My last dialogue was...

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With my father:

me- Here you go with your idiosyncrasies.
father- Yeah, here i go.
me- You're crazy...
father- Me? You say your idiosyncrasies and i am the crazy one?
me- lol, but you came with that word to us, you love this word...
father- yeah, i do.
me- must even be the first word you've ever said...
father- Probably
me- which was the first word i said? Parliamentarism? Superexellence?
father -well i dun remember...i dun remember the first word i said too, it was like 30 years ago (he's 48 years old), too much time has passed.
me- so you dun remember my first word too...
father- Who are you?
me -LOL

So am i normal?

Tell your last dialogue...

here's mine
With my mom:
Me:Hey Mom...
Mom:Go away...

wow, deep dialogue yes

Darth Revan
Me: hey dad
Dad: yeah?
Me: you know that song with the brass instruments... then at the middle of the song they all say "tequila" together?
Dad: yeah
Me: what's it called
Dad: tequila
Me: oh, thanks
Dad: yeah

My dad is the master of both one-word replies and ten minute rants raver

laughing out loud mine is kinda like that...he takes like 10 minutes to say Good morning...

It's one of our deepest big grin

Darth--- SI QUIERES TOMAR TEQUILA....!!!!!!!


Blind-Enemy -> in Real World?shifty (as i dun consider this the real world, oh well...)
the Reject -> i seesad

Darth Revan
drunk sombrero2

me :hola Pancho
sombrero2 : en que andas guey?

me: pues en nada

sombrero2 : pos'... quieres un poco de tequila y unas enchiladas que me hiso mi abuelita?

me : no tienes que decirlo dos veces

me and sombrero2 :PERO SIGO SIENDO EL REY!!!!drunk

Prisoners and me:
Spy 1 : enough blades!!!!
Spy 2 : enough electricity!!!!
Spy 3 : What do you expect us to talk!!!
me : no expect you all to die
All prisoners in total : AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


Darth Revan
Raven> laughing

wait... were you serious about that confused *backs away fearfully*

Flavio, Pancho no tienes entiladas, pero si unas enchiladas...those he can give you some laughing

maybe i am... maybe i'm not evil face

Blind -> embarrasment i saw after and corrected it stick out tongue but you were faster than me.

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