*~*Who believes that harry should die?*~*

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hehe...to be honest, that would be cool..

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats not right nonononono are you in slytherin by any chance lol


Come on, I mean this is a childern's tale, not a second world war drama to be nominated for an Oscar laughing .

i think that it is one of possible ending..
harry dies and voldemort dies.

Hey! Slytherins aren't all bad. mad

i think Harry wil die but for many reasons one people have been putting somany ideas in peoples heads it would be alet down if he didnt and plus we would have to have so many books out life afta hogwarts , his family ... 'Come on, I mean this is a childern's tale, not a second world war drama to be nominated for an Oscar' i dont think it is cuz the people who r into are growing up with the book so the death of harry wouldn't b so emotional for them

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u know...i have an eerie feeling that harry and ron will both die...the only surviver will be hermy

Amy Black
I'll copy my opinion here in a minute, once I was talking (writing, to be exact) about that in "Voldemort and Harry both die?"

I don't think that would be bad if Harry died. I mean, I do love Harry but you know, "there are things worth dying for."
Imagine: in the seventh book, the last but one chapter, Harry dies, and in the last chapter, it's two (or else) years later, there are Ron and Hermione with their son named Harry... thinking about if it is better to live in a safe world without Harry or in danger with Harry. Oh my God, there's a poet lost in me.

I'm only kidding, JKR knows what to do. God, I wouldn't be her, I wouldn't know what to do.

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What I think is gonna happen in the next book

What do you think is gonna happen in the next book?



oops sorry embarrasment

i think that j k rowling might be hunted down and shot if she killed harry potter... im not sayin that i would do something horrible like that tho... shifty

lol i cant see it being a happy ending

Omg thats horrible! The whole book iz about Harry. And thats not rite for the people watching or reading.

I really Don't want JKR to kill of Harry, I love him!! That would be way too sad. I do think i close friend of Harrys might die though, like Ron or Neville.

If harry dies voldermort wins, unless they both die, but I think JKR would have somebody win

And it won't be Voldemort, that would mean the end of the world and I can't see Harry Potter being a doomsday book given the amount of children that read it..

HE SHOULD?!?! he may but I dont believe it.
and why WHY do think he should die?give the boy a break 7 years (all the series) old a** chasing him without stopping....
let him live normal life at least...
if the scar would disappear he wouldn't be known as the boy who lived...no one will recognise him as one except his closest friends.

maybe harry should die so we know the story has defintly finished . ( cuz if he survived the could be the a life time of harry books )if he died people mite b satisedfied that it has nded there .

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