Potter Project

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Raven Guardia
if anybody is interested in writing harry potter stories and winning prizes there is this really cool project going. I was part of it last year and now the makers brought it back for a second year. below is the e-mail I was sent. it should give the info you need to be a part of it the website for this project is http://www.snitchseeker.fanlib.com when you go to this website you should recive more info needed. also if you have any questions just pm me and I will try to help smile.....what this is , is a writing game..the makers of the game start out a story. then you write the next part of it....people will vote. if you part of the story wins it gets put into the story and the next writers go from where you finished. and IF you do win you also win really cool harry potter prizes.

my email I was sent (info needed) VVVV

June 17, 2004

The Potter Project 2 Begins!
Brought to you by Alivan's Master Wandmakers
With Dozens of Winners and Amazing Prizes!

Submit Your Story Idea Now!

Remember The Potter Project? It was SnitchSeeker's multi-player fan-fiction contest that ran for 8-weeks last fall. Well, it's BAAAACK!!

The ultimate collaborative contest has returned! Thousands of Harry Potter fans from around the world are invited to collectively create an original adventure that's written and voted on by us, the fans. This time, we're even asking you to submit and vote on the basic story idea.

Click to PLAY NOW

Submissions close this Monday, June 28th @ 12 noon ET
(See the full schedule on the right)

The event runs from now until August 13th when we'll award two lucky Grand Prize winners autographed Harry Potter memorabilia.

Once the story is "elected," we'll be awarding all sorts of weekly prizes too! Like magic wands and other "Wizard Wares" from Alivan's and gift certificates from Amazon. (Get more info on all the prizes.)

You can discuss the new Potter Project 2 in this thread.

If you have any technical problems, you can email [email protected]

You can also check out the completed script from the first Potter Project "The Time-Turner Chronicles" (download the PDF here).

Your Mission for Round 1 is as follows:
In our last adventure, Harry and the gang went back in time to save Harry's parents. What should happen this time? We don't need a lot of details - just a basic summary of an idea.

What Potter characters would you like to see featured? What dangers should they face? Will there be romance? Adventure? A new villain, perhaps? Will this be a humorous parody, or will the plot be more sinister?

Let your imagination run wild, but don't let it run over 3000 characters! (Don't worry - the software will tell you if you're over.)

Max. Length: 3000 characters
Format: Prose (Plain Text)

The Potter Project 2 is an exclusive presentation of SnitchSeeker.com with many thanks to the folks at ProjectFerret.org for moderating the event.

The contest is made possible by the revolutionary FanLib technology that enables groups of all sizes to collaborate democratically on "chain" stories and scripts.

Magic Wands and "Wizard Wares" courtesy of Alivan's, Magic Wandmakers

is there an age restriction and are we allowed to pair draco and harry as a couple it would be so sweet.

ugh... draco and harry? messed

you sick people stick out tongue

Raven Guardia
tigress any age is allowed but I dont know about slash stories.


Raven Guardia
^ johnny depp ^ love

yeah he's hot but it is way of topicstick out tongue

Wow, this is kewl... I hope I can submit something before the deadline. I can't believe I was so late in checking the boards. I read the The Time Turner Chronicles, last night, it was so thrilling. Kudos to the writers.

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