The Matrix: Resurrection

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one thing everyone should know about the matrix.. and that is that the structure is based on Christianity. so there for.. Neo dies for the people of Zion like Jesus died for us. but the matrix is missing one important thing.. and that is Neo's Resurrection.. Jesus rose from the dead.. will Neo.. could there be another Matrix movie.. with or without the brothers directing in a few years time? what do you guys think


Sorry Dude, the original Matrix was actually the version of the final hours of Christ. Neo has died three times anyway. O.K. Two and a half. Neo is now part of the Matrix programming. His essence, soul, spirit or whatever ascended to the Source and was imprinted on to the other programs. The machines could clone him, but that wouldn't be Neo, just a copy. Off course that didn't stop the scienctists in Aliens Ressurection.
Larry and Andy do have some other goodies for us since they said (and it's been said about a thousand times elsewhere) they will make no more movies. Revolutions was the conclusion to the Trilogy. But you can look forward to a possible second Animatrix and the upcoming Matrix Online. (Whenever they finish the thing so I get get my butt handed to me since I've never played an online game.)

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His body may be dead but his mind, consciousness or RSI is not dead but in the Machine world, he he chooses to come back to the matrix he will look like he did in Mobil Ave and the Merovingian, but what would his purpose be?


Stupid machine.


the machine's playing up again.

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from the first to the 6th anomaly, their purpose was to stop war. no war, no purpose, that is why the code was extracted from the matrix... there is o point in keeping it. however, the anomaly code remains to exist so that when the need arrives, the anomaly can fulfill its purpose again and be reinserted into the matrix...


that was mean

I hate people that keep saying,"Hey there's going to be another Matrix". And have a whole bunch of religious crap to back it up. Once again: No there will not be another Matrix.

There will be no more matrix films, thank god.

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ah hem, i dont remember sayin that there was goin to be another one.. i said their could be.. num nuts.. back 2 school and learn to read buddy wink

I think it would be interesting to make something, a book, comic book, anime, telling of a story that got us all riled up like in teh first matrix, I've had an idea for awhile that could possibly be a continuing of the story, which will include alot of the major charcters, even Trin, don't worry it won't be a cheesy way of bringing her back I promise, it will be deep and meaningful. Also I want to include a fight between Neo and the Twins, and I think I have finally found. I think it will be a classy way to continue this awesome franchise, which I want to fall in love with again. After revolutions it was like nothing... but I may have a way to revive it. Stay tuned...

first things first, BF, shut it, im tired of hearing your 'the matrix sucks' BS
next, BF, keep it up, because at least you are saying something halfway intelligent.
third, there WILL BE NO MORE MATRIX MOVIES. the trilogy is over, the movies are done. if you don't like the ending to Revolutions, suck it, because you either don't understand it, or you are delusional, (or, like BF, you are very, VERY opinionated.)
fourth, Neo is no more 'like Jesus' than he is like muhammed or buddha or Muad'Dib, for crying out loud. so quit with the 'Neo is Jesus' crap, we've talked about it too many times before.

(gets off soap-box) ok, i'm better now.

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return of the jedi... with a vengeance.

*takes a bow* thank you, thank you, i'll be here all week... stick out tongue

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