Nominations for Junes movie of the month

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Once a movie has been nominated by two-three people it will be put in a thread "please vote for June movie of the month" which will be made soon.

You can not nominate a movie that is not out yet, it can be from any year just it has to have been already released.

I nominate Harry Potter 3 smile.


lil bitchiness
Didnt we already do this blink

''Fight Club'' is my nomination

Oh, good choice. I just saw that yesterday for the first time. I'll second that nomination.

do they have to be at the theather or just dvd..or both..and is this for july?(seeing that june's half over)

Stormy Day
The Sixth Sense

I'll 2nd Fight Club.

I nominate Hamlet for the sole purpose of pissing everyone off.

I'm going with Snatch big grin

Dario Argento
The Elephant Man

Stormy Day
big grin

June flick should be Spiderman 2

Given we have the same brand of humor, my initial vote was going to be for "Spiceworld", but, then again, there may be some kind of cooky, underground Spice Girl fetishers here, so I stuck with "Highlander".

Stormy Day
I second spiceworld big grin

i would have to say that i second harry potter 3

I not sure about the rules so i would say like this

on DVD I suggest Under the Tuscan Sun ( a personal favorite of mine )

On theathers i suggest Chronicles of Riddick.


I nominate Apocalypse Now.

"What did they tell you?"
- "They told me that you had gone totally insane. And that your methods... were unsound."
"Are my methods unsound?"
- "I don't see... any method... at all, sir."
"Are you an assassin?"
- "I'm a soldier."
"You're neither. You're an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks to collect the bill."

"The horror... The horror..."

Crash Overload
I nomiant the Five hour long Verison of Hamlet that has every single line ,(its just great) AND
The Professional

That means only one person said Spiceworld since CA said he thought about saying Spiceworld but his vote went to "Highlander".

Stormy Day
It was a joke smile

I nominated The Sixth Sense WHO ELSE IS WITH ME?

They can be on DVD Video or currently at the movies but they have to be already viewable.

e.g: Spider-Man 2 cannot be a nomination because it is not out yet.

So far I have:

Harry Potter 3.

Also its for June BKK, I will make threads for nominations halfway through the month, but if you have a better idea then please PM me about it. smile

I third Fight Club.

I nominate Harry Potter 3! big grin cool

The spiders...they want me to tapdance laughing

i nominate: usual suspects

I second this smile

Stormy Day
somebody for sitxth sense?

I nominate Skins embarrasment

Primitive Screwhead #1
WHAT? No one has seconded this as of yet? Is there no justice?!?!?

Seconding as of now. I also exercise my remaining nomination for Amazon Women on the Moon. Seriously.

AWOTM, good one. I'll return the favor and second yours. eek!

Crash Overload
I Nominate The Profesional, Andbody Else For the Profesional?

Crash Overload
I did...

Well the five hour 2 Casette one that has every single line.. HAmlet is the greatest

how many nominees do we need before the movie is picked...if you only need like 4 then i'm goin with hamlet but if you need like 5 or 6 than i say fight club

Primitive Screwhead #1
I'm just pleased as punch that someone else has actually seen Amazon Women on the Moon. Video Pirates... "ooooh, I'm sooooo scared!"

lol! I haven't seen that movie in ages! I love it!

video pirates

Pirate 1: Help yourself, mates. A chest full of video discs.
Pirate 2: No!
Pirate 3: What good are they?
Pirate 4: Can't record on 'em.
Pirate 2: They're not compatible with my system.

So far:

Harry Potter 3.
Fight Club.
Usual Suspects.
Amazon Woman on the Moon.

Keep'em coming guys!

Crash Overload
The Professional :-p Come On.... there where lots of people who seconded it in the other thread..

Hmm...I'd like to nominate The Last that okay?

I'd like to nominate THe Neogiator with Kevin Spaceh

I'll second The Last Samurai.

Crash Overload
I am Also throwing in "Hunt For The Red October" and "Donnie Darko"

I think you can only nominate 1, right?

no screw that film i like it but ...........south park the movie must be nominated

teenage mutant ninja turtles

are we gonna get this party started or what?

Crash Overload
I JUST finished watching it.

Theres a poll. Vote.

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