bad guys you like the most

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What were your favorite bad guys? and tell me why. And also say who who was the bad guy who you didn't want to die

Blonde all the way. I know I may just sound like your average QT fan, but Blonde was one of the coolest characters in the history of cinema. Though clearly modelled on Eastwood's character in GB&U, I thought Michael Madsen took this character over the edge.

I really wish he hadn't died. It's strange, because he kind of draws you in, and then pushes you away - and then you find out he was actually kind of noble, because he kept his mouth shut in jail... he was a fascinating character.

Tony Montana

bad guys from tarantino movies or other?

Oh crap, I thought we were in Movie forum. Um...

1. Bill
2. Mr. Blonde
3. Marcellus Wallace
4. Sammy in Jackie Brown (forgot his name in it)

Bill, because he's your typical anti-christ. I just love heroes on the bad side..and Bill's one of them. He's an international killer with a cold heart and who knows no mercy. He's a Snake Charmer who loves to go to beth with beautifel women.(who doesn't??) And Beatrix was kind of special to him....she was the first person he couldn't kill with his Gun. Even in the hospital where Elle wanted to give the lethal injection to B....But Bill stopped it,because he follows the warrior's code. I can babble about him all day, But yeah..definitely Bill.

I like all the bad guys. So I really can't just chose one. QT films mostly involved thieves, hitmans, assasins, and bosses. Kinda hard to pick just one.

your right it is WD...I guess I'd have to pick jules from pulp fiction..but there would be one jules with out vincent

budd, cos hes ****ing cool

Well... Budd's more of the bad guy's good guy... kind of like Mr. White. But he's still ****ing cool.

Bill, because after what he did to the bride at the wedding all because of crimes of passion, he deserved to die!

lil bitchiness
Sorry, i know its little off topic, but Pacino rocks ! wink


lawerence tierney

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Mr.Blonde definitely. He's sick, cool, wierd and noble all at the same time. Like it was said before, it's a fascinating character.

Myth, Sammy played "Ordell Robbie" in JB. I gotta go with sarahvma on Mr. Blonde's ultimate evil/cool persona. I can't really count Jules or Vincent as bad guys, though, since we got to know them so intimately and see so much of their good sides.

Maybe if there was a Zed/Maynard prequel, we could get to know them too? "Zed and Maynard: the Origin of the Gimp".

Yeah, every QT character ever developed is a bad guy of a sort, even The Bride or the cops from Jackie Brown. So I gotta agree with Wind Dancer about the difficulty of choice. Every Tarantino character has weaknesses and bleepin' awesome strengths to hard to point out. But hey, I love a challenge.

Jules Winnifeld and Vincent Vega are my favourite characters from QT's resume. They ouzed style and in my opinion, were the first duo to make crime look cool since Godfather.

The Bride/Beatrix gets bonus points for a great villian simply because of those freaking cool yellow "F**k You" Onitsuka Tigers. Man, I need a pair of those, like now.

budd ... he was just crazi funi ... i luv him! haha

Go-GO from Kill and deadly !

Jules Winfield and Bill are my favorites, although I must shamefully confess I haven't fully seen Reservoir Dogs yet embarrasment

alien I've got to say that Vincent Vega is my favorite he says the best lines in the sequnce(forgive the spelling) with him in her bathroom after taking Mia Wallace out for dinner, then he finds her ODing on the floor he has some bad luck every time he comes out of the toilet the first(as mentioned above) the second time he gets killed in Butch's apartment and the third is when the cafe he and Jules are in gets held up. My other favorite would have to be Budd in kill bill he is not bothered that much that she wants to kiil them and he dsays that she they deserve to die.

Mickey Knox!!!

Ronnie Van Zant
yea I dont think that they should have killed go-go, only bacause I think that they could have done alot more with her character. i.e. Why was she so nuckin futs? I think Tarantino could have made gimself a couple million bux richer if he made a movie about her, hell id go see it and get the DVD, but I guess its just one of those things we all hope for that we know will never happen


She was a super bi**h

Jules has the better lines in the cafe scene. His parts in their conversation about pork is one of the funniest pieces of dialogue from any movie. Plus he's a better bad-guy up and until the 'act of god'. His bible quote and the way he toyed with Brett and the others in the first scene before he kills them is great. IMO that is big grin

bill or mr.blonde

Bill, Budd and Elle

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