hulk vs bane

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who would win this round?


r u for real?

Hulk would snap Bane over his knee 10x earier than Bane snapped Batman.


man hulk could walk up and catch bane in a thunderclap, thus crushing every organism and bone in his body

Dark Vengeance
hulk would snap him in two

norrin radd
this is a joke right?

Solomon Grundy would have been a better match up for hulk.

man i would fight bane myself

Bane compared to Hulk is like...ant compared foot.

Lord Ryugen
This isn't even a match. Hulk punches Bane once and it's over.

no way man hulk could definitely beat Grundy

I didn't say Hulk would lose, i just said that it's a better match than...Bane

its obvious that it is the hulk but let me get all "scientificy" nonetheless. The Hulk's main advantage is his rage. and we all know that adrenaline fuels rage. what we also know is that once the hulk is pumped with adrenaline his strength can climb to incalculable levels. keeping that in mind. whether its in the comics or the cartoons, the way batman always beat Bane is to sever the tube that delivers the venom to his brain, or destroys the mechanism that regulates the flow. either way , what always happens is there is a sudden, uncontrolled rush of venom, more than his brain is capable of handling and then he passes out. that being said if used up all his venom, he still wouldnt be 1/136 as strong as the hulk.

laughing out loud laughing out loud

That just made me laugh, so I had to respond to it.

all you have to do is pull that stupid @$$ plug on the back of his neck. gosh a 3rd grader could beat bane, heck even weak old bruce banner can take bane

Dude... I gotta go with bane simply because snakehead voted for hulk. And snakehead is a fanboy idiot. Damn I feel stupid.

wow big mismatch, but anyway

hulk sees bane, normaly the other guys would see hulk, but bane would die to fast, hulk takes a nap

wow....this is a HUGE mismatch...

Solidus Snake
bane kicks ass

unfortunately...not hulks

This is a thread for laughts aye?

Oh yes it is, i just saw Tron laughting stick out tongue

this thread is hella old...

Hulk accidently steps on Bane while walking to the match.

could he do that at starting size that easily?

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