Lightsaber Colors

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Just for you all what is your favorite lightsaber color?

mine is red,purple and blue.

Orange and Purple

Blue; I am very traditional...

When choosing a favourite surely it should be just one, otherwise it's favourites.

And my favourite Colour would be the trad blue too.

I like the red ones, would love a black one though

blue ... I guess...

Black would be a greate color but white is alright to. like a black beam with a outer white glow.

A mix of red and orange so it looks like fire smile


Fire would be a nice color but i never seen a turquoise color

I wonder how would it look if the doubel blade lightsaber has two differnt colors? Such as one side red and the other side orange. cool

I like blue.

Darth Revan
A black lightsaber would be physically impossible--they are called "lightsabers", after all, and black is the absence of light.

Anyways... I like green, purple, and red out of the ones they have in the movies, but if I could customize my own I'd have an orange one.

I like the ones already featured in the films but I would LOVE to see a white one!!

There is a white one on Episode 4 when obi wan was teaching luke to us the force.

Yea and a black lightsaber is virtually impossible but not in the Starwars universe its not .Now come on you should know that. big grin

Has to be green

How about a mix of green and yellow?

how about a multicolour rainbow lightsaber or a one that flashes between colours depending on the mood of the jedi holding it.

How about a double blade lightsaber that is white but when you swing it around it leaves a coloful path like smoke or a flare.
(it would be very dangerous to use would it?)

If jedi can use the force to levitate objects, then why don't they use about 20 lightsabers at the same time and use the force to control them and keep them in the air?

Hmm i never thought of that.

Felix L
Pink lightsaber. Only to be used by Jar Jar, for obvious reasons...

like what reasons? confused

Darth Revan
Actually, that was blue... It just looks white cos that's the best they could do in terms of special effects...

And eleveninches--->the reason Jedi don't use a ton of lightsabers at the same time using the force is because it would be damn near impossible. It would take a very powerful Jedi master to even be able to control that many at once, let alone fight effectively like that.

Felix L
because he is gay

Was it Blue? I never really notice thanks for the info Revan i'll look in to it. reading

Darth Revan
No problem

And Felix--Jar Jar can't be gay because he's CGI stick out tongue

What about a lightsaber that changes colour according to the mood of the jedi using it (red for angry, blue for passive, green for neutral, etc...)

blue and red, mainly red...
dark side

yeah, that would be pretty cool

How about a rainbow lightsaber it would change color randomly?

Yeah, a mood lightsaber! They can sell them at convenience stores!

Do lightsabers have an on/off switch. i thought they were suppossed to, but then i realised that in the films, whenever somebody loses their lightsaber, it switches off as soon as it leaves their hand.
It cant be a jedi only thing, as han solo uses one, and luke uses one before he learns his force powers.

Lightsabers have a button to keep it on. Hold the button down if you release it or drop it in some way in 5 seconds it will automatically shut off

Green. I remember the first time I saw ROTJ in the theatre, and Luke ignited it. It was awesome. It was the first time a "new" color was introduced....other than the blue and red of couse

Barf Heaven
I think lightsabers have 2 settings... A "lock-on" setting and a setting where the crystal senses the jedi or the jedi uses the force to hold it down or somethin...

i like the blue, green and purple. the light side colors

i got a purple one (it had a pic of windu on the box weilding a purple lightsaber with a similar handle to the one inside the box, but the handle design is different to the one in episode 2

How about a clear lightsaber for more stealth fighting or a camophague lightsaber would be just as awesome.

you mean an invisible one that would awesome.

No point in having a Lightsabre then is there smile just use a flickknife.

Also maybe lightsabres have a 'deadman switch' or something similar, say when pressure comes off the hilt they turn off, so if you lost it in practice or a battle you wouldent cut through a pillar and bring the roof down or anything.

Also White would be the colour id have.

I like blue and red.

You could make a white lightsaber if you used a diamond for the jewel. The color of a lightsaber is determined by what color jewel you use inside the handle.

... in the EU. In canon the only idea we have is that they are used as batteries.

i would like a backlight kinda color. you know, kind of a purplish black glow. that would awesome

pink happy nooo wait purply grey that would kick ass


Master Revan
how about Crystal blue?

