If you were to ask Genie(in Aladdin) three wishes, what would you wish?

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I would wish........ a new job;
a new car;
a trip to Oregon!

White Lady

the wish for money solve most things
but Genie cant grant certain wishes
wishes i want

1. i wanna be a vampire!!! RAWR!!!!
3. live in Australia... i Sydney yes

Health, money and the love of my dreams..

any particular reason why?

aust. is frigging beautiful *nod nod* that's the reason...

White Lady
it is a beut...so is nz..ty pj for showing me it

private jet

Why dont you all just wish for heaps of money
most things seem to revolve around it
leaving you two wishes which you can save up for when you really need it

I would wish to have 3 more wishes , then more , then more , and then I would wish for money in all of them , then I would buy a life


i change my third wish! i want to go to australia with abby!!!!!!!!!

YAY!!!! big grin hug

moeny... lots of it...
power of flight...
set him free...

money-- can buy the jet, the car, the mansion... hell, money will buy you friends.

power of flight-- f*ck the jet... it's always low on gas when you need it...

set him free-- i have no use for a third wish. what i want he cannot give... or i could just buy it.

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves

monica stick out tongue

I would wish for many cars...


world peacesmile

To have lots of money so I could help a loooooooooooooot of people
And animals, and made foundations or organizations... oh well

I would wish for increased power, but do a deal with the Genie about the third wish as Aladdin did in the Disney version, so that I could gethis proper advice on the first two.

1) Unlimited riches... That way I could buy everything I wanted instead of wasting wishes on cars, houses etc
2) Health...
3) Wish for three more wishes big grin

White Lady
okay i wished i was 16 so i could chase all these cutey's
wish i had my own plane and could flyit
wish i had 3 more wishes

Lotus Esprit
Aston Martin Vanquish
Pontiac Firebird

Forget world peace! These are my wishes!! stick out tongue

1. 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS with a 454.
2. Play in the Major Leagues
3. own a home in the mountains.

1. lots a money so i can go shopping all of the time
2. Trip to New Zealand
3. Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom as my lovers, yes they count as one

*puts on sweet face and plays with hair*

I'd totally wish that there was, like, enough food in the world for all those hungry little black children to, like, eat, coz they totally don't get enough food right?

And I'd so wish that there were enough houses in the world for all those homeless little black children to, like, live in, coz they so don't have anywhere to live right?

And last of all, I'd like, really, really wish for World Peace, coz all those little black children, like, shouldn't have to grow up in a War right?

*smiles blankly as she is led away from centre stage*

lil bitchiness
I would wish:

- To finish my University with no problems and get my degree and with it an excellent job.

- To find the true love

- To be happy (and live near Tired Hiker)

1) to see my brother

2) for my sister to be happy

3) ......see all my friends from kmc ^^ big grin

Tired Hiker
I wish I had enough money to hop on a plane and visit Lils.

I wish for my very own waterslide park where all the profits go to help communities in need.

I wish to find and live in a place where there are many happy people.

a year to travel the world w/ my mom
for my family to be together and happy
to find the man of my dreams
Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

The Force
i'd wish for alot of money, you can do alot of "evil" christian stuff with money

i would wish for

1. to be able to make any woman do whatever i wanted

2.to be more powerful than him without the hassle of the lamp crap

3.i would wish him free and that he would be just a normal human

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