Hand Of Glory

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IN a interview jk said that something that played a very small part in the CoS will play a huge part in the 6 th book. WHat do you think it is. I think it is the Hand of Glory. The hand of Glory was in diagon alley in the store that harry aciednetly floo powdered to. It really didnt have to be in the moviie or the book so i wonder why they had it. Give me your thoughts

Hands of glory is a guild in Buldur's gate to lol

Good point. They only keep the things important for the following books in the movies. So if the Hand of Glory was in the 2nd movie, and it wasn't really necessary to have it there, then what's the use of it?

Or maybe, the Hand of Glory is just there to give the first time audiences a clue that Harry wasn't in Diagon Alley. (That he was in a dodgy place.) Because it was the first time they introduced Knockturn Alley.

I believe we'll read more about Knockturn Alley in the 6th book however.

i'm glad some1 agrees with me. i thought about the hand of glory 2 a while ago. y else would it b in the second book? i agree with shanie623. we'll also might learn more about knockturn alley.

that place was ruddy creepy

So, that was the name of the hand on the shelf... I don't have my own copy of book 2 yet which I'll be getting soon. smile

you'd think that knockturn being the dodgy place it is, that Dung fletcher or something would be on the lookout for deatheaters? i mean its a pretty prominent place isnt it? i also wanted to know what that damn vile contained that mr malfoy gave that shopkeeper...they didnt tell you what it was!!!

I think this definitely could be the small thing that JK mentioned. I think there is a thread though about this topic..not the hand of glory...but the something small....can't remembe.r....*goes to find*


yes but if it is in the books wat role would it play ???

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