My faves r White, Blue, Purple, n Red but if i was to pick 1 out of those 4 i wud pick Red coz its me fave colour

Mace Skywalker
Red and Purple

based on the fact that the crystal determines the color, I would use a red, green, blue, and purple, giving me a white blade. A white blade would rock, it totally screams that the darkside has no chance and I would definately defeat any Sith there was.

grey fox
uhh youre wrong althought he isn't a jedi and a robot general grevious can fight effectivly with three ligthsabers at a time and kicked six jedi's asses easily

blue and green for me

Mace Skywalker
I meant purple or red, but never a sith, so Ill go red.

chilled monkey
In the novels, it seems that lightsabres can be any colour, but in the films it seems that the only colours are blue and green for Jedi (with the exception of Mace Windu's purple one) and red for Sith.

So if we go by the novels, I'd say turquoise. If its movie colours only, then green.

Master Revan
no any color from any ware novels,movies and games

I love the clear ones...............

id go with green.




I like the Blue and Green colored Lightsaber , Yoda has a Green Lightsaber to Kickbutt with in ep2 and maybe ep3 too .


Silver would be cool but proberily be impossible so the handle could be silver and the saber beam could be eer a Teal color or a golden one but that proberily would just be a yellow confused

red white and blue

Stealth Agent
Purple is my all time favorite lightsaber color. When I first saw mace Windu wield I thought it was the $hit. Green is my second favorite color.

Revan X
How about Dark Purple?

Red Superfly
Blue - original and best.

I wish ALL the Jedi had blue sabers, it would have made Lukes green saber more of a "next gen Jedi kinda thing" which is what it seemd like when ROTJ first came out.

But the Episode 1 came out and it was half green half blue for the Jedi. I always imagined the old school Jedi to have blue sabers, because they were good, and the baddies had red. I liked that simplicity.

When Luke was the only one with a green saber it made him look like "one of a kind" which is what I prefer.

Not blue, green and *vomit* purple. Oh well, that's another stupid little insignificant detail that I hate about the prequels. I have much more fun imagining the PT from what the OT told us, than actually watching the PT.

They may be small and insignificant things, but to me they are like paper cuts. All my complaints about the PT are small insignificant paper cuts, but seeing as I have loads of them, it's like japanese torture.

chilled monkey
No offence, but I disagree. I was hoping that the prequels would introduce lots of new colours. Different colours would help show each characters individuality more. Plus, some characters look better with one blade colour than another.

I really dislike the whole blue=good and red=evil colour coding. Does Lucas think that if a Dark Sider has a blue blade then no-one will know he's evil? We're not stupid, we can tell if he's good or evil.

Again, no offence.

Red Superfly
None taken, its a preference sort of thing.

I just preferred the simplicity. I thought the scene with the Jedi in the colusseum on Geonosis would have been way cooler if every single one of them sparked up a blue blade.

Also, the blue colour looks pure. The red looks fiery and evil. Green doesn't look good or evil, which is why I thought it would have been better if only luke managed to make a green saber.

I also agree with you actually. If we weren't going to see all blue for the Jedi, we should have had more than just blue and green. We should have seen (more) purples, and even yellows.

I would have been really happy if all the Jedi had a wide spectrum of sabers, which would have, like you said, made them look more individual,


I would have been over the moon if all the Jedi had blue lightsabers, which would in a way, reflect their "uniform" character. It would just tie in with the whole "Jedi holding him down" thing with Anakin. The fact that all Jedi were very formulaic to their appraoch would be seen in the all-one-colour lightsabers. A New Hope made it very clear that both Anakin and Obi-Wan both had blue lightsabers. Ever since watching that film I have always pictured "the Jedi" to be a mass of warriors all with similar colours.

chilled monkey
You make some good points, especially about Anakin. To be totally honest, I agree that visually the red blades are better suited to the Dark Siders (they do have that fiery, 'demonic' look). I just think it would be good to have some variety now and then.

Then again, in the Clone Wars cartoon, General Grievous uses blue and green lightsabres. Guess I got my wish.

A funny thing about the Colusseum battle; the reason Samuel L. Jackson wanted a purple lightsabre was so that he could find himself on-screen more easily.

Bobo W
Purple, like Mace`s lightsaber

Revan X
i just bought his replica the force Fx its just like the movie.

Stealth Agent
I like the way the colors are now no more colors and no less its all good for me. Also when the double side Darth Maul lightsaber was introduced I shit myself i thought it was so cool

Revan X
it could of been better if his hilt was a different designed.

a white one would be absolutely amazing.

