Whats your favourite 'Scary Movie'? (the actual movies called 'Scary Movie')

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The first one, so funny!

CARMEN: Listen @$$hole! my boyfriend will be here any minute and hes black and he'll kick your a$s!
KILLER: You mean the one that wears make-up and dresses like a woman!?
CARMEN: How'd you know?
KILLER: Turn on your porch lights......
*turns on porch lights*
CREEPY GUY: Heeeeelp! he-help!
CARMEN: *sigh* Thats not my boyfriend, sure I f#cked him a couple of times but thats about it!
CREEPY GUY: AAAAHHHH! *girlish scream*

CINDY: Drew Decker!? she use to sit next to me in english class! I can't believe she died!
BUFFY: Why, were you close with her?
CINDY: No! I was gonna cheat off her test today!

Scary Movie 3, easily.

No toilet humor, no teen sex jokes, no drug jokes, just straight up spoof and sight gags from the Godfather of Goofy, Mr. David Zucker.

Quite possibly the 2nd coolest Jew in the world.

Stormy Day
Scary Movie 3 is awesome but Scary Movie steals it because it the original and it hilarious.Scary Movie 3 comes in second and im not even gonna put Scary Movie 2 on the list sad

#1 is the best yes

I agree, the 1st was way better then the 3rd and 2nd, for scary movie 2 they should have just spoofed "I Still know what you did last summer" and "Scream 2", it would have been funnier.

Then it would have been the same as part 1 pretty much.

meh you guys sre on crack. i hated the third they took away the real image of the movies, like its all saposed to be about sex and drugs and all that stupid shit that makes me laugh. but the third had nothing, i think i only laughed once cuase of that movie (kkk hoody scene). but other wise i thought 2 was so great. its my Fav.

The Wayans Brothers are spoof amateurs. They had a fantastic urban spoof movie in "Don't Be a Menace..", but when "Scary Movie" hit, it was no better than "American Pie".

"Scary Movie 3" is for people who can appreciate true spoofs, who don't need teen actors running around topless, fornicating with pastries, smoking pot, having sex, and whatever it is high schoolers supposedly find entertaining these days.

It's for people who know who Zucker and Abrahams are, who have actually seen "Airplane!", "Top Secret!", or "The Kentucky Fried Movie".

That said, "Scary Movie 3" is one of my all time favorite movies, and it is a fact that it out grossed "Scary Movie 2", which says something for both directors. One still has it, and one doesn't. cool

dude thats what makes the scary movies, that kinda stuff is what made it funny, i dont think having a kid get hit every 10 mins is funny, its like the only thing they have in that movie that can be related to funny for 5 year old kids.

Scary Movie 2, that was the peak of the whole trilogy nonsence.

3 just tried to make it "too" funny and ran out of decent horror/thriller movies to take the piss out off

Discos - "watch ma fanny, fanny coming through"

All Zucker's parodies have spoofed a variety of movies. "Scary Movie", now, is just a title for the franchise. If they abandoned it, then it would be hard to sell any sequels.

well i think they should go back to the way they made the other's. they should make it like the first cuase that was great and the second one. but the third just isn't like the others. it sucked to me, sure it was a little funny but it wasn't scary movie film.

They wouldn't do that, because "Scary Movie 2" grossed only a little more than 1/2 of what the original made. "Scary Movie 3" out grossed 2, and for good reason. The newer formula works.

I enjoyed the first one best.

Stormy Day
yes me too

I think they could have spoofed better in SC3 tho

And I dont get why people even liked SC2 it was just too raunchy and they didnt take time to relax and it was all the way stupid.I just lost it when they rolled that guy up in paper and it looked like a smoke *shudders* and they had the pontential to make a good opening scene but they ruined it by making the characters vomit so much sick

Freddy VS Jason-they already did Scream 2 in the first movie I think.When they went to the movie theater and stuff and a uhh MALE BODY PART went through the stall door and into the guys ear sick

3 sucked so much.

i liked two the best
the argument with 'hanson' and the guy in the wheelchair was hilarious

My germs--

ses thats what im talking about. 2 was awsome but then again so was the first. those are my fav's. but three just isn't scary movie to me. and buy the way 3 made more money only becuase of the scary movie rep. just like shrek and all other movies thats people say are worse then the first still make tons of money couse of the first movies rep.

