The most easy game

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the game i played was oo7 golden eye for N64 and sonic and cliff hanger for sega genesis.

Crash Bandicoot simple.


Enter the matrix 3.5 hours

I forgot Enter the matrix 2.6 hours!

I don't remember how many hours it took me to beat Enter the Matrix.

It tells you how long you've played it.

Really? where?

How is Golden Eye on N64 an easy game to beat. It took me forever to beat it all the way through in order to earn all the cheats...

It was necessary to do it in a certain way for the double o agent levels eg using a rocket launcher in depot.

I am a Sock
ETM was pretty easy. I enjoyed the story more than the gameplay

Darth Revan
ETM was fun but very easy...

yah it was i think the easyest was spiderman for ps2

Golden Eye was easy because i used sneaking and strategy attacks and if you beat the whole game on agent you get a level up it called OO7 stage. ETM was easy but smith gave me trouble some times.

Silent Hill 2 - Ps2
pwned in one rental, I also pwned Metal Gear solid 2 when I borrowed it from a friend. Only frustrating part was that stupid sword.. ugh.. horrible control

umm...probably The Bouncer for PS2,great game though.I loved the character designs!

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing is the easiest game I have ever played. 300 matches and i havent lost yet big grin

Halo was extremley easy for me! then i heard if you beat every level on legondary something cool happens but it is just the dumb alternitive movie crap. well i beat halo like in 5 hours

anouther was true crime easy game, but not sure how long it took me to beat but i beat it in the time i rented it

ETM I haven't beaten yet simply because my copy decides to always freeze at the same part. Of course, it's one I 'borrowed' from a friend...

Final Fantasy X-2...still took a long time to beat, like all FF games, but even so, the missions were really easy and most of them were optional.

It took me 7 hours to beat HALO because i kept getting interrupted by other people.

Well I suppose Number Muchers was easy (of couse there is no way to beat that game, you go on and on and on until what you die?)

Easy game to beat, MMM The Batman game, the one were The Joker trys to gas the city with his smilx, There was no way you can lose that game. All the bosses were easy to beat, expect maybe the guy that loves his bombs.

But hey you cant die because you can never run out of contuiens.

Dark Forces ( a Star Wars game featuring Kyle Katarn). i beat it in....1 hour, and twenty-seven minutes, I timed it....

Gory Game Lover
Doom 3.3 hours.But it is so long it has 3 disks.

Silent hill 2... I beat it in 5 hours playing it for the first time. (usually I take 7+ hours on the first run)

i have no clue how long it took me to beat Halo on Legendary, but i know that the damn Assualt and Escape from the Control Room levels took more than an hour themselves.

That game was fairly easy, but it was far from "the easiest game" Especially driving the warthog to the exit at the end of the game....

oh lol...that was so frustrating on legendary...hit a single bump and you blow it and have to restart.

Master Revan
yea that really made me mad because i kept flipping.

Harvest Moon lol

I beat the three lord of the rings games in about 4 hours smile

Fallin Angel
dead or alive xtreme beach volleyball , luigi's mansion, and the bouncer

Gory Game Lover
To add it took me 3.3 hours to beat Doom 3 in every skill counting Nightmare.

Spider-Man the Movie: 2.5 hours.

Gory Game Lover
Spider-Man the movie!?It took me 1 hour to beat it in every skill!Second easiest game ever!

lying about beating games doesn't make you makes you a loser.

you couldnt beat the game that fast gory.please stop making up bull crap

Gory Game Lover
I have been practicing on those games for a very long time!Those are my records!

Damn, i feel sorry for the people that complete games in less then 10 hours.

So little value for money sad

MC Mike
I know, for ****s sake. I play my games as slow as possible. Doom 3 was easy but I played it for three weeks. Of course, I think most of you aren't talking about straight out playing it to the end, or if you are, you're talking about a second or third time you've played it. erm

No, its impossible to beat Doom 3 in 3.3 hours. Unless you had all the codes for the doors and such. And you didnt kill any monsters.. and just ran...but still impossible.

witch one?

I allways thought that beat em up were the most easy you can win in like under 5 mins.

Mario 64 under like 2.5 hours

Gory Game Lover
Cheat codes!I did not run.I have been playing DOOM 3 for almost a month!

I would have to say Zone of the enders #1 was the easiest game i had ever played. I got all the weapons and beat everything in 2 hours

how the hell is the bouncer easy? just getting used to the controls took an hour for me! messed

DiViNe diFiNIty
This isn not an easy game when u think about it have u tried to get all of the cheats of each level (007)

definatly, great game, but when i played through when i knew exactly what to it took me 4 hours or so, when i didnt know it took me about 8/12. i guess the first play through was a reasonable time?


I'd say the easiest games I've ever played were Enter the Matrix, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Spider-Man 2 for PS2.

ScarFace Clone
Zelda the orcorine of time not sure on spelling but yeah about 5 to 6 hours the first time through. Then i played it agin and then i did all the side stuff like fishing and what not.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun!!! Easy as hell! sad

Frickin Fable made me mad. Playing about an hour a day for 3 days. Its got god replay value thoutgh. and you can continue after words.

pac man

i always found the first devil may cry quite easy erm

Riddick was pretty easy.

Diesel fan
The most easiest game to complte has to be Jurassic Park Operaton Genersis for the Xbox.

It's really funny watching Dinosaurs eating people!

Diesel fan
The most easy game has to be Jurasic park operation genersis.
It's really funny watching Dinosaurs eating people!

Revan X
why did you post the same thing? no expression

Pong, and NHL 2000.

It's called a double post.(when someone accidentally clicks the reply button twice, because of lag)

Sith Master X
That's a joke right?

Anywayz, the easiest game I've ever played was StarFox 64. You can beat that one in 30 minutes. Great game, nontheless.

Pong is not easy. Neither is Pac Man. Those old games to a significant amout of skill.

No Pong was hard...Pac Man was hard (and still is)... The most hardest game of all time has gota be Smash TV, did any one play that...oh my the first level easy then second section comes along...hard as my nipples ona cold day!!!

Just remembered, Half-Life:Blue Shift, i completed it in 3 hours or less.

but then it is just an expansion pack

pacman is rock hard lol i find it pretty damn difficult, especialy the actual arcade machine.

Diesel fan
Is Half life 2 any good?

I've heard tonnes about it but it's better to ask someone who has actually played it.

it is very good my friend! even on the lower setting you can get pretty damn good graphics, and a good framerate to boot!

i would recomend it, you thinking of getting it diesel?

Diesel fan

I just needed to know what it was like - THANKS big grin

Any other games you think are good or more than?

Diesel fan

neo-contra was the easiest game i played, i dont know if there was some hidden things, but there were four missions, each were about 1 minute long, at the end of the fourth mission the ending credits rolled out

i think the only game i would say would be better than halflife2 would be deus ex 1, but only just!

Diesel fan
What is deux ex 1?
Don't think I've played that!

The Unknown
Resident Evil: Survivor

About an hour and 20 minutes and only died once.

Jackie Malfoy
I find Dr Mario and Mario land three pretty easy!JM

Diesel fan
Mario brothers
Resident evil
Halo 1 and 2
Chronicles of Riddick E.F.B.B.
Splinter cell 1 and 2 P.T.

why does everyone bring up old platformers? of course they're easy...they're platformers...the hardest platformers in the history of games are PROBABLY jak3 and ratchet & clank: up your arsenal

i think the easiest game in the world is, neo-contra......its two levels long, unless i missed something heheh......but either way i soared through the two levels and beat the game in about 5 minutes

Phoenix Aska
In my opinion there are lots of easy games..

I think that FF X was the easiest FF game ever made...even the nemesis...(the hardest creature created in FFX) was easy to beat. Jecht went down ain one swing and that thing that took over your summons at the end was just annoying. The game even had a red arrow on the map telling you where to go !

I'll say Tetris

Diesel fan
Alot of new games that have been comin' out lately are all easy
halo 2 TCOR ETC..................

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