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get bent
how many pms have you gotten at one time? i have 103 right now
"pm inbox (103)" stick out tongue

i delete some every 50 or so

Daisy Duke
over all?

today 23

John Allerdyce
i got 456 pages blink sooo there are 10 pm's in one page big grin so thats 4560 pm's WHAHAHAH laughing

blink thats a lot

Daisy Duke
600 exactly happy

Raven Guardia
I deleted most of mine but I have 156 pages

get bent
i have like a bunch of pages and 103 new pms

Raven Guardia
eek! 103!!!! just today?!?!?!

get bent
past few days, i just havent read them

I am a Sock
I have like 20. Not pages. PM's

2 or so. People don't PM me often, that makes me happy, cuz I hate having to check them.

Darth Revan
I have 70 pages right now happy and there's 10 per page right? damn I got 700 PM's total blink

people PM me more plz...ive got like 10...TOTAL

70 pages thumb up

I am a Sock
now u have 11

I dont save mine. I have none. I delete them when I reply

I am a Sock
I have 15. That's low. Sometimes I PM myself

Flying Orange
kev take a screenshot, they don't know you mean 103 unread PMs

I have 40 pages of PM's. Soo thats is 400 pms eek!

i used to delete my old ones...but i havn't for a while....i have 39 pages of PMs, but thats just cuz i basically carry on conversations w/ ppl in some of my PMS...but i love getting PMs! so if your ever looking for some random person to send one to...pick me! smile

i hardly have any! can peoples pm me? sad

i will! big grin

i have quite a few

thanx lianslo!!!big grin

i sent you 2 LYD!

i got 438 pgs....happy...

4380 pms Happy Dance

Titanic Lover
i had 675 until i deleted them all.

pms are lame stick out tongue

over 400 pages...

I've had over 800 pages of PMs in my box at one time, but i've spent the past week sorting them out into 6 different people...others i just delete.

I have 148 pages from Sexay1 alone....errr....TKD Byatch make that.

i still have 115 pages to sort out, so i imagine she's probably closer to 160-170 pages...

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.