Please list your "Gateway" Horror movie here

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I was just reading another thread and Backfire mentioned some young horror fans using the movie Scream as there gateway movie into the horror genre. I thought it would be cool to hear what movie squeezed the chittttt out of your interest and dragged you into horror. Do not neccisarily site a movie that scared you as a kid, but one that really made you a fan of horror and started your collection

Night of the living Dead (1990) color remake

I was 13 when this movie came out. I thought the zombies all looked really cool. The characters were strong and really developed individual personalities. The movie had this hopeless feel with an infinate zombie horde just beating down the house.


And so it began...

I would have to say Hellraiser. I was eleven, saw it at the theater.

Dario Argento
The Shining. I was 10 years when I saw it the first time.

Jaws! I was only 4 or 5 years old when I first saw it, and I loved it, I remember asking my dad too go and rent a few movies were I could see blood and death, he acturly did it, remember he brought back The Fog,Critters,Jaws2, hehe and The Birds and Psycho, and that was a time when there would acturly be a good horror movie on the tv everyonce in a while now they just show shit, Dario you remember TV3 in the early 90'ins don't you? it was a good channel back then

for me it was a film called Slugs, (based on the book by Shaun Hutson of the same name) i remember watchin it as akid and thought it was ace! but i cant find it anywhere... no

for me would be IT

Evil Dead
beats me.....I've been watching them since I was extremely young. It would probably have to be Jaws, the Omen, Amityville Horror or Alice, Sweet Alice.

childs play and physco

I've loved horror movies my whole life...but I guess the one that really got me into them was TCM. Also The Shining played a big part.

This may sound a little lame but i started wen i was about 10 And i rented"I Know What Yu Did Last Summer" and was into teen tthrillers like "Urban Legend" then i began lookin' for the scariest movies of all time on the Net and upon the List where movies like Nightmare On Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw MAssacre, Friday The 13th, Carrie, The Shining etc.

So i decided to check out a few.

I completely adored these movies and quickly turned form crappy ten horor to the classics.

KMC has played a big part in my interest of horror movies.

Thx Guys!!

I completely adored these

It was probably Aliens or Friday the 13th that got me into horror movies. I saw them both when I was about 5.

lol i remember seeing that film on the sci fi scared me

the movie that really got me onto horror films was nightmare on elm street 3

2000 Maniacs at the Drive-In. All that red paint!!! I was three years old. I couldn't sleep for weeks : ) You peeps are a bunch of younguns.

There was alot of films, so I'm not sure. wink

Nightmare 1

Nightmare on Elm street 2

and Scream kind of got me interested again, with all the mythology and rules and history, and reminded me that I love horror films, also because there had been no good horror films for so long until Scream came along and breathed new life and new respect into the genre

prolly TCM (the 70's version). i used to think "what a load of horse shit" when looking at Jason and Freddy movies that had like 8 sequals, but now i love them...except freddy, i dont like any after #2

I've been watching horror movies since I was a kid but never got into them until I saw the first ANOES.

If I "HAD" to pick I would probably also say A Nightmare On Elm Street.

same here


i was 10 when we got a vcr in 1980
id say the first real horror movie that started it for me would be don coscarellis phantasm from then on i got to see everything,cannibal holocaust,blood feast,the burning,last house ,i spit etc the reson for this is back in the early 80s in the uk movies on video didnt have to have ratings so everything was there to be watched,now i own nearly 6200 uncut horror and rare movies,lol smile

If this one doesn't scare you, you're already dead!

6200? no expression

Is that possible? confused


blink If that's true... I applaud you.

Congrats BREN!!

And thanks for the help before.

I remember when I was about six and I first saw jaws. That got me hooked

Saw Nightmare on Elm Street at a sleep over, got me interested in the horror genre which eventually got me into all kinds of films as a whole. I use to just watch horror films when I was younger, but now I am film obsessed in all aspects.

I would say Aliens.

And if you do own 6200... can you post a pic, just to satisfy my curiousity?

I didnt even think there were 6200 horror flicks in the world

The old version of the texas chainsaw massacer. I can watch some horror movies only once and get bored of it after but I can watch the texas chainsaw massacer over and over without getting bore. And watch how reaslistic it is compared to peice of shit movies like the remakes

i'm sure there would be easily 6200 horror movies made, i'm sure there are a shitload of movies from other countrys we've never eve heard of

There are probably 30,000 horror movies out there.

But could anyone own 6200?
You'd have to spend all of your money on them for about 30 years.

Yeah but come on if he can afford to own all of um hes a friggin billionare

Evil Dead
not really........

If you're a movie buff you collect a lot of movies over the 10 years I've collected over 1,500 vhs/dvd...........this guy's been doing it for 20 years...........

(and no...I don't have many vhs anymore.....gave them away/sold them all....I've got around 500 dvds and maybe 100 vhs left, that's all)

People there are hundreds of thousands of horror films out there, the fact that you question 6200 shows how little yuo know about the genre, , mwahhh ahah hah hah, I am the horror goat snob!

