the acting in Kb1 (and 2 i suppose)

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i've been talking to people at school who've seen KB1 (i dont think they've seen KB2 yet though) and all the feedback i'm getting is negative. the main point people bring up though, is the acting in the movie. and of the main part of the acting, what was the thing they hated the most, the part that made them susequently (hope i spelt that right) hate the movie, the speech. one friend said "they act like daytime tv stars, their talking is almost Shatner-esq"
now i didn't try and point out that QT has writen some effing brilliant scripts and his dialogue is par none at the moment (as far as i can tell, correct me if i'm wrong) because it would fall apon deaf ears, but what do you guys think of the KB acting?

I think he's doing an hommage to outdated cinema, and the movies he's referrencing contain that kind of unbelievable, stilted and cold acting. That's the point. If he wanted to make something realistic like Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs he could, but that wasn't the point here.

"I beseech you for BOTH on behalf of my DAUGHTER".

Barf. Other than that, I could stomach the dialogue (understanding that he was sort of "paying tribute" to the bad acting/writing of that genre).

I just watched a little of iron monkey 2 and it reminded me of kill bill allot..everything was over the top including the dialog..very abrupt speech then fighting..I think that you guys are right it is part of paying homage to other martial arts films..I really like it.

i thought it was wonderful ... but that's just me ...

all the negativity i heard about the movie was that there was way too much blood( but if theres not an excessive amount of blood its not funny now is it?)

I have to admit, I was a bit anti KB1, on account of Uma's atrocious acting. But my brother persuaded ((i.e. bullied wink)) me into going to see KB2 and I'm glad I did - it showed more of the other characters, who were played by better actors! big grin

I liked Kill Bill Vol1&2's acting, I didn't see anything wrong with it; although it did reflect his tribute, or however it's been put, to previous films.

There's also the point, as QT said, Kill Bill wouldn't happen in his 'movie world' like the others - it's something they would watch - so there wouldn't be the realistic natural conversation and movement, but more complex and acted.

It was just great...the only thing i didn't like is when Beatrix said :"***** you can just stop it right there'...something like that. I don't know,her facial expression was not"real' she was laughing and tried to hide it (bad in my eyes)...that's all,the rest is BEAUTIFEL

What? Uma's acting was brilliant! She even got nominated for a Golden Globe

Those kind of awards are generally meaningless no

but yeah she deserves it wink

i thouht she did a great job with the acting. QT basically wrote the role for her and he knows her acting style. i thought every body was great.

ill second that one!

Yeah, they all oriented their acting based on Tarantino's directing methods. This movies wasn't necessarily about masterpiece acting performances.

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