I AM Psycho! I mean, Psychic!

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Crash Overload
Today, Right before getting up and right after WAKING up, you know, that odd time where sometimes you think up of these genious plans...

Anyway, At that moment, I realized that there was goin gto be a fire in the school, and that the fire alarm was going to get activated. I hedl that thought in my head the entire morning, I could of written it down on a peice of paper, but I didn't.

Anyway, Come homeroom, and my first class I thought "Woah, the fire alarm will get set off in the class periode" but kinda of like a day dream. 30 minutes latter, it did.

The entire school was evacuated, and as my class was going outside I cought a glimps in the second garde 11 foyer (my other foyer i don't hang out in, no Ping Pong Table...) There was a lot of smoke.

Turns out one of the intercoms had a power surplus, exploded and set fire to a trash can under it.

This entire day, I only had about 90 minutes of classes because the evacuation to First the Arena, then another school on the other side of the block, took most of the day.

Cool eh?

*thinks about fire* Sounds fun! evil face

Nah , I DREAM things that are gonna happen at the next day.

Ya , it's very cool when those things happen

lil bitchiness
Come on Fred...thats such a long thingy you wrote...in green snot colour!!cry im sorry, i cant be bothered to read it...im only human!!

Crash Overload
If you can be bothered to post saying you did not read it, you can be bothered to read it.... stick out tongue wink


sorry crash, that breaks my 3 line rule sad

Crash Overload
Has Anybody seen the Psychic thread By NYC Gurl (Livy) I can't find it on any page.... confused

I have had days like that it creeped u out didnt it and i bet when u told all of ur friends about it they said to shutup laughing out loud

That's FREAKY, Crash...

Now, predict something about my future... shifty

*puts finger up to head* ur going to have homework in the near future

Crash Overload
You will die a horrible horrible death.... at the hands of 2 blonds.... possibly your wife.... and grandfather.... after a sex change.....

jk stick out tongue

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