Everyone forgets the coolest color.. ORANGE!!! and someone wrote before that they wanted 2 colors on the double hilted sword.. But that really works in Jedi Academy.. You will have to cheat every time to get it but still, it works. helpusobi 1 : cheats enabled. setcolor 1 red setcolor 2 orange, Or however you want the colors... And i got the orange color from the games i haven't seen it in movies or books. But maybe i have but not seen it.

Red Superfly
Man, a double bladed with two colours looks rubbish.

It just looks like someones glued two different sabers together.

In video games I always have my characters have a SPECIFIC one colour.

If someone is wielding two blades, then they MUST be of the same colour - otherwise it just looks like they've picked up someone elses saber, rather than it looking like its truly their own.

It's a visual psychology thing. I also hate characters who have the wrong colour palette. Like a guy dressed all in yellow goes and picks up a green and a blue saber - so many people do this and it looks absolutely hideous.

In games like Jedi Knight, I always use a blue saber, single. It's still the most bad-ass.

Purple lightsabre as it has the rare violet crystal inside it =) only very trained Jedi Guardiens of the force can weild them

I've always wanted white. It's not my favorite color, but nothing screams jedi like a white blade battling evil.

Jenna Carter

purple rocks and so does gold

loved the fact that when searching for lightsaber the first thing that comes up is this

Revan X
What game is that?

That's Grand Theft Auto 3

As for my lightsaber color :i would go for traditional blue or silver (the one i had in kotor II stick out tongue)

a duall saber with one blue and one purple side would be coolrobot


I would want two lightsabers with different hilts to distinguish them. I would want one blue lightsaber and one red lightsaber.

Originally posted by LordRevan
Just for you all what is your favorite lightsaber color?

mine is red,purple and blue. i thoguht they are only red and green huh

ObiWan Kenobi
Me being a Jedi Guardian, I'd have to go with Blue

My fav color is....$$Texas$$!!!

Revan X
Originally posted by TheElectricFox
My fav color is....$$Texas$$!!!

What do mean?

Revan X
Originally posted by Clovie
i thoguht they are only red and green huh

Your kidding right?

2 white lightsabers wud be my choice

Ogami Itto
Blues the boy 4 me!

Darth Mantis
Cyan or Bronze.

Hm. I'd go with either blue, violet, or silver. Blue to match my eyes, violet just because it's eye catching, and silver to match the beard when I get old.

Red Superfly
I always go with cyan, rather than blue. Single cyan saber like the original Skywalker saber (brighter blue). Looks more pure than Anakins equivalent.

Green with black attire like Luke Skywalker in ROTJ is also my second fave, so bad ass.

It does look nice. I liked Luke's ROTJ gear and saber.

I'd use a blue saber with Jedi robes a la Obi Wan.

Violet would go with black Sith robes.

And silver would go with about anything I could want, though I'd probably use it with Jedi robes of a green or grey nature.

1 white, 1 light turquoise

Revan X
on kotorII i used two sabers one blue and the other cyan or one green and the other veridian.

i remember seeing yellow lightsabers in the theatrical version of episode 2. didnt the green jedi with the dread locks have 2 lightsabers in the theaters.


I would want a 1/2 black and 1/2 red that would be cool lol invisible would be cool revan

What about a double sided lightsaber with Purple on one side and Orange on the other and could a Light Jedi have a red LightSaber?

hey GregminiMalak how did you get that smilee ??

big grin

Revan X
since they have silver why not gold?

Darth Mantis

Revan X
i haven't seen the bronze color yet where can you find it?

stop ignoring me!

Darth Syko
There is a black lightsaber. It's called the 'darksaber'!!!

well theres only really green, blue, purple, and red....

but green is definitly my fav..

I heard about a Jedi once who had a crimson one. Like, not red, crimson. Sounds cool.

A black one would be totally awesome!

I like red.

Originally posted by Ushgarak
Blue; I am very traditional... You read my mind, Ush stick out tongue

A flurescent greenish yellow purple

im in to the traditional blue! mainly because i love obi-wan's lightsaber. i agree that a black saber would be awesome though. stick out tongue

I would take green or if possible copper.

Originally posted by DarthRunixia
I heard about a Jedi once who had a crimson one. Like, not red, crimson. Sounds cool.

A black one would be totally awesome!