"The rep", as in reputation?

Like I said before, "Scary Movie 2" basically bombed. 3rd installments of a movie franchise NEVER do better than the sequels. Ever.

The reason it did so well is because people know who David Zucker is, and what he is capable of doing.

Just for the record:

Wayans Brothers:

Don't Be a Menace..
Scary Movie 1
Scary Movie 2
White Chicks

Zucker Brothers/Abrahams:

Kentucky Fried Movie
Airplane The Sequel!
Top Secret!
The Naked Gun
The Naked Gun 2 1/2
The Naked Gun 33 1/3
Hot Shots
Hot Shots Part Deux
Scary Movie 3

Now, exactly who do you think knows how spoofs are supposed to be done, and gave Scary Movie 3 a kick in revenue?

Yes i ment reputation, and i dought any body went to the movie to just see that guy. and like i say i dont care what your opionion of spoof is but scary movie was like a diff lvl of it. and thats what i liked. the only reason i went to theater to watch it was becuase it had the scary movie title and i thought it would be like the others. but i was sadly misstaken. thats why i have no itention on going to any other of there sequels

Stormy Day
I hate to brake it to ya but out of the millions of people that have seen the movie not most of them know how David Zucker is they just watch it for the commercials.The commercials where awesome and some of the best ive seen in a while and they showed the right parts and got people really anticipating the movie.

there we go, see thats what im talking about, i realy just dont think all poeple from the world or even a 1/4 of them went to see a scary movie film for that one guy. god your the one that makes little sence man.

Stormy Day
thank you

np man, you always seem to have a nice crisp view of things. and thank god for that.

What commercials? Commercials in the movie? You two have totally lost me there.

If you say so. You two sound like a match made in heaven.

Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

Just forget I ever said anything. It's obvious who I am dealing with.

yea your dealing with someone better. oh and no shit decetive commercials meaning trailer on the tv man damn. you say you so above me but you dont even know what he means when he says commercials.

At what point did I ever say I was better than anyone on here? I would love a direct quote?

"Decetive"? You mean deceptive? Why would a trailer advertise things in a movie that aren't IN the movie to begin with?

By saying that, she implied that there were commercials IN THE MOVIE!
You should have said, they saw the movie because OF the commericials/trailers.

I've spoken to brick walls with better spelling and comprehension than you, bro. No offense, I think you know your spelling and punctuation are horrid.

Stormy Day
I ment that most people are influenced to see the movie by the commercials on tv very few even know who the director was.And I said that I thought the Scary Movie 3 commercials where every good and maybe thats what inspired people to see it most.I mean when I saw the Micheal Jackson part on the trailer I was like this "This is gonna be hilarious".

see thats what i was trying to say also. plus sorry i ment detective like an investagtor. once again i suck at spelling.

Stormy Day
lol spelling doesnt take away from your point it really doesnt matter unless you have no where to go with an argument so you then start picking on the guys poor grammar.

yea man quite teasing my spelling. Aghhhhhhhhhh *runs to his room crying*

Stormy Day

the 1st was the best hands down

i would say the 3rd one, but the 1st is pretty funny too..i havent seen the 2nd though...

Stormy Day

scary movie 3 was the biggest dogpile of shit ever conceived, why they made this movie i still don't know...it had 2 really funny jokes throughout the whole damn movie, i was about to tear my eyes out...god i wish i had kept my 9 bucks instead of seeing that piece of shit...

with that said, scary movie 1 is the best hands down..funniest, most clever, and the original...and 2 had some really great jokes in it the best being the nike basketball spoof...3 doesn't even deserve to be in this poll

Stormy Day
Um 2 doesnt even deserve to be mentioned erm

3 was funny and at least decent smile

Stormy, his grammar, and sentence structure is goddamn near incomprehensible. So much so that I couldn't understand whatever point he was trying to get at, which is still a mystery to me.

