The stereotype that Harry Potter is kidie fare

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It annoys me to great lenghts that currently worldwide HP is considered immature. I deduced that there are 2 reasons for this.
Firstly, it is the merchandising. There are HP toothpastes,HP stickers,HP lunchboxes,stationary what not. Then there is the media.Oprah for instance, when the HP cast where on her show,all the audience, they were kids!!and tweens!!!!!I was soo disapointed,shocked and humiliated.
Others consider the books not worthy of reading as they "don't have complicated words",this i have expierenced first hand.Some of my friends seem to believe that s long as a book has difficult words, it's a pioece of good literature.That notion, is plain stupid!
What is your take on this response to HP?
I find this horribly applalable.HP is, even though kid friendly, not kiddie fare! mad

Its just like lotr it was written for 12 year olds in mind ....

HP had very good language usage like lotr but was simple yet complex... thats why it was good... maybe the kiddish comes from the fact that its about a child at first.

If you watch the movies, you're not likely to read the books, because they're movies made for 6 year olds. no
And other people wont read the books because they're so popular.
And I don't think HP 3-5 are very Kiddie friendly!
These books are the best I've ever read and they are NOT KIDDIE FARE!!!

tell me about.. all my friends and collegues at work consider me as immature for reading "those Harry Potter nonsence". But what irritatres me the most is that none of them have ever made a simple effort to read at least a book first... that would be the same as if I comment on the performance of a doctor or a painter

* Van Gog has no clue of art- while I haven't touch a colour in my life*
* This is a very bad surgeonist- I haven't touch a scalper at all*

well some ppl judge on if the kids start reading, they start 2 sya, "o, yes, it is a kiddie book." it's not very fair. a lot of ppl do get ridiculed 4 liking harry potter. and it's very immature 4 them 2 do that. and they'r sometimes the 1 who call us immature.

Well I don't care what ppl say....
I,who reads ALOT of fantasy and SF that most "adults" read- like the farseer trailogy and song of ice and fire series -can for sure tell u that in harry potter books the words are not very difficult not very rich(compare to other authors)....but who cares....all the point is to enjoy it...and we are! so who cares what people tell u,u know they judge it wrongly and that there is alot of grown ups who read it all around the world so just ignore them

Raven Guardia
I agree with punky, altough I know many adults who do like harry potter and read the books.

Personally, i think all people of all ages should like it, it shouldnt be a "kids" thing. As a matter of fact, i am only 13 and people make fun of me because they think it is immature

I agree with every1 in this thread that HP is not just for kids. I get annoyed wen ppl assume i am childish for reading the HP books and enjoying the films but i dont see it as being a kids thing, afterall in the latest books there is a lot more adult drama.

I thought The Hobbit was made for youngins but LOTR was made for teens and adults

I thought that to afterall the language in LoTR is quite advanced for 12 yr olds

Lotr is an addition to the hobbit, personally there is more violence and drinking and smoking in The Hobbit then lotr.

I know that it is addition. i mean who didnt? but still, im preetty sure that the Hobbit was made for children

the hobbit seems more suited 4 kids. lotr has more adult themes that kids might not get as easily as adults would.

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