I m going to start a thread with all of the horror films that i know of, and then you guys can add others and we will compile a complete list of every horror film that has ever been made, whadyathink huh huh huh?,

Sounds Coolsmile

Plus BREN told me he picked up titles such as: "Alice, Sweet Alice from a sale at a video store for Under $1 so if he spoots a buncgh of good bargains he'll end up spending little money at all.

HEYA GUYS im flattered ive been the subject of conversation so here goes ill try not spare any info on my collecting habits smile
i originally started collecting in 1983,im from the uk originally,in 1983 the bbfc decided that movies on video should have ratings,and decided that 81 of the movies allready released should be banned outright!
the titles were movies like cannibal holocaust,ferox,cannibal apocalypse,snuff,i spit on your grave,last house on the left even movies like the burning and the evil dead(slightly cut version anyway!!) were prosecuted
distributors were told to cease selling and rental stores were told to pull them from their stores and basically destroy them,any store caught renting this obscene(laff my arse off) would be fined and the store owner faced jail
so my parents being pretty liberal minded had allready rented most of these movies(i mean we rented 2-5 movies every nighty) my dad was pretty well off at the time
so my parents were friends with 2 ppl wh owned rental stores ,so i asked my dad to ask em what they were gonna do with the 81 banned titles (remember these were on both vhs & beta) so they told my dad they were removing em from the stores so iasked if it was possible to buy em from them at 5 pounds per week (my pocket money/allowence)
so they agreed it took me a total of 2 years to buy them by this time i was 15 yrs old and ready to leave school (we finish school at 16 in the uk smile)
so i startted work as a trainee satellite engineer and quickly became an engineer i was making in excess of 800 pounds a week so most of my money went on buying old precert (pre rated uk video tapes,pre 1983) as most were uncut
i amassed a lot in a short period i was picking rare movies like expose (house on straw hill,allso banned ) for 1 pound
after exhausting most of the banned and rare tapes from the uk i moved further a field to places like the usa,japan,hollan etc ive visted many many countrys,e.g i went on a trip to amsterdam and spent 2000 pounds on tapes i was there exactly 8 hrs,lol
i found an old rental store in the heart of amsterdam and said ok i got this much money i wanna buy movies ,most stores say there not for sale but in my 20+ years of collecting,every1 will sell if u offer enough money,the most expensive movie i ever bought wasnt a tape it was a japanese laser disc of dawn of the dead,limited to only 3000 and had both the romero directors cut and argentos european cut it cost me 380 pounds i later sold it for close to 500 when i stopped collecting laser discs smile
i own just about any and every rare and obscure horror movie u can care to mention (now dont get me wrong i have been collecting since 1983,i didnt do this overnight) at my parents house in the uk sits 6112 rare,banned,imported all totally uncut tapes ,not only do i not own only 1 copy of some movies but for instance i own 7 different deep reds(profondo rosso),2xuk(precert),greek( thorn emi and the later hbo)the dutch tape and the japanese releases the distributors escape me,oh shit yeah i own 2 out of print australian releases aswell on the 7keys label(since i now live in australia)
the rarest tape in the uk,banned since 1983 which i own 3 of 2 on vhs and 1 on beta is the beast in (the) heat ,jvi video rochdale,lancashire,the vhs can fetch up to 500 pounds,each!!
so guys if u are in any doubts as to if im a bullshitter or not just ask me something,i know ppl will dobt my sincerity,as theres a lot of bullshitters around,but in my case i aint 1 of em,u only have my word i know but im proud of my collection so feel free to ask me any questions smile
oh btw theres 1 movie ive never been able to get my dirty paws on GIALLO A VENIZIA was released by star video(italy),only official release ive ever heard of smile,ps all my movies are 100 % originall i even know what type of tapes were used in the manufacture of most of the rare or banned uk stuff,e.g thorn/emi used national tapes,vipco(u brits will know who they are,im talkin there precert stuff not new)used rca tapes smile any way guys thats all i have to say hope u found my story at least a little interesting smile all the best BREN

I had a few Vipco precerts... Bloody Moon and some others, I sold them on Ebay recently and made about 100 quid out of them.

the originall uncut release of bloody moon is interlight video m8 later released by intervison,the vipco bloody moon is certified smile,therefore cut! smile

It didnt have any certificate symbol on it, and the circular saw and scissor deaths were there, I presumed it was uncut.

it should be a a black cover with saw yeah,on the back shows woman with the shears,sounds like he interlight 1,sticker on spine of tape should be blue?with a warning sticker on tape centre smile
but vipco never released it pre cert m8 it was interlight video,then intervision bought interlights titles off em and rerelaesed em still uncut
vipco rereleased it and it should be rated and its cut they still have the rights for it nowsmile

what others did u have gimme titles ill tell ya distributors ,lol
oh yeah btw if u guys wanna talk online find me on mirc
on efnet server channel #movietrivia
thats my movie trivia channel smile,so if u wanna talk horror movies or any movies feel free to come and chat smile

It was red, and said Vipco, inside the box it had loads of pictures from Vipco films, my bad... I probably shouldnt have sold that as uncut.

I had City of the Living Dead, I believe the Fulci version, Savage Intruder and this version of Driller Killer.

HEYA M8 from the jpeg its the precert original ,ur savage intruder should be on vipco allso and city of the living dead is interlight video,maybe the rereleased intervision 1?

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