hair, blue eyes, thin (as in quite skinny and not curvy) and lots of make up - basically a striking pale look whereas this lady they've chosen has a more natural light look. I guess that was what JK was going for or doesn't she have a say in the casting? confused

As for age, I think that Clemence looks younger then Christina did or Paris because they tried to look older then their age and wouldn't pass for teens whereas from the pics I've seen so far of Clemence she may be 21 but she can pass for the right age I think.

Don't mean to be a party crasher, but please!:

Who should play...?

The Upcoming Goblet Of Fire Movie

Alot of threads like this.. smile

lol we know you mean well tass stick out tongue. well fleur was supposed to be 17 and had "long flowing silvery hair..." i agree about paris hilton i just think this girl doesnt look the part : /

I guess she doesn't look too bad...but I do agree about her hair. Maybe they'll do something about that...

im not burlyman
Emma Watson should play her

but emma watson is too young 4 1 and she is already playin hermione *crouches*

She doesn't really look like how I imagined Fleur...but probably with make-up and all that they'll make her look great! smile

i like very mch thin new french girl

I am looking forward to seeing Fleur Delacour in the upcoming movie. I know this might be very strange, but I kind-of imagine her being shorter....

i think Clemence could be alright, but I expected somebody more...drop-dead gorgeous. After all, Fleur is PART-VEELA, right?

yeah, make-up can do wonders...smile

Was it her grandma or her mother that was Veela? I thought it was her grandma.

^^ I think Grandmother too

Daisy Duke

I looked at some pictures of Clemence Poesy, and no offense to her, I don't think that she's the gorgeous Fleur Delacour that they are even looking for. Then again, the pictures that I looked at where of her being Mary, Queen of Scots, but isn't she supposed to be beautiful and red-haired? Well anyway... maybe once they get her bright blue contacts to change her eye color and make-up, I'll think otherwised.

^^ Yeah, I saw other pics of her and I also think she isn't what I want for Fleur (then again, more than half the people cast are no where near what I wanted). I mean, she's pretty and all...just not "Fleur" pretty...

or not yet....evil face They'll probably transform her into Fleur....

I...can't really say until i've seen her preformance.But she has the look...kind of

still, whoever is the Veela, Fleur is supposed to have some Veela-blood in her, making others (Ron included) put 'under her spell,' so to speak...

oh well, wait for her performance, then...and see how make-up (and a bit of Hogwarts Magic) can turn her into something really gorgeous...smile

yep yepz...it's 100% sure her grandmother that's was a veela

i think clemence is a great actor plus she is hot

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