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Shame they don't make many of these anymore, I love the Monkey Island series and all of the Sierra adventure games such as Leisue Suit Larry, Space Quest and Kings Quest. Anyone else into these?

Clock Tower was a great point and click

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Monkey Island and King's Quest were very good. I actually liked Hell, also, if anyone remembers that one. It was Myst that just pissed me off and pushed me away from those kind of games.

Good thread guys. Point and click were the absolute mutts!!! Sierra!! Man - I loved those games. Police quest was crazy - if you didn't have the manual you were screwed - it contained all the correct procedures - codes of conduct etc. It was really clever. You could bugger things up just by doing thigs in the wrong order - do I wait for the naked maniac to run at me and do him with the nightstick - or do

Good thread guys - point and clicks were the nuts. I know this is sad - but I'd say some of my finest memories are of playing these games - they were so addictive - and so nice to play. Some of the locations have really stuck in my head. An alien shopping mall from a Space quest game - can't remember which one. I want to get hold of the spinal frontier - anyone played that? Police quest was amazing - you really had to refer to the manual to make sure you were using the correct code of conduct etc. You could mess things up just my doing things in the wrong order. Such as - do I wait for that naked mad man to come out of the water and do him with the nightstick - or do I just nail him now with my pistol. Some of the game was pretty dark aswell - taking photos of corpses and sh!t. Anyone play police quest 3? I could never plot the four crimes correctly on the map to make the pentangle and discover the 5th location. anyone pull that off? I even looked at a walkthrough and it still wouldn't work. That was the worst - getting completely stuck. Anyone remember Indy and the last crusade. It was a point and click but when you got to the German mansion you had to go fisticuffs with the nazi's - and they were WAY to hard.you had to press the number keys to deliver blows.
Who's played Lure of the temptress? Or Beneath a steel sky? Just found downloadable versions on the revolution official site. If your a point and click fan then you HAVE to play these two games. If your a man you'll get wood and if your a woman you'll get moist.
Does anybody remember a game where you had to pick up loads of different jewels and stuff? And you could put them down again - you kinda had loads of slots - point and click genre. Fantasy stuff. Something of something...... It was wicked. I want to know what it's called so I can buy it. what else do I remember.... you could pick up acorns and stuff off the floor - and pick berries from the trees.
I don't like the direction point and clicks have gone in now. All this 3d stuff - Broken sword 3 was pretty wack if you ask me. Nowhere near as good as the other two. And the curse of monkey island was too short cause it looked too spruce. They should definately go back to the old school style. There was something about the first monkey island games and Indy and the fate of atlantis that seemed to make them epic - and so may scenes stick in your head.

I want to try and start collecting these old games - I'd love to have all the old classics - Kings quest, space quest, Larry - But I've heard that I might have trouble running them through XP. Anybody have any tips? I'm a little bit cautious of buying them though - I've kind of been there and done that - and life is short. I should really try and socialize. I should be clicking on 'talk to' and then on 'friends' if you know what I mean. Or 'Use Phone.' Or maybe 'look at' 'job section.'

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I also loved monkey island!!!
also Indiana jones (fate of atlantis)
I love all the point and click lukas arts games most...

Maniac Mansion,Monkey Island,Legend of Kryandia,The Goblins,Indiana Jones,Peter Pan,etc....SO MUCH. I just love these kind of games,right now i'm playing Broken Sword Sleeping Dragon on PS2...it's actually pretty cool (but a little too easy..)

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can you believe that I was in love with george stobard? (broken sword!)

Just to let u know they still have Lesire suit larry There is a new one shown at E3 But I forgot the title. check it out at gamepro.com

Hehehehe....well take a look at Nico..DAMN

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evil face ^^^

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