The Ideal Body!

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In Your Opinion what is the "ideal body type"? In Hollywood, it seems to be super-thin. Make sure to describe both men and women...

for me-
man- very muscular, tallish...i.e vin diesel

woman- not super thin but not heavy, big booty, decent size chest, flat tummy, thick muscular legs. i.e JLO with a bigger chest

*When u for what u look for in the opposite sex*

Well with me i want to be big as possible muscular wise and not have ne body fat on me so super huge.


i like chubby guys i marked the wrong one but i like them chubby and short im odd

what about for a women?

oh um
i dont care really

fit i guess

Fallen Jedi
um, there's no such thing as the perfect body. sorry, but just trying to be realistic here.

I want my women 110 pounds 5 foot 5 with a c cup or more and a great ass with long burneet hair and muscular arms and body not just thin and flabby big grin

yea i've always been an average girl guy myself i prefer a pretty face to a hot body though they help

acctully they dont have to beshort

but i like them dark and gothic thats alwys such a turn on

sweetie, i know just asking what u like... what u prefer

guys with long hair are always hot

laughing out loud

hehe i made him laugh embarrasment love

Lord Soth
I like girls lean (meaning thin but with muscles)

im lean then

finaly i have a name for this body PARTY

eek! No one voted very thin!

shifty My ideal guy must be short and tappered.
Toned and thin/not too. I love Keanu Reeves bod!
I also love Orlando Bloom's bod. My fav is Russell Crowe!!

White Lady
i kinda like my body.......and i have no special taste in men as long as i find them cute and they make me feel sexy and make me laugh.

I voted 'other' because I don't think I can cetegorise what I would prefer like this as I would choose whether I like a person or not on other traits as well, not just physical appearance

Something like 34D-24-36 evil face blink

roll eyes (sarcastic)

i put barbie/ken...but i prefer my women with nipples and genitals. yes

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