Anakins Lightsaber

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when Obiwan and Anakin duel in EPIII, what lightsaber will Anakin use? Logic would indicate it is the same lightsaber obi-wan gives luke in ANH, but i think it would be nice if Anakin constructed some sort of traditional red saber to use for the duel. So instead of Obiwan taking the saber from anakins dead hand (so to speak), obiwan would have perhaps aquired anakins orignal blue saber at some other point in the movie.

what does everyone think?

last I heard, not sure if it was HS or not, they will use the sabres from ANH (meaning, anakin will duel with a blue one)

would his sabre fall into the volcano with him?

why? obi-wan had it in ANH

not if Obi Wan gives Luke Anakins real saber instead of one he made himself for Luke

I heard that Anakin fights with 2 sabers in the duel a red and blue. He might toss it or get it knocked from his hand and then start using the red one. Blue on blue seems dumb to me , but it could be one of those shocker saber scenes we get in all the starwars movies.

On one of the web docs I think the second one . I will have to go back and watch to be sure, but they show all the sabers and Lucas Holds one and says" is this the light saber Obi Wan takes from Anakin and gives to Luke ", and the prop guy says "yes". I will go back and watch it tonight when I get home since I can't watch it from work and let you know.
I think I also herd the rumor Anakin uses two sabers at one point in the duel as well.But there a a million rumors.

He deifnitely uses two sabres at some point in filming- it was in the leaked rehearshal footage.

Anakin will use his original lightsaber.


He will use his red lightsaber.He drops it when he is defeated and it becomes blue.

Errr... I doubt that...

it's like a snowball-thingie, shake it and you have snow in that boll thingie
shake your sabre and it changes colors laughing out loud

Darth Jello
I could be wrong, but I think that if anakin fights with two sabers at some point, the blue saber will be in his left hand, representing his flesh, his good side, etc. according to everything i've read, Obi-wan severes that hand. Also, I think that the red vs. blue/green/purple saber thing is based on the whole legend of the two japanese sword makers, Masamune and Muramasa. I don't have time to elaborate on it now, but i might later tonite.

don't over do the thinking though

Darth Jello
ok, so the final fantasy fans have heard this a thousand times so they can skip this thing. Just as Stratovarius is to violins, the two greatest sword makers in japan were Masamune and Muramasa. Once, they decided to see who's sword was better. each forged a mighty blade and met by a river. when muramasa dipped his blade into the water, the leaves flowing with the current each hit the blade and immediatly split down the middle, seemingly attracting the leaves. when masamune dipped his bade into the water, each leaf came close, but swam around the blade, as if the blade was warning them off. from that day, the blades of muramasa were known as the swords of war and destruction (red lightsabers), and the swords of masamune were known as the swords of peace, pacifism, and justice (blue/green/purple lightsabers). it is also interesting to note that according to the official site, red sabers are stronger.

anakin might sneak lord tyranas's saber from his belt. so if he keeps as a trofy i dont no but he could keep it.

Do lightsabers have an on/off switch. i thought they were suppossed to, but then i realised that in the films, whenever somebody loses their lightsaber, it switches off as soon as it leaves their hand.
It cant be a jedi only thing, as han solo uses one, and luke uses one before he learns his force powers.

Yes,. they have an on-off switch.

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