113, mind sharing what exactly made the movie so bad for you? Can you appreciate any of Zucker's works, or are you a fan of teen sex comedies? EDIT; Noticed "American Pie" as a fav. movie, that answers my question.

How old are you kids, anyway?

Stormy Day
Im 13 does it matter What the f**k?

no.1 then no.3, then no.2, has any one seen the extras for no.1

no age shouldnt matter, but they MIGHT not understand things, but that is a big might

Stormy Day

This is Scary Movie where talking about here stick out tongue

Im a really big movie fan and know alot about them and whoever says that my age has anything to do with my judement on movie is mistaken wink

It has nothing to do with understanding anything. It has everything to do with appreciation.

It's no secret that kids naturally like teen humor, and subsequently liked "Scary Movie 1 + 2", and not 3, because third was pretty much devoid of any such humor, and went back to spoof basics.

I'm 25 by the way, and I maybe now you'll understand why I myself am so critical of what I watch.

i dont think age matters much...not everybody is gonna have the same sense of humor its more of different tastes i think

LMAO....I love seeing Cory fighting off a pack of cloned wolves. He's right, BTW, but no one would be able to figure that out, and...did I mention anything about the obvious issue of age in relevance to spoof understanding (in tendencies)? Hmmm........I guess not, so I'm clear of that charge.

Well Cine-man, I am 21 years old, I hate teen comedies for the most part, and I love all of the other David Zucker films, Kentucky Fried movie is one of my favorite comedies, as is Airplane and Baseketball. But Scary Movie 3 just didn't do it for me.

The jokes were, for the most part, generic and predictable. I believe I laughed a total of 4 times during the film. There were two parts that had me rolling in the isle. But other then that the movie just didn't do it for me, it felt like it was too little too late.

However, I did like it alot better then the second one, which was a piece of crap. The third one at least had a few solid jokes.

Stormy Day
Think about it CINEMA even if your a adult theres big chance you still dont know who David Zucker is.I know who he is but the average moviegoer doesnt.

You said in your post KID im not a kid bro roll eyes (sarcastic) you probaly think I liked Scary Movie 1 & 2 for the sex and all the raunchy teen comdey huh? I like Scary Movie 3 to even tho it didnt have all that in it was still funny and made fun of alot of good movies.In some way I was relieved that I could have some straight forward comedy instead of gross vomit jokes every 10 seconds.

After this, maybe it's other people who should use the little "wtf" smiley.

OK, so I will -- What the f**k?

Case in point, for the most part, the people dissing Scary Movie 3, don't know who David Zucker is.

12 years old constitutes being a kid, no matter how mature you may be claim to be, or epress yourself as. It was a generalization, nothing personal.

Thanks for the support, Chris cool

Scary Movie 1 I guess, then the third one. I think the second one was a little bit rushed out :rolleye: . The first one is the funniest laughing for sure.

Stormy Day
I cant believe this now you are calling me 12 ?!?!? Im 13 READ MY POST!

Just because the director is good doesnt mean people have to like it roll eyes (sarcastic) oh but since im younger I geuss I dont know what im talking about and should keep me mouth shut huh ?

lol, yea he's a teen man. and who cares what his age is he still has his own taste. but anyway im 20 and i still like teen movies, but still i think i could still like this derector more ifnhe had done the movie good. like realy all he did was have the kid get hit over and over. its not funny after the 2 time. like i could deal without all the sex (even though i find that scary movie and funny) but he didn't fill the gap left by the teen crap.

Well, I didn't expect someone to take a TYPO so hard, my God. Of course, that one year makes a huge difference.

I didn't say anything about people having to like a movie because of the director. Not a thing. What I did say is that most kids, when they go to see a movie, don't take note of who the director may be.

Case in point, if a movie that is directed by Spielberg opens the same day as one by say, Joe Blow, the name of the director isn't going to influence what movie you see?

It's a fact that the MAJORITY of kids, being average movie goers, don't care for who directs the film, just who stars in it. If a movie stars ****in' Al Pacino, but is directed by John Buttcracker, I won't bother seeing it, especially if Mr. Buttcracker has had a string of shitty movies in the past. That's all I am saying.