I like red.

Yeah i can't remember her name but it was a she,and she was a playable character in Jedi Powerbattles

Darth Syko
on i read about a yellow saber that can cut through others

Darth Dementus

Green, definately. Red is my second favorite.

confused Don't forget, most jedi knights build their own lightsabers, and that the colour of the light saber is the same as thir master to show respect.

STUFF THAT! I go for a cool Orange Lightsaber!

I know this is stupid. but this seams to be a popular topic. how do i add pictures on the side of ur reply?


greens my favorite definitely green rules! evil face

I found how now!

and my fave lightsaber is the purple one used by Mace Windu.

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yall are all retards

blue=padwan jedi
green=master jedi
other colors are just what kind of crystal the jedi uses to make the lightsaber

easy on the namecalling especially since you have it all wrong

there is only ONE other color: purple, by Mace

the talk about padawans having blue and masters green is pathetic, just look at EpIII and see that OB1 has a blue sabre

Wow, I just saw this when I was doing a search and had to comment. Okay, the color of a lightsaber IS determined by the crystal. Also, the lightsaber can be virtually any color. The most commonly used colors are blue and green, because those are the colors of the crystals from Ilum, the planet where the Jedi get nearly all of their crystals from.

A misconception I saw throughout this thread was that certain people use certain color lightsabers. Anyone can use any color. The reason why most Sith use red is because the planet they get their crystals from spawns red crystals. But in EU we see plenty of Sith who use other colors, such as Exar Kun using his double-bladed blue, and some Jedi who use red.

In KOTOR, the color of the crystal you would use depended on the class of Jedi you would become: blue was for guardian, green was for consular, and yellow was for sentinal (KOTOR-only class). These classes are from the Roleplaying Game. Guardian are more focused on the use of lightsabers, whereas consulars are more focused on using the force.

But that is from the video game, and may have no bearing in other versions of the Star Wars universe. But it is a fact that the color does not determine the ranking. Obi-Wan Kenobi uses a blue light saber throughout the movies and in both episodes III and IV he is a Jedi Master. Another thing, JDub2, is that you left out the Jedi Knight, which is what most Jedi are, and is what Obi-Wan is in episode II and Anikin in episode III.

One last thing, here is a list of colors I have compiled:

Those are the only eleven I can remember right now, but there may be more.

Revan X
Actually its by type of Jedi
Blue Guardian
Green Counselor
Yellow Sentinel
Purple Weaponed Master
Orange Moderator

and the rest of existing colors I'm no sure of.

white and blue.

I would have to go with purple, thats just pimpin.

Have any of you made a custom lightsaber?

I'm making a couple of red lightsabers.

mine has got to be bronze. seriously the fire one would be sweet.

u wud have to be strong with the force stronger than yoda or darth vader (anie) to do that but it wud be sweeeeeet you could kick but

i think a lightsaber that is like fire looking but changes from blue fire to red fire to green fire depending on force balance and what is happening.

enemies near/ good people being killed=red flame
force peacefully balanced/no danger or war=green
person holding the lightsaber doing good/slaying sith=blue

also if you foucoused on your lightsaber it would tell you the odds of winning a battle or which side had the advantaage

odds of winning / whos advantage=

red= sith side has odds/advantage

blue= jedi side has odds/ advantage

is anybody on this thread

xyz jedi
My favourite colour in the films is green, then purple, then red and I hate blue.
My custom would be double white because it kickes so much ass!
Yellow would be cool.
And orange, copper, gold, anything like that is shit!


Yellow=level 1
Blue=level 2
Green=level 3
Purple=level 4
White=level 5

Yoda I think should of had white becuase he's the strongest and would look soooooooo cool in star wars 3 against Darth Sidious aka Palpidou

xyz jedi
hello bruthaindahood

xyz jedi
has evoryone logged off?

i wanna black one and it shall be awsome *shakes hands thinking of the power*

xyz jedi
how come?

xyz jedi
If you could choose, whowould have what lightsaber and why

green dude
green,blue or yellow mostly green though big grin

green dude
cuz it they are cool colors why eles stick out tongue and i think it night at their time same over here bye

green dude
sorry to say but yeah every one except few have logged off well bye sleep

liam k
mine would have to be green

xyz jedi
same here

xyz jedi
rolling on floor laughing double white would be the best on a black backround, then green, then yellow, then red and then blue.