Why did Frodo leave?

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I just got through watching Return of the King, 2 hours too long if you ask me.

At the end why does Frodo leave his little hobbit village?
And where was he sailing off too?

Oh, and why was that old wizard dude leaving too?

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Anyway, the pain of Frodo was too much for him. The Valar gave him permission to go to Aman, the Undying lands where he could be at peace. He would still die, but he would be happy. The wizard, Gandalf, was sent over from Aman to battle Sauron. His job was over, so he went back

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It's not the best answer, but no one's here to give a better one

actually AE pretty much sums it up...

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anyways, the "wizard dude" went to the undying lands with frodo as they were ring bearers (so was bilbo)

if you read the book(of the rings of power) you see Gandalf receives the ring of Fire (from Cirdan).

Frodo lost love with the shire, if you listened to his quotes at the grey heavens it says "stuff" shifty

also it wasnt the Valar who gave him permission, but the elves.....lol banished elves of kin might I add.

it was the valar

if the valar didnt specifically say he could come, all the elves in the world wouldnt get them in

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