You should really develop a little thicker skin around here. Not everyone is as nice as me when it comes to debating. Yes, compared to most, I'm a saint.

MY FINAL POINT BEING..I enjoyed "Scary Movie 3" the most because it was written and directed by the KING of spoof movies, Mr. David Zucker.

I did not like 1 or 2 because it was filled with teen humor which is a great filler for movies without a plot or any real substance. I like to have my fun too, but it seems as if maybe I am a little old school when it comes to what I think constitutes a "spoof"?

You're kidding, right?

lol, well i guess i just dont feel the way of the director, becuase i love Spielberg's work but i dont go see all his movies just becuase he made them. and no not kidding im 20, and the fact that you dont like sex and drug joke's and no teen videos kinda scares me becuase you think your so old that its just childish but even my parents loved american pie and the sequels and all that crap.

No, I just tend to think I am little more cultured than alot of people on this board.

OH, you mean the fact that I have somewhat respectable tastes when it comes to what movies I like? Yep, that tends to fly right over the heads of the American Pie crowd.

But, whatever floats their boat. embarrasment

there you go, you finally just said it, your another one of those this is what respectible or cultered things. f that, i dont care about respectable tastes screw that. god u do think your like 50 dont you. man its all what you like. good go like up tight ass movies with child beating comidy, but i like other shit, doesn't mean mines wrong cuase it not in you cadagory or respectable tastes. damn no suck thing of respectable tastes to me.

Why would I want people to think I am 50? I don't, however, what I do want to do is present myself as a knowledgable fan of cinema, whos taste is somewhat elite, and excludes trashy teen sex comedies, and flavor of the week actors/actresses.

Don't get so bent out of shape. My reputation means something to me, and the way you portray yourself around here, means nothing to you.

I'm all done. Next time you watch that waste of space Jason Biggs stick his dick in a pastry, or watch the prematurely balding Kevin Smith try to make a dick or fart joke sound fresh and funny, think of your old friend Cinemaddiction. wink

Stormy Day
Im not a majority of other kids roll eyes (sarcastic)

Ill see a movie for Spielberg the the second reason why I saw A.I.
Ill watch a movie for John Woo the 3rd reason I saw MI:2 AND the second why I saw PayCheck.

Would you please stop comparing me to the average teenager who likes the raunchy comedies about sex and drugs and gross humor and stop to think that even tho I may be young I know a good flick when I see it?

For the love of God, let me present a very simple case for what CinemAddiction is trying to say.

I'm going to list six comedies that are considered to have plenty of "adult humor" in them. I'm not saying I like or dislike any of the ones in either category, but this is just an explanation.

Category 1
Scary Movie
American Pie
Road Trip

Category 2

Besides the fact that the ones in Category 2 are older films (hey, they might tell you something in itself), how do the two Categories differ? Term paper due this Friday. wink

Whats your point?

I have yet to single you out, Storm. That's why I refer to people as the majority.

As for Chris' point, it's simple.

Movies like "Caddyshack" are classic examples of comedy that may have a few raunchy jokes here and there, but rely more heavily on stuff like situational humor, individial comedic performances, or in "Airplane!", sight gags.

Movies like "American Pie" and "Euro-Trip" are classic examples of "comedy" that totally rely on teen humor, sex, and a cast of B rate actors which kids can identify with to sell their movies.

Does anyone remember John Hughes, here? It's a shame that people lump "Sixteen Candles" and "The Breakfast Club" in the same genre as "American Pie" or "Euro-Trip".

Two totally different plot devices, two totally different eras, and I guaran-damn-tee you that any of Hughes's movies are better than today's pathetic excuse for "teen comedy".

well all i no is that i agree cadyshack was f'ing awsome, but i also think that euro trip was awsome to. i just dont like your deffinition of repectible taste. like scary movie 3 good have been goood without sex and what not, but all they did to make jokes was micheal jackson and beat the hell out of a kid. thats not funny. if they but other jokes in there that were funn ythen sure why not.


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