The little bugs that disturb me...

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When I read through all the Harry Potter books again, I found little glitches, or shall we say ~ things that were done, but weren't the best choices. I found other choices that were completely 100% more obvious and 100% more sensible and getting a better solution/outcome. Some examples:

1) In PoA, when the gang catches Wormtail/Pettigrew, couldn't they just have stunned him? He would've been able to escape no matter what.

2) During the Triwizard Tournament, in GoF, while Harry was using the Summoning Charm, couldn't he just summon the dragon egg instead of a broomstick? Or he could've summoned the Triwizard Cup as well. It saves a lot of trouble. (okay, maybe this one is a little off because there might be a charm around it) During the 2nd task, couldn't Harry just summon Ron from the bottom of the pond? In OotP, Fred and George prove that summoning charms work on restrained/tied-down objects. They summoned their brooms (which was chained I might add) to escape.

3) In GoF, couldn't Moody/Crouch just kill Harry (on Voldemorts orders) when they were alone? Then Voldemort could use a random enemy's blood because he wouldn't need to touch Harry since Harry would be dead. If he couldn't do that, why didn't Voldemort just order Moody/Crouch to forcibly take blood, then send it abruptly by owl or Floo? The potion requires "blood of an enemy, forcibly taken, you shall ressurect your foe."

4) In OotP, couldn't Dumbledore just tell Harry that NO MATTER WHAT, he couldn't go to the Department of Mysteries because Voldemort would try and manipulate Harry's thoughts, even though it wasn't real.

5) This isn't exactly a bug, but its funny and ironic: In SS/PS, if Harry and Co never went after Quirrel, everything would still be fine, because Quirrel/Voldemort wouldn't be able to get the stone, since the Mirror of Erised only gave it to you if you wanted it, but did not want to use it. cool

6) In OotP, when Harry and Co went to the Department of Mysteries, why wasn't the door or anywhere guarded? The Deatheaters must've done something to distract or empty the Ministry of aurors or members of the Order. If it was that easy, it wouldn't've been too hard for Voldemort to get there would it?? He could apparate, go under and invisibility cloak, and/or drink a polyjuice potion to sneak inside and grab the prophecy.

Thats all I can think of, but I might get more.

Oh, and by the way, I know i am a bit picky, wink because this is merely a story for enjoyment, but a lot of this stuff seems soooo obvious that I can't help but question why they missed it... hehhe

some good points, very perceptive! smile

couldn't summon ron from the bottom of lake - too big, too heavy, underwater may pose problems

3) ritual might call for blood to be taken on the ground of his fathers grave, or to be added immediately with no wait

without 5 there wouldn't have been much of a book! big grin

a) voldemort wanted 2 kill harry himself as revenge 4 when harry was little. he didnt want some1 else 2 kill him.
b) he wanted harry's blood specifically because of the protection it offers and the fact that that protection was his downfall.

These are very logical and respectable points, but if these ideas happened in the books, the books wouldn't sell, and we wouldn't be talking about it right now!

actually it is possible, because the weasley twins summoned their broomsticks which were chained by metal from Umbridge... The summoning charm i think, can work on basically anything, unless there is an 'anti-summoning' charm or impertuable charm around it.

I agree about one and four. 1) I thought they could have easily enough used the full body bind curse and stunning is straightforward too.

4) Yes, Dumbledore could have said that much at least.

i think it's because it was underwater. remember the spells came out like sparks underwater?

but that was only because Harry was underwater. that made it impossible for him to actually say something. If he cast it while still on land, being able to speak, then the spell would've worked

ok then but then he m,ost likey would have gotten pojts taken off. a lot of points! mayb there was an anti summoning spell or something.

but a broom doesn't weigh very much, and it is just wood - there may be complications in summoning a living thing, you might 'splinch' him/her, like people do when they apparate

nice points doejoecricket.. and it will be a nice thread to discuss the "holes" in books and movies smile

i think those r very good pionts,but if i say so my self,that would not of made a very bigg book-susspence wise.-

Well, at first they needed him to confess to Harry what the truth was. After that, they could've stunned him, but, given their current situation, it would've been difficult to carry him-- remember Ron's foot was broken, and Harry and Hermione were hurt from the Whomping Willow. Ron was chained to Lupin, and Sirius already, and Snape was stunned as well. It wouldn't have made it any easier to also have Pettigrew stunned.

With the first one-- you're probably right, they would have thought that people might use the summoning charm, so they put a counter spell on the objects
But for the 2nd task, I think that will all the creatures and obstacles, it would have made it more difficult to summon him from there.
Besides, they might have also thought of that

He needed Harry's blood to make him the strongest he could be. With any other's blood, he wouldn't have resurrected as strong.
In addition to that, if he did take Harry's blood and send it, then he would be portrayed as a coward. Remember Voldemort has standard, even though he may have been desperate for life. He didn't want to just kill Harry off-- he wanted to prove himself against Harry, and to prove that he was the greater wizard.

No matter what Dumbledore told Harry, it wouldn't have changed Harry's mind-- Harry was firm in his decision when it came to Sirius. Remember he would go to any lengths for Sirius, and even if DD had told him that, he wouldn't be able to tell that it was a trap-- as long as he saw Sirius in need, he would go at once. And Voldemort knew that. But that was also a mistake on DD's part not to tell him anything at all.

Voldemort did appear there, at the end, when he was duelling Dumbledore. But he was seen by the ministry, remember? That would've been much too risky, and slightly absurd if you really think about it-- Voldemort just struts into the MOM, takes the prophecy off the shelf, and then goes off again-- all in a day's work!

I got a big one:!

Whenever someone is arrested/put on trial, why not just use Veritaserum???? The truth potion should make crime and punishment as easy as 1 2 3! That is a big one that I can't get out of my mind... hehe

Yes, but when Harry and Co. went to the MOM, it was completely empty. Voldemort could've easily gone in, grabbed the prophecy, and apparate away. Remember, ministry officials came at the VERY END, so without all the delays of Harry and Co. voldemort could've just made it out

As far as number 4 goes, yes, Dumbledore should have told Harry NOT to go to the Department of Ministries no matter what. However, Dumbledore made that mistake. He tried to avoid Harry because Voldemort might have been listening through Harry. That was a terrible mistake in my opinion. He should have told Harry more, considering he knew how Harry wasn't going to do whatever Dumbledore said without reason. It's just the way Harry's personality works.

Oh yeah, and I meant to say...wouldn't it have been a cool ending in the first book if Harry was severely punished for trying to get to the Sorcerer's Stone? I mean, the stone was well enough guarded to where Quirrell never would have been able to get it, and Harry was the reason Quirrell and Voldemort came so close to getting the stone. He was just lucky, like he always is, that he prevailed. If I was a teacher at the school, I would be livid if a student interfeared like that.

pretty angel
yea but in the GOF perofessor moody or crouch could of killed harry when they were alone in stead of leaving it till later

I myself find little things here and there that don't make sense, but I just set them aside in the case that it's fiction anyway. Though I would like it a little better if everything did make sense since I'm a perfectionist. I think Rowling does a good job in trying to make everything make sense.

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