i cant remember the name pleease movie experts help

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There are two movies that i remember watching when i was very little and i cant seem to find them they might end up being bad movies but i want to see them anyway

one was about these two guys and a girl who when they put on these special glasses they could see certain people who were infected by aliens or some creature or something
Spoiler: and i remember at the end it turned out that like the girl was infected or something
It kinda sounds like a bad movie but it has been haunting me i wont sleep till i know the name of it

another one is about this guy who at the beggining is showing rome and all about it and i remember one part where they show like the roman pool and everyone is nude in it ( not a porn video) and the man who was showing all about rome was like a servant or something

Mr Zero
The second one sounds like the movie version of "Up Pompei" with Frankie Howered.

Primitive Screwhead #1
First movie your describing is John Carpenter's They Live with Roddy Piper, Keith David and Meg Foster from 1988. The "infected" poeple you are referring to are the actual aliens using a broadcast frequency to create a human appearance while on Earth. Meg Foster wasn't infected, she was just working for the alien cause.

Don't know the other film off the top of my head.

oh i have a film i've seen when i was lil and yea id dunno its was strange ione

it was about to twin brother but one was gooed en the other bit crazy mental and that guy killed somone with a u know a vork for hay and its also with a guy in a well and he cuts of his finger bec it has a rong on it he wants so he keeps that finger with the ring in a hankerchief and it turned out that its one person so not a twim but its the same person but u did't know as viewer

its real long time ago i seen it

sorry bout my english

does someone know?

thats sounds so familiar! it's going to make me nuts thinking about it.

thank you so much

Freya, the film you're looking for has to be The Other (1972). I was unable to find any other movies with evil twins, severed fingers AND pitchforks.

ow thank you so much really its allready been for years i want to know what film that was thanks xxx

hey i have that movie!

^yea? and is it that on the end its actually one person and not a twin,person with two personallyties?

Question